Moon in 9th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
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Moon in 9th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have talked about sun
in the ninth hours of the horoscope in this video we are going to talk about
moon in the ninth hours of your horoscope so keep watching namaste and welcome to Pramanik
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in the ninth house of the horoscope but before that what is moon moon is the
planet of mind the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of moon is
mind moon is relativity moon creates opinion about something
moon creates desires moon is about the emotions when you have desires and you
have opinions then you have the feeling about it like you like it you don’t like
it you form an opinion about it based on your desires so your desires nature can
be seen with the moon moon is all about the fourth house of the horoscope the
fourth house of the horoscope is cancer in natural horoscope which is ruled by
moon so moon holds all the signification of the fourth house like home mother
nourishment all these can be seen with the moon moon is about the rhythm in
life do you see the full moon and the new moon and it is changing its shape
every single day on each detail right a new moon till the full moon full
moon from full moon to the new moon every single day it’s changing so
fluctuation is another significant of moon moon is also the significant of
your physical body your mother nourishment okay and all that now let us
talk about the ninth house ninth house is the finger house of the horoscope
ninth house is one of the most benefit houses of the horoscope ninth house is
the trying house of the horoscope try new houses of three five nine eleven and
the first house and ninth house is the most benefit and ninth house is the most
of benefit and the most prominent trying house the Lord of the ninth house holds
the key to happiness success and partyi the condition of the ninth house very
much determines your success and all that is good for you that is parkia
ninth house is five places away from the fifth house fifth house is the house of
your Puyo Puyo Puyo karma who was Sanchi the karma which you have carried from
the last birth and what is 9000 9000 is the fifth from the fifth so it is the
ultimate food wasn’t it and when you have good pure essential
you have good vodka when you have bad pure ocean shit or bad Karma’s piled up
you have difficult life it’s all relative and karma is nothing but
experiencing the other side I will talk about that some other day we are talking
about 9000 being fifth from the fifth so it is the ultimate fifth house of the
Karma that’s why you good fifth house you have good karma
that’s why you have good luck good Parga fortune ninth house is the house of
travel ninth house is the house of hire belief religion and all your
spirituality religion philosophy all these can be seen with the ninth
house your character your morals all these can be seen with the ninth house
ninth house is the house of the higher belief if you remember ninth house is
the house next to the death house ninth house is next to the eighth house eight
thousands the house of death and rebirth and now it is the first house on the
second house after the death so it is about the hope it is about the taking
leap into the unknown the faith the planet of mother is coming into the
house of guru a person with the ninth house moon has strong influence of
mother on who he is his values are pretty much influenced by the teachings
of his mother and his mother becomes more like a father becomes an aggressive
and a leader in the home who takes an initiative who takes a lead and leads
the family and she’s the one who teaches the values to the person with the ninth
house moon next the planet of fluctuation is coming into the house of
travel so these people traveled a lot the planet of mind is coming into the
house of the spirituality of religion and values and moral so what it shows is
this person is very ethical moon in the ninth house person is very
ethical and honest person the planet of mind is coming into the house of
spirituality philosophy or religion and travel so the person with the ninth
house moon has his mind in the ninth house so he is always thinking about
traveling to pilgrimages traveling long distance some kind of religious
donations or something to do with religion is always in his mind because
his mind is now he’s into the nine thousand so he will always talk about
the spirituality philosophy religion values character morals high ideals
these are the things these people is always talking about next moon in the
ninth house when moon is in the ninth house it enhances all the moon qualities
in the person what are the moon qualities the person with the ninth
house moon becomes creative wherever he has the sign of cancer in this horoscope
that gets elevation that’s get elevated more than also the inherent nature of
the moon like artistic talent the creativity all those things get lit up
because now the energy of Moon has the environment of the good luck or the
environment of all that is good the puja the unknown positive force which is of
lifting this moon from the ninth house moon aspects the third house of the
horoscope and third house is about your creative talents is about the
communication is about yourself effort is about your younger siblings and
neighbors is about the marketing is about you broadcasting you talking about
something now wound has all the 9th housings at
back of his mind and now he’s looking into the third house of communication so
the person with the ninth house moon which will communicate these values
morals high ideals to their younger siblings neighbors and more so even if
they are doing anything their self-effort those creative pursuits who
will also have the glimpse of the ninth house it will have some social message
it will have some religious message it will have something of the ninth house
they will communicate the ninth house things through their work
although words they speak okay yes this is a moon in the ninth house of the
horoscope what to watch next if you are new to my channel or Vedic Astrology go
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the ascendance series go through the retrograde planets effect of retrograde
planet series okay sending you tons of positive energy sending you high
vibrations see you in the next videos love and peace


  • Jigar Vaishnav

    True Sir ,, Moon in My 9th house ,, And My Mother is Highly Religious and i'm too,But at first I was not religious, but when Saturn came into my life means Saturn Transit in my 8th house ,, Oh My God ,, Now Saturn Reborn me ..Hare Krishna

  • reshu paliwal

    🙏 if moon is present in 9 th house can be predict mother of native can be guru to him.and these conditions will be more prominent if moon is in it's own Nakshatra.( moon in capricorn in saravan Nakshatra).👍👌🙇

  • reshu paliwal

    🙏 one interesting question is coming in my mind.if person with 9,th house moon cancer sign is present in 6 th house.he will fight with his enemies in a musical or creative way or he will emotionally handle his foe and make them his friends.🤔🙇

  • Terie Boyd

    Another great lesson…thank you for sharing. Got the videos from instagram and they are AWESOME. Taking it slow and absorbing all the knowledge you are giving. Sending good vibes back to you!

  • Sonia Sain

    Moon with ketu in 9th for Aries ascendant. Detached but religious mother who had strong influence on my ethics. I am not religious at all but highly spiritual.

  • Suv H

    Very informative!!!

    My son aged 6 has 9th house moon in Pisces, cancer ascendant. He’s very spiritual nd wants to travel a lot.

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