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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on my birth stories. This video will be basically telling you both birth stories for both of my sons ’cause Caleb’s, who is my second child was so quick and so
like, he just flew out. I might as well include
his story in this story. I don’t know what it
is about birth stories but whenever I find a new mommy vlogger and they have a birth story video I just tend to watch it. I love watching One Born Every Minute and I just, I don’t know,
I just love hearing about other people’s experiences. It’s such a big thing in your life. So start off with my son Fraser, he is actually four and a half now. I was due to give birth
on the first of December and when the doctor told
I was gonna give birth on the first of December,
I remember thinking, oh I think he’ll be born
on the seventh of December ’cause the seventh of December
is actually my dad’s birthday and he’s dead. He, sorry I said that really like. Really like, he’s dead. It’s a long story. When I was 17 he kind of,
well he took his own life. He committed suicide when I was 17 and yeah, I just knew when she said that he was due on the first of December, I remember thinking, I think he’ll be born on my dad’s birthday
and in a way I thought that if he was born on my dad’s birthday it would almost make it
like, a happy day again, but obviously my due date passed and on the sixth of December, I started
to have pains in the night and I kind of got up
and got out of the room and into the living room
’cause I didn’t wanna wake my husband ’cause I thought if this is it, I really want him to have as much sleep as is possible ’cause he’s gonna need his energy as well. So I went into the living room and I kind of sat on my birthing ball. I did hypno-birthing, and
I’ll link a video down below about my whole hypno-birthing experience but I put my headphones on. I’m just doing that, just
hanging out you know, in the middle of the
night and I managed to get a bit more sleep and I remember thinking, these contractions aren’t bad at all. Like what does everyone moan about? Little did I know that it
was gonna get a lot worse and woke up at about eight
o’clock in the morning, got up, went into the
bathroom to brush my teeth and I had my bathrobe on, I was just brushing my teeth
and my waters just broke like fully you know, like in the movies. It was just a big gush
on the bathroom floor. I didn’t know at the time but now I know that that’s actually quite rare, that that only happens
like one in 10 women. Most people, like their waters break during labor or don’t break at all or have to be broken so it
was really like textbook and then we called the hospital and being our first baby we
really didn’t know or think to like hang on and hang around the house and we just went straight to hospital. Got there and I had my
hypno on the whole time, I got examined and they were like, oh you know you’re only two centimeters and you’re able to breathe and talk through your contractions
so it can’t be that bad. So they sent me home. They were like, have a bath,
have some beans on toast and I was like, are you crazy? I’m actually in quite a bit of pain now but anyway, we drove all the way home and our hospital was
actually 40 minutes away from our house. We drove all the way home
and by the time we got home it was getting a bit more intense. Waited a bit longer and
then I was like oh no, I think it is getting like a bit stronger. So we drove back to the
hospital and they examined me and they were like, oh you know, you’re only four centimeters and we won’t keep you here
until you’re five centimeters. So we really suggest you go home. I do strongly think that I was quite calm because of the hypnosis. So anyway, they looked
at me and they thought you know, you’re not really
struggling that much, you’re making much of
a fuss, like go home. Anyway, by the time we
got home the second time, they were really strong contractions and I was bleeding a lot and as I got out of the
car I remember oops, I just dropped my notebook. I remember not being
able to walk to the flat, like really struggling and
so when we got into the flat I remember I sat on the
toilet and my mom took one look at all the blood everywhere and she just, she got quite worried and she was like, alright we
need to call an ambulance, we need to call a paramedic. So my husband called the
paramedics and a paramedic man came in a car and he came into our flat. We had a little one bedroom
flat at the time and he said, I’m gonna have to examine you. So I had to lay on our bed and be examined by this like random dude and I’ll never forget my
husband said, always the joker, he said, I never thought I’d see you on our bed with your legs
spread for another man before or something like that
and it really did like, it did like lighten the whole mood ’cause I was quite worried at that stage and he was like, you know,
you’re five centimeters now so you could go back to
the hospital and stay, they’ll let you stay there. I think maybe he was quite
worried about the level of blood. He called an ambulance
to get me an ambulance but the nearest ambulance
was quite far away and he said, even if you blue lighted it, it might be quicker if we
just drove to the hospital. Got back in the car again
and I was in so much pain at this point, you know
when every bump in the car was like oh my God and
it was 40 minutes away. So we drove all the way
back to the hospital and they obviously let us stay but at that point because
of the level of blood they were like, you’re
high risk and we want to put you on the high risk
ward and monitor your baby. So we went on the high
risk ward and I remember, I had all these like wires on me which was really not
part of my hypnosis plan. I still had my hypnosis
on and I was being calm. I remember the midwife talking to me and trying to be like you know, have you got any names for your baby? You know, blah blah blah. Is it a boy, is it a girl? And I remember thinking, are you crazy? Like I can’t answer these questions, while I’m in so much pain. So I had a bit of gas and air and then after a little
