• Rosita

    This story is just awful breaks my heart. But I think we need to address the real issue and that is the fact the those in the medical community are becoming lazy, and losing their compassion. All those doctors had to do was get her back asap but they didnt. Why? Because they no longer care. Patients are just number. They allowed me to labor for 52 hours finally when I was taken back for a csection and she was out I began telling my doctor that I couldn't see everything was going white, I was cold I've never felt cold like that, the noise in the room was super faint, and I was shaking uncontrollably and had to be strapped and held down, they showed no worry at all and continued to talk about the superbowl parties they were attending and a few nurses complaining about having to stay late. to this day think I was dying and it was honestly the worst experience of my life laying there thinking/knowing you're dying and being surrounded by people more concerned with football and their life after work. I was completely alone. I feel so sorry for this woman what happened to her is exactly what I thought was happening to me and its terrifying

  • Vanessa Wills

    It has nothing to do with being black, it has to do with how much money or insurance you have. The hospitals will milk you for what they can and if you don't have a penny to your name, but the girl down the hall does, who's going to get their attention

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