My Bf Died And I Found Out I Was Pregnant. His Parents Don’t Know It’s Not His Baby!
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My Bf Died And I Found Out I Was Pregnant. His Parents Don’t Know It’s Not His Baby!

Hi! I’m Evelyn. I’m 18 and I’m about to become a mom,
but my story isn’t gonna be about the early pregnancy, to some extent. The thing is that my ex-boyfriend has recently
tragically died and now his parents are willing to help me with our baby that I’m going
to have. It’s only…it’s not actually HIS baby… It was a spring break and my boyfriend Johnny
and I had a big fight, so I went to visit my cousin to kinda cheer myself up. Johnny and I had been together for 2 years
and he just kept torturing me with jealousy and I kinda got tired of it. So we decided to take this as a short break
in our relationship, but while he kept texting me every day, I was trying to get over him
and just so happened to meet Tyler. I knew that it’d be only a short-term romance,
‘cause we lived in different cities, but I just couldn’t help but fall in love with
him. We spent days (and nights) together and everything
was just awesome and romantic, and when the time came for me to leave, I had made up my
mind to break all ties with Johnny when I got back. I was sure that, if I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t
be able to build another healthy relationship with somebody else. But for some strange reason, I was also pretty
confident that it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of him. It was Sunday morning, and I was already back
home ready to meet Johnny at a café to have that serious talk. Of course, I didn’t mention Tyler at all,
but I must admit I couldn’t get him out of my head. When I got to the café, I couldn’t find
Johnny anywhere, so I began calling him but he didn’t answer. I decided to wait a little bit, but after
about 30 minutes when he still neither showed up nor picked up his damn phone, I got really
angry, so I just texted him that he totally missed his chance to talk to me and that he
could be free as a bird, and just went home. But later that day, one of our common friends
called me and I found out why Johnny never showed up at that café. A taxi hit him. The ambulance got there right away but Johnny
didn’t make it and died on the way to the hospital. Eyewitnesses said that he was in a hurry and
was carrying a flower bouquet with him, and in his pant pocket, a small box with a ring
was found. I’m sure you guys can imagine how horrible
it was. In addition, everyone around me saw me as
Johnny’s widow, ‘cause for them, we were supposed to be together, right?! And I felt… I don’t know… so guilty when I was saying
my condolences to his parents. I felt that I just had to keep in touch with
them after they’d lost their only son. And his mom, oh, she insisted on me having
that stupid ring, because, as she said, it was something that Johnny would’ve wanted,
and I just couldn’t break her heart and tell her the truth about us. It was quite a tough period, but at least
Tyler found me on Facebook and we began chatting with each other. He turned out to actually be quite supportive
of me. Actually everything looked like we had just
continued our romance online and this cheered me up. But still, after that stress and everything,
my health went down a little bit, like, I couldn’t eat anything and my stomach hurt
really bad, and I felt nauseated all the time. So, after a month of being sick, I finally
decided to visit my doctor, who happened to be one of Johnny’s mom’s friends. Well, it turned out that I was pregnant. Honestly, I didn’t intend to keep that child. I was too young to be a mom. Besides, taking into account the period of
my pregnancy, Tyler was the father, and this would definitely complicate our relationship. But guess what? I wasn’t the only one who happened to find
out about my pregnancy that day. And when Johnny’s mom called me to say that
she needed to see me, I knew exactly that her friend had told her everything. That’s why when I went to their house and
knocked on their door I was scrambling, trying to find proper words to start, probably, the
hardest conversation of my life. Their reaction totally blew my mind. Oh no, I didn’t tell them anything, because
they didn’t give me any chance to talk at all. You should’ve seen their faces, full of
amazement and happiness. They decided that that baby was Johnny’s,
and they called it a miracle and God’s providence or something like that. Johnny’s mom said that it was her son’s
soul that was trying to reach her in the form of that baby and that after that tragedy,
they finally have meaning in their lives again and so on. They also said that they’d provide any assistance
for me in raising that child, and give me the money they’d been saving to send Johnny
to college and stuff like that. When I left their house, I had a feeling that
something had hit me on my head. I was totally lost, and confused, and incredibly
