• SySy Subhanna'Allah

    6:24 Sa maman l'embrasse en le🐒 prenant dans ses bras avec tendresse !
    Cela aurait été une maman formidable et très à l'écoute !
    Dommage !

    SubhannAllah 💚

  • katkat14kk

    Why is no-one intervene and taking the baby monkey to the veterinarian I'm going to understand this seems like it's an open Park what country is this? Are there any caretakers that watch over this place? Thank you for your time!

  • GetReady4LiftOff

    What happened to this one? I guess we like watching the defected, neglected or darling babies to see what the outcome is

  • Rasul Rakhmatulin

    Бедный малыш умирает от голода, у матери видимо нет молока, зная что малыш обречен, почему операторы не отправили в приют, но они предпочли следить за медленной смертью малыша

  • susi ghezzani

    Benissimo non ce la fà più neanche a miovere le braccia e gli mancano sempre di più le forze appena appena riesce ad accennare qualche richiamo ma molto debole…. speriamo che oggi sia la volta buona e ci lascia le penne questo schifo…..

  • Галина Сагайдак

    Малыш Крито. Он умер с голоду, самка его не кормила. Обнимала, носила, жрала сама, а его не кормила.


    I don't like to see the mommy's like this poor things. Some of the mommy's beat their baby and don't care about them but the ones that do care for theirs it always seems to die it's not fair.

  • Cindy Ouimette

    Sadly you stand there and watch this poor baby dying instead of bringing him to a vet and you e helped other babies but hey I’ll get more viewers if I record this baby dying this is animal abuse to the max and it’s sad AF makes me sick!! You have no heart!

  • Kevin Plourde

    Oh great gonna get to watch one of these scumbag video people show us a dumb as [email protected] mother dragging around it's dead baby for 2 weeks makes me want to puke ( they say they're so much like humans ) hmmm I dont remember the last time I saw a woman walking down main st.carrying a dead baby flipped over her arm

  • Joshua Corrington

    Plain as day.it has.a.bowel obstruction. It is.backed up all the way to.a.stomach insult and you.can see its back end is ready to blow. Could be as easy as digging out the blockage, and.itll be sucking the life outta mommy in no time but since people have trained.the moms that.babys equal free food. So she wont let you grab it.. And its probably not imperative to save it sonce tree rat park is overrun with baby rodents anyway.. But this one died because it was full of shit.

  • Rick Ray

    They killing lot the maggots out that park they have to many I was told moving some up to the high country and killing lot the older ones out I heard they have done killed over 30 babies in the last 2 months came form a good source .These monkeys carry all kinds of disease, parasites, they are a very nasty animal will kill one another over food very greedy animal screw there own mom jack off in public eat there own shit pick there own skin and eat it when they have a wound one of the worst pets a man could ever have they look cute when baby let it get older and see what you think then .

  • Tanay Stuart

    U can see lil Buddy's breathing picking up. Oh Lord. This is so sad. Why did u not at least TRY to get him help?!? It seems like the Mother is asking 4 ur help kause she knows something is going on with her lil one. U wanna fuckin record and make money of of these helpless monkeys but only wanna help when it's convenient for YOU! Karma's a bitch and so are u! U reap what u sow! Ur watching this baby die b4 ur eyes. U kan tell he's fighting 4 his life and instead of trying to get help, u stand there and continue to watch him die. Watch his lil body go limp, and his mother whimper 4 you 2 help but claim u love em?!?! Get the fuck up outta here bitches! This pisses me off! All the time u spent recording, u could have helped and possibly helped him live!

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