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[Music] hey guys it is acacia and Jerris and today is release birthday it was also her first birthday party yeah and Elmo theme we got lots of Elmo’s all over the place and like everything’s red cups for red tablecloth so we’ll be waiting for our guests to arrive and we can’t wait to swim in UK we invited just you know personal old friends family my family’s coming indications dad’s coming so my dad flew up from LA for her birthday all of his brothers and sisters are all my brothers yeah there you go some kids except man they have some kids come in intimate group but definitely fun group I think Jersey acacia I’ve done like a really really good job like for first year parents especially acacia and you forget that she’s she’s like 20 years old they’re definitely doing really good as parents I think well as the older brother it’s awesome I’ve got to just watch him make all the right moves the first grandchild it takes a lot of pressure off of me as the older brother so that’s nice a wildflower because I think she’s very wild and very independent and she loves toys she loves I think her favorite things are dogs she loves dogs she’s a people any time we go outside she says hi to every single person even if it’s a person on the side of like a box or like a toy she’ll say hi to it kids had the baby last year I was here for the birth on Mother’s Day and I was always surprised from the beginning about how much they took to being parents like they were naturally parents so now elysium a year later they’re just as good as they were before but now they have a lot of experience with this baby so the new coming baby I have think it even better the second time through when rosemary comes it’s gonna be I can’t even like about it because I have no idea we talked about like people britain they came and it was like we had no idea like there’s just no way to know exactly how your life is Misha I think I mean in some ways it’s gonna be more difficult in some way that’s gonna be easier because we know what to do this time around just because we’ve done it all before it’s gonna be exactly the same but completely different all at the same time [Music] for her first birthday wear something that she has a lot of fun and it’s the cake and laugh and run around I don’t know there’s there’s not much you get ever ask for other than just happiness for your kid birthday is a great place to celebrate happiness so I need my better people for her they all love her so much and encourage her to be like wild and completely herself having a kid has definitely brought us closer to each member of our family whether it be our siblings because they share a love for your daughter which is another form of a love for you and then you’re closer to your parents because you can relate to them in a new way I wrote an Instagram post about this earlier they were having her brought me closer to myself and when you’re close to yourself and you love yourself more than you ever have and the room that you have for other people it becomes much larger all of your relationships just get better and we all blur if you can bond off of loving someone as amazing as friendly then you basically have the means for an entire relationship because that love is so strong being a parent at our age being so young ourselves we can have fun in ways that chicken out button we didn’t fold we didn’t fully mature before we had a baby so I think there was a part of us that still hadn’t turned over the keys to being a kid so to still have that you know inside of us while she’s around ish to show us that that’s an important part of our lives is definitely a great aspect all right the party is oh we had our cake and we ate it too lots of cake swam for a really long time and now it is time to go home and play with all of our toys and then go to bed oh yeah it’s gonna be a good sleep thank you guys so so much for watching and thanks for joining brinly on her first birthday party and we’ll see you guys next time stay rad see you’d see beautiful right

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