embarrassed. I saw that hope in their eyes and I just couldn’t
tell them that I had another guy, and that it was definitely his baby, and that I had
kinda cheated on their son. I was so swept away with all these thoughts,
that I nearly got into a car crash on my way home. Also, I had another crazy thought in my head,
like, how should I tell my parents about everything. I thought that if bad karma really existed,
this was it, my penalty for my willingness to break Johnny’s heart. I was totally frustrated for the next couple
of days and I didn’t really want to talk to anybody. Tyler kept texting me on Facebook, asking
what was going on and why I wasn’t texting him back. I really wanted to explain everything, just
to have somebody else be worried about my situation, you know, but at the same time,
I didn’t want to lose him, ‘cause I really liked him a lot. I also knew that I’d better tell my parents
myself about the pregnancy, ‘cause after I’d seen Johnny’s mom’s reaction, I
was afraid that she would call my mom at some point to congratulate her, and that would
definitely complicate everything even more. I couldn’t come up with any better idea
but to announce my news during dinner. I can’t say that my mom and dad were ecstatic
about it, but they weren’t angry either. Frankly, my mom got a little bit offended
that Johnny’s mom found out about the grandchild first, and it turned out that she was also
thinking in favor of that reincarnation thing. Dad said that he thought that I was smart
enough to be aware of contraceptive methods, but, once again, he didn’t really get as
angry as I thought he would. So next, my parents decided to set up a dinner
and invite Johnny’s parents to discuss our “situation” and it was scheduled on that
coming Friday. And until that day, I tried to avoid talking
to anybody, especially Tyler, ‘cause honestly I just didn’t know what to tell him. And then suddenly I heard my mom talking on
the phone with her sister, you know, the mother of that cousin who I was visiting during that
freaking spring break. Oh my! How could I forget that she was the one who
actually knew about me and Tyler? I immediately rushed to my room to call her. She’s always been that easy-going and understanding
type of a girl, so, I thought that I had better tell her the truth about the father of my
baby, so she wouldn’t tell somebody else about that romance of mine. Besides, I wanted her to keep my pregnancy
a secret from Tyler until I figured out what to tell him. But when I called Melissa, she was like, “Oops!”
and then she told me that Tyler had already asked for my actual address and was on his
way to surprise me with an unannounced visit. That caused me to really freak out. I got totally lost and just didn’t know
what I should do. I tried to reach Tyler, even though I hadn’t
yet decided how to tell him that he shouldn’t come, but he didn’t answer my call anyway. Of course, I was too nervous to sleep that
night. I struggled to get my thoughts together, and
I even tried to play out the probable outcomes of me revealing everything and none of them
were satisfactory enough. It seemed like whatever decision I made, would
hurt somebody’s feelings. That’s why I thought that nothing could
get any worse and in the morning I told my parents the truth, I mean, all of it. Do you remember how I was afraid of their
reaction to the news about my pregnancy? Well, this time it was not even close to what
I could imagine; it was much worse. Mom began yelling at me for my recklessness
and blamed me for pulling the wool over Johnny’s parents’ eyes, and she was totally right
with every single word she said. But dad’s reaction was the worst. He just said nothing and left for work, but
before he left, he gave me a look of complete disappointment and that made me cry so hard
and feel so miserable. As soon as I calmed down a little bit, mom
handed me the phone and told me that I had to call Johnny’s parents and tell them everything
myself. Despite the fact that she was also mad at
me, she was holding my hand while I was on the phone with his mom. It was enormously hard, but I still felt relieved
deep inside, even though the only thing Johnny’s mom told me was that she hoped that me and
the baby would be OK, but she wanted me to stay out of their life. I got hysterical once again, but this time
my mom hugged me and told me to stay calm for the baby, which actually meant that I
still had no other option but to keep it. This was the toughest day of my life, ‘cause
in the evening Tyler showed up, and my parents insisted on me telling him the truth right
away. How ironic: he thought he would surprise me
but he turned out to be the one who got surprised instead. He said he needed some time to cope with the
news and I couldn’t blame him. For now, it’s been a week since we saw each
other and we haven’t talked so far at all. Did you like my story? Then click on the corresponding button and
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