• jennifer williams

    True family???? anchor or commentator in blue dress are you nuts you stupid ass commentator in blue dress on the video? So that grandmother gave birth to her son child …her son with homosexuality fucked up genes then his child proabably will be a lesbian since granny birthed a girl because of tendencies in daddy son genes goddamn those genes…then another issue is that the scenario in a sick twisted way is like that boy fucked his mom and gave birth just in a different way you people are sick like the incestuous….nasty

  • iamthepaulrus

    Ok, so one dad is her real dad, her mum is the other dad's sister, meaning, the other dad is actually her uncle, and her grandmother birthed her. Seems perfectly normal to me. 🤔

  • Jack O'Connell

    I wouldn't trust two strange men with a child, with all depraved things they do to eachother candy coated by the word "love." Look at how they brought that poor child into this world. It's sick

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