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dear diary today 19th April 2018 is my
birthday and I found out an extremely ugly and
painful truth in the age of technology if you hide your birthday on Facebook no
one will remember it hi everyone I’m back and I’m filming
this footage at 11 a.m. on 19 April 2018 I officially turned 25
today yay and actually what I wrote in my diary earlier is absolutely true I hid
my birthday on Facebook last year because I thought it would be awesome to
have a real birthday, an actual birthday with my friends and my family in the
real world that’s the best however this year, I’m gone from my family, it’s not like
moving out to another house but I’m literally 12-hour-flight away from my family
and all my friends also. Actually it’s a bit lonely to me but I’m so excited at
the same time because I’m having my birthday in a complete new country,
and that is Germany. maybe you haven’t known but I’ve been dreaming of coming
to Germany since I was only 18. isn’t that a dream come true? I think so! yeah I
should probably go right into what I want to talk about today and today video, you
know it’s about my last year of my 24 yeah what I achieved last year and my
plans for my 25 so let’s go. the best most thrilling wonderful achievements
last year was that I managed to come to Germany for my master’s degree. well it
may seem like nothing or just a little bit of effort to others but to a Vietnamese like me, it is a big deal well. the thing is I had to prepare a lot of
documents, take a couple of qualification examinations,
and be financially prepared to come here I started doing that since October 2016
and I first set my foot on the airport of Frankfurt on 26 September 2017 it
was quite a long journey I still remember I was working my ass
off and preparing everything at the same time because yeah I still had a
full-time job at that time. the first exam was IELTS international English
Language Testing system. well because I had a full-time job so I didn’t go to
any English centers to study for IELTS, I was just staying at home and doing it by
myself with free documents on the internet. it was quite hard for me I
doubted myself a lot since there was a whole industry of teaching English and IELTS in Vietnam, like everyone who wants to get that certificate goes to some
English centers, and in such world there was me staying at home and doing it by
myself. fortunately after like four months of
preparation and one sleepy examination day, I got a certificate with pretty good
scores and the first step was done. the second exam was APS (Akademische Prüfstelle)
I think and the thing that I have been always wondering is that that exam is
only for students from Vietnam China and Mongolia. well it’s like an interview
with a German professor about my bachelor degree yeah my bachelor program. like
they would look at your transcripts and ask you some questions about the
theories or practical applications of the subjects that you had in university,
in German or English, well in order to see that if you are eligible to take
part in their education. it was hard for me because I had graduated for one year
before that exam and there would be a good chance that I would ask me
questions about the subjects that I had in the first or the second semester
meaning I studied about that five years prior to that. and one more thing, I
studied all the things in Vietnamese so yeah I had to translate everything into
English and learn all again. the practical subjects like project
management banking management are okay actually to me, but the theories ones
like microeconomics macroeconomics and our specialties principles of Marxism
and Leninism, Ho Chi Minh ideology, tough ones.
but eventually I passed that with good certificate yeah good good certificate
and I was so happy about that. funny story actually on the Lunar New
Year holiday 2017, I got a fortune telling about my future in 2017 like
telling me I would come to a new land and learn a lot of things in September
2017 and yeah, Here I am. that was pretty impressive and maybe you’re
interested in that, please comment in the section down below and I would give you
some general ideas about your 2018 that’s a kind of a special thing in
Vietnam like fortune-telling and all things. my second gain last year is this
Youtube channel. well I started as no one on YouTube, like trying to
upload some piano covers of songs on YouTube and thanks to one of the videos
like it was a video of me about my piano progress after seven months
practicing and it got viral I still remember like in October 2017
I got 30,000 views for that video, like it was insane!
however simultaneously I moved to Germany for my master’s degree, I started a
completely new life, and everything new came to me, friends, studies I couldn’t
manage to do anything with my youtube channel until of this January.
I see that my life, my skills and my experience would be interesting to
someone and I just love that feeling whenever I read your comments, how you
guys discuss about what I say it and I also know that I was wrong about so many
things but it’s just magnificent wherever you know I think about the
thing that I create something useful and you know worthwhile. and currently I’m
having like 9,199 subscribers it’s just the number that I’ve never dreamed
of like and a lot of you guys show me how lovely you are
and it’s just warm-hearted to me and thank you. however as I dig deeper into
the YouTube community I found down some you know surprises that I have never
known that those kinds of things would even exist ugly truths. it’s like how
YouTube is full of reup contents, like and view purchase, clickbait and illegal
earnings and stuff. I was quite shocked when I knew about it and I think if I
told you all the things you would be too. – actually I’m considering uploading a
video about that but I’m not sure if a lot of people would want to know about
it because it’s kind of a really sensitive topic and I would get threatened
if I do so. anyway I still prefer a cleaner YouTube community so if you are
attracted to that topic please let me know in the comment section below. I
would do a video about that yeah. and one more I know that a lot of you guys want
to set up a YouTube channel but don’t know where to start maybe I could help
like not only the general ideas, general advice but also about SEO skills and
experience that I had and yeah again if you wants to know knowledge please let
me know in the comment section down below. okay speaking of my 24 it was full
the first time like I got my first job as a merchandiser in the fashion company
and I got to manage the clothe assembly lines from beginning till the end and
you know I know quite a lot about technique so just like by looking at the
items I would know that which one is good which one is bad and that’s why I’m
quite difficult with clothes. I got the first time to study a subject about kind
of psychology called managing people and I got the final grade of 1.3 for
the subject in the German grading system it was so useful and so great I
can’t wait to apply that subject into my real job. I got my first time to speak
English as much as I want and learn to know about another language, German
and to be honest as I get more familiar with German I kind of like it even more
than English I also first time use Reddit too and now
it becomes my before sleeping application normally for memes, but also
for political news for science you know finance personal finance advice and just
literally everything trendy in the world. and while a lot of first-time
things but I can’t really remember all now but to sum up and look back my 24
was full of ups and downs sad and happy moments and I also want to share with
you my plans for my 25 can’t imagine that I’m 25 already is it’s kind of perfect
timing for a marriage to a Vietnamese but no not me not now. I think I gotta
experience more and study even more well so the first thing is to get the best
grades at university because you know that’s the propose that I came here and
I don’t want to regret it at all. and second is to speak your and better well
of course I will make some German videos on my youtube channel because it’s kinda
a good way to practice speaking. thirdly, to keep up with my youtube channel and I
hope that my channel it’s not gonna be full of you know trashy contents that I
I don’t like but I do it because I want views yeah I will and only do the
contents that I believe they are of important and useful to the community.
those are my big big big targets for my 25 and hopefully I’ll meet them all. and now
I have a date so I gotta go thank you!


  • Bernd Heghmanns

    oh happy bir´thday afterwards 🙂 Sorry iam not on Facebook .Your are 25 ? OMG then iam more as twice as old then you….. i feel so old at the moment , i think i schoud retiere 🙂

  • wmf831

    Happy, happy Birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
    I find this fortune telling part very interesting. As you might have realized, we Germans are not very "spiritual" 🙂
    I would love to find out more about that part in your culture. Maybe I have to go to Vietnam to have my fortune told 🙂

  • MJ Hatake

    Happy Birthday!! Good luck on your channel and on creating a bright future filled with more wonderful things to come!!<3

  • NiizuMa

    Happy Birthday to you 😀 so nice to hear your dream to come to germany came true and I hope your other wishes will come true as well^^ Danke dass du da bist

    EDIT: German Videos would be sooo awesome :DDD

  • emi nom

    Happy Happy Birthday!! Sorry I'm late but I hope you had a wonderful time !!❤✨

    I think it's so hardcore and I admire you for the strenghts to teach Englisch all by yourself it must be so hard 😮
    It's hella insane what we can manage by ourlselves! What we can reach when we really want to!
    You're an awesome Person!

  • realdomdom

    Das Geburtsdatum auf dem Facebook-Profil, hmmm…
    Es ist nicht verwunderlich, dass wir Menschen wie Smartphones behandeln, wenn wir nur noch durch Smartphones mit Menschen kommunizieren.

  • Peter Meyer

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag .
    Ich freue mich auf eine Welt mit Menschen wie du einer bist.

    And for the "right age to do `whatever`" a few words i wrote for Theresia from Trinidad but will fit you too:

    The right age is always your age.
    No matter what age you are.
    Life does not stop at 30 or 40, the only one to stop it is yourself.
    So dont stop, go, live. Your Life.

    Oh, Theresias vid is here:

  • furzkram

    Don't worry about speaking german – just do it, and do it all the time. Hayley Alexis would agree. Check out her channel on YT.

  • Animus Nocturnus

    Happy belated Birthday!
    You do realize that we're now waiting for watching you make a video in german, right?

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