while they were happy that I was actually low risk again so they sent me to a low risk room. We were put in this room that had like loads of different
apparatus and mats and balls and like swings and they must’ve thought that it was all going well and wasn’t too serious
’cause they just left me with a student nurse and I remember they only called in like a proper midwife when it was time to push. I spent a lot of time
sitting on the toilet, TMI, because for me, the
feeling of a contraction felt very similar to the
need to go to the toilet. I remember the midwife
coming in and saying to me, alright at one o’clock, she
points at the clock, she went at one o’clock we’re gonna start pushing and I looked at the clock and I thought, exactly midnight, so it is the seventh. It’s the seventh of December,
like it’s my dad’s birthday. He’s gonna be born like today. Pushing for an hour and then I remember towards the end of the hour
the midwife said to me, “Baby’s getting a bit distressed, “if nothing happens in
the next few contractions, “we’re gonna have to
get the doctor in here.” And that kind of made me,
spurred me on and was like no. I’m gonna get this baby
out and it kind of, I don’t know if they just
said it to help me or what but it really helped me get him out and then I remember on one contraction they put my hand on his head
so that I could feel his hair and everything and it
kind of made it all real and made me really have
this like you know, I’m getting him out kind of thing. As I pushed him out,
they sort of held him up. He did this big poo everywhere. I always remember it landing on me. But he was really lucky
that it was like literally as he came out he did it. So he nearly did it in the womb which would’ve been horrendous ’cause then he would’ve needed his stomach pumped and he would’ve had it
in his eyes and issues and all that kind of stuff. So, it was just really fortunate that I just about managed to get him out. It was all really straightforward. All I had was like a graze, TMI. But I didn’t have any tears, I just had like quite a graze which was sore. He was born, he was
perfect, he was eight one. And yeah, it went really well. I do think my hypnosis really did help me stay just really calm and relaxed. You know one thing afterwards that I did really struggle with was because I gave birth
to Fraser on my back, as he was born my coccyx
actually cracked, it broke and I had an x-ray on
it and it was confirmed that it was broken from childbirth but there was nothing
they could do about it and from the time he was born to the time Caleb was born,
I really suffered with pain. But when it came to
Caleb, I actually had him on all fours and it didn’t break again and I think it actually corrected it. So then Caleb, he was due to be born on the 21st of October. And he was exactly six
days late like his brother. He was born on the 27th of October which I kind of thought in
my mind that would happen ’cause I thought, well Fraser was born on the seventh, so Caleb will
be born six days late as well and I don’t know, if anyone
believes in The Secret I kind of think I did that with my mind. I don’t wanna sound like
a happy but the point is labor with Caleb, Fraser was like two, two years old and 10 months
and I managed to like, I was having some pains but I managed to get Fraser bathed and to bed. And then after he was
in bed and I was happy and safe knowing that he was asleep, I sat on my birthing ball
and I was really getting like some contractions and some pains but it didn’t hurt too much and again, I did my hypnosis, I had
my wireless headphones on this time and we called Matt’s mom to come to the house ’cause we were like, I think I’m in labor, just come so you can look after Fraser. And the night that Caleb
was born it was storm Jude. I don’t know if anyone remembers that from about 18 months ago
but it was storm Jude. So I called the hospital
and they were like, you know your first was pretty quick, he was seven hours from start to finish. And it’s storm Jude tonight so
just come in as a precaution. And we got there and the
midwife was really like, she must not have thought
that I was in that much pain. Again, I was hypnotized
and she was kind of like, oh you know, get settled
and I’ll come and see you in 20 minutes and my husband
and I remember him warning her that our first was quite
quick, I was under hypnosis and this was our second and blah blah blah but she was like oh yeah yeah yeah, she came back 20 minutes later and when she’s examined me you could tell she started to panic ’cause
I was seven centimeters and it was like seven centimeters, and then it was like eight
and she started to panic and you could kind of see her go around the room and get things ready because I was ready to
push and in my second labor I said to my husband your one job is to make sure that I do
not have him on my back because the pain was
so bad the first time. She examined me and then
she was sort of like, oh just stay there for a minute, just stay for the minute but I had that urge to push so Matt helped me up and
I actually ended up having him on all fours and it was
literally like two pushes bam. He was there, when he was born he was seven pounds seven. He was absolutely perfect. And yeah, I was surprised that
he was seven pounds seven, ’cause everyone says that
the second is heavier but he was actually less
and I think it’s because when I was pregnant with him I was running around after Fraser so much. So I didn’t really put on as much weight or have enough time to
like relax and stuff. So yeah, so that is my birth stories. I have waffled on so
long, I’m really sorry if that was too much information. So I am so lucky with my
labors and they were both really straightforward, no tearing, no with Caleb and Fraser
I had a bit of gas and air with Fraser and with Caleb I just, there wasn’t even time for a paracetamol. I really think the
hypnosis helped so again, I will link my video
about that down below. But yeah, thank you so much for watching and I will see you all soon.


  • Katie&Baby

    Wow, loved hearing your birth stories so much better then mine! Was you living in Essex then? I think we might of had our babies in the same hospital 🙂 xxx

  • Emily - The Peachicks and Us

    I've never looked into hypnobirthing but it sounds like it really worked for you! My first was SO long so I'm hoping this little boy is born quicker, although not too quick hah xx

  • Policosmetics82

    Oh how did they make you leave the hospital 2 times with Fraser, I think I wouldn't say yes and go home, I would be too scared to give birth at home. Plus, here they've always told us that when the waters brake you have to go and stay at the hospital. Great vid, loved both your stories! 🙂

  • Mummy Nutter

    I loved hearing your story! I just finished filming mine – 2 x hypnobirths too! So sad to hear you talk about your Dad – I also lost my mum when I was 9 yrs old and completely agree about babies being born on poignant days – I think its a real connection to the universe! much love x

  • Jen JbBoutique

    Awww love a birth story. Beautiful stories. I think you do just have a gut feeling I definitely did. Love the idea of hypnobirthing although I didn't do it I did something similar think it's great to keep calm. I think I might record my birthday story xxx

  • Jessica Louise Ashe

    Really nice to hear about your birth stories hun and for both your boys to be born on the days you knew they would come…..mothers intuition I guess! My waters gushed with Josh and I can still remember it to this day! I sometimes find it funny how midwives occasionally think they know what's going on with our bodies, when really they don't have a bloody clue, lol. You've inspired me to talk about mine, even though I'm 7 and 3 years late, haha 🙂 x

  • Louise - My May Sunshine

    Lovely hearing your birth stories. My first was 6 days late and weighed 9 14oz and my second was 2 weeks late and weighed 9 4oz and had a third degree tear. Wouldn't wish that on any woman! But we forget the pain over time, I think and remember seeing our babies. xx

  • Jennifer Hajdu

    Thanks for sharing your birth story.  Hypnobirthing is great!  I think it was the only way I could birth my 9lb 10oz daughter without any pain medication.

  • Rachael Ingram

    No way !! Me and Caleb share a birthday !! I've got a 17 month old & due baby two March 2016. You've got me interested in hypnotherapy 🙂 I just found your channel and love it .. I hope your all well xxx

  • dustybluebells

    My baby was born on 7th December 2016. I was hoping for the 4th December for my own family reason but of course just wanted him born safe and well. And now I know he shares a birthday with such a beautiful and good little boy like Fraser, well that made me smile.

  • Sky Silver

    Im not sure if you'll read this comment but I am 7 weeks pregnant (one cycle after miscarriage) and when I found out I was pregnant again I did the math and realized my new due date would be my passed-grandmothers birthday. At the dr. office I was told 4 days before her birthday and it disappointed me bc I felt like I "knew" this baby was meant for her birthday. hearing your story just gave me hope that maybe my instincts were right.

  • Nathan Anderson

    Such a sad story about your Dad Emily, I've watched so many of your videos and never knew until now 😞 What a wonderful blessing that Fraser was born on his birthday. Loved this video and love following you and your family on here. I have a son who is 4 is January so I feel like I can really relate to a lot of your videos 😍 xxx just realised I'm on my husbands account 😂

  • Saima H Malik

    Love u and all your videos. It's not too much information, u covered 2 birth stories in 12 mins and other YouTubers cover one in 30! LOL

  • Mrs. Farrington

    Might I just say, I absolutely ADORE you and your vlogs – I've only just discovered them a few days ago, but I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second and find myself lounging about quite bit and seem to just be binge watching your channel every second I get. You are such a lovely mum and your channel is so refreshing!

  • Camille Crestani

    Waow ! Beautiful birth stories ! I truly belive women should be way more empowered to give birth by the medical staff than they are now. I also gave birth to my son laying on my back and I regret it. Thank you for sharing !

  • M AN

    Thanks for the informative video helped alot im 37 weeks pregannt and was worried about going into labour and the delivery but ur video reassured me so thank you. What were the hypnobirthing tracks you were listening to that helped. ❤

  • Angelique Sengir

    Wow, what an amazing birth story. I can't believe it took me so long to see this video (considering I've watched Jackson's birth story at least twice). I found your videos on my very 1st day home from hospital with my son when I was struggling with breast feeding and I've been watching ever since. My son is almost a year and half now. You have helped me immensely, Thank you!!! 💜💜💜

  • athenagandhi

    Omg!!My daughter was born on the 28th of October (but she is much older than Caleb) and my son who is Fraser's age was bron 3rd of Oct….That's sooo cool.

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