Nerf War: Gun BABY 4!
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Nerf War: Gun BABY 4!

Ohhh, so there you are Ok, so before you load that… we need to have a little chat. No. Come Come here little baby Come here little guy Why do I always have to deal with him?! Come here little baby! ahhhhh My butt! He shot me in the butt Stop My butt Gotchya! What? Ahh, my arm! Wait! You better stop little baby! Wait! Waaait!! Lets talk huh?? Can we talk little guy? Huh? I’m being attacked by a little baby! Oh, Hi Hi Did I not put you in charge of our Gun Baby? Yeah Well?? What? Where is he? Oh, my shift ended an hour ago Oh, so is that how it works? Yeah I’m here wounded, bleeding… and your shift just ended So you have nothing to worry about, right? Is that how it goes? Yeah not my problem Ok, I see how its going Now we talking shifts, huh? Alright Well, Ok Why don’t I call The person who is supposedly on duty right now Hello Where is he? Ahhh, he’s… he’s here… He’s…he’s here?? You sure? You know what I’m coming up I got a chocolate I want to give to him. No wait! He’s not here, he just left Oh really? So he just left hey? Yeah you just missed him. Well do you know where he is? Because he shouldn’t be ruining around unsupervised Ohhh, noo (sarcastic) I know what you’re doing You’re watching NETFLIX! And Gun Baby is ruining amok in this place again AMOK I say! You know what? Come down now, and bring your brother, everyone come down! You two are grounded. Are you serious? Yup You’re grounded for 3.5 weeks That’s 25 days and 12 hours That’s not fair Yeah, well life isn’t fair cuz I gave you a simple job, keep an eye on the Gun Baby She was the one who was supposed to watch him. No, my shift starts at 2. What? Yeah. Dissmissed! I don’t want to hear it. Well this isn’t fair. Yeah Too bad, soo sad I gave you a simple job, ok If this was my work and I messed up like that I’d be fired ok So getting grounded for 3.5 weeks Isn’t that bad actually And also, nobody should be mad at me cuz I’m the one who’s bleeding here I’m not the one who lost a baby Do you hear me? But I guess I’m talking for no reason Cuz nobody’s listening to me. I’m just gonna go down to the basement Well He’s not here this time Yeah Well I guess out of bad something good always happens Cuz Danny just got himself a TerraScout Drone Mod Idea Lets build this thing Now lets test thing thing out on my nOOb brother Tommy! You home? Not home. Where is it? Take it easy little guy That Drone is very dangerous Ok listen little baby, I will give you lots and lots of chocolates if you hand of the controller and stop shooting Just stop shooting at me dude I don’t like chocolate! Yes I won’t shoot babies, but I’ll shoot Drones dammit Listen Double D I know you like toys, I can see that I got money man, I can by you so many other toys Just give me that one No, I like this toy Oh come on Double D Hand it over man, you can have anything other but that No way Gotcha I’ll take that Why you always do this to me Double D? I had chocolate for you ready to go man See, what the heck? And you guys Make sure you subscribe for my Nerf War videos and also, click like For my epic TerraScout Drone Mod Nobody got hurt in this video So I’m pretty happy about that But maybe I jinxed myself?! I should not have said that Ok. Forget I said that. Why is this moving? The controller is down, I’m not touching it What’s happening? I think its malfunctioning No, no Maaalfunction!!!


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