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oh shit it’s still filmin intro music hey guys it’s amanda and welcome back to my channel so here we are again talking about a video that is going to be very controversial i already know i’m going to get these comments talking about some none sense and stuff but, here we are, we’re doing this, let’s go so, as of right now on twitter there’s a huge thing going around that Washington state is is considering having a third gender option on birth certificates and this gender option would be X therefore, you will not be assigned male or female at birth, you will be assigned X and, this gives the opportunity to the child when they get older to really identify however they want to and not have that like thing that people say like you can’t be a girl you were assigned male at birth or you can’t be a male you were assigned girl at birth like, that stuff, that is like something that is really hard now a days especially for people in the trans community when they are transitioning or they just have their preferred pronouns people will always throw that biological birth bullshit and, they, no people like don’t understand that gender is imaginary and that you can identify as however you want and that is how you should be seen and that is how you should be accustomed and how people should address you i’m going to insert the clip right now um that shows the little birth option change thing “it’s a boy, it’s a girl, or it’s x – “Washington State considering a third gender option on birth certificates” “if it’s approved parents can skip labelling their new born child” “as a male or female starting next year” personally, as someone who um, is very open-minded and really accepts everyone which everyone should but anyways I think this is something very great and it shows that our society atleast some of our society is trying to um move forward and I think that they should make this an option for every single person in the entire world because, i think gender is neutral and i think that, you should just be able to use whatever pronouns or identify as whatever gender you feel like and i don’t think their should be anything that holds you back from doing that because that’s just suck, it sucks like I have so many friends who um identify as trans and, they have preferred pronouns that people don’t use I think it’s very degrading and very insulting when you know someones preferred pronouns and you do not address them by them, because I just think that you’re making them feel like shit, for no reason and that, it’s something that you can do there’s , it’s , there’s nothing that’s holding you back from using their preferred pronouns and I think that putting this law or this birth option into place would really help people that um , struggle with finding their identity struggle with finding their gender, and I think it would just be really helpful towards that and there’s this huge stigma around like changing or transitioning and, I think this would really help that and I think it would help people understand more that like whatever genitals you have do not define if you’re a male or a female, they don’t define your gender because gender is just this word that people brought into place i think gender is imaginary, um, i don’t