Neighborhood Health Watch: Childbirth and aging
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Neighborhood Health Watch: Childbirth and aging

– [Announcer] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia Health System. – [Diane] Today, in
Neighborhood Health Watch, the changes women experience with childbirth and aging. Most physical changes
occur after menopause and are a result of a
drop in estrogen levels. Eventually your periods
become less frequent until they stop completely. Along with changes in your periods, there are also physical changes in a women’s reproductive tract. Dr. Nathan Guerette with
Johnston-Willis Hospital is here to talk with
us about those changes. Let’s start off the conversation, doctor, with changes women go through as they get closer to childbirth. – Well Diane, thank you for having me. There’s two big periods of time in a woman’s life that big changes occur. One is with pregnancy and after pregnancy and the other tends to be around menopause and with aging after that. The types of changes we’re talking about are often overlooked by women. They just learn to live with them. So problems with bladder control, dissatisfaction with intimacy, either pain or numbness or
looseness during intimacy or even sometimes bowel issues and traditionally people
have just lived with these and have been told that that’s part of what happens after you have kids and part of what happens after you get older and go through menopause. – What are you treatment options? – Yeah so, we have a
lot of treatment options for these and the point is you
don’t have to live with them. We have great, new
treatments in the office called a Diva laser which is the most sophisticated laser system that there is and it’s just a three minute
treatment in the office. – [Diane] Now what does that
do, for incontinence or? – [Nathan] It can treat incontinence, it can tighten the tissue, so it can help with support issues, it can help with pain with sex, it can help with atrophy changes, lack of estrogen changes, all with just a three minute treatment with no recovery. – You know what’s
disappointing too, though, or concerning is that many of these topics that some women don’t feel comfortable talking about, they don’t
have the conversation until after they’re experiencing trouble. – Right, yeah, there’s no
reason to be embarrassed about talking about this. Obviously it’s a typically uncomfortable part of the body, but it is just another part of the body. And so things happen with
this part of the body just like anything else. If your back hurts, you
don’t have a problem going to the doctor for your back, you shouldn’t have a problem going to the doctor for this either. – Right, are there any things that doctors can do to get that
conversation going earlier? – Yeah, I think, you know, now that we have good therapies, often times that makes
the conversation easier, so we have therapies that
don’t require a huge surgery, which makes it easier to take care of and we just need to be more aware of talking to our patients about it and then people just need to be less uncomfortable when
talking about these things. – Excellent, thank you
so much for joining us, we appreciate it.

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  • darrell vaughan baby

    As I read all the good reviews on Dr. Gurette. I am sharing the worst experience ever in my life. Almost two years later after receiving surgery for a bladder prolapse I am still experiencing incontinence and the frequent need to go to the rest room every hour. Let's not to mention I received the surgery and Dr. Gurette damaged my sciatic nerve, which now I have permanent nerve damage and have daily pain. My pain consist of numbness in my toes, burning of my skin, back spasms and difficulty with sitting and standing. Also he did a second surgery within the same week and my overnight stay turned into a 6day hospital stay. I was out of work for 4mnths and lost wages and still have financial medical obligation because of daily pain and physical therapy. Unfortunately I would not recommend Dr. Gurette for anything. I am emotionally not stable since this tragic event and my life has not been the same since. I am only 37 and had surgery at 35yrs of age. I should be enjoying my family events and I worry everyday how long can I stand or even how long can I have shoes. Please be careful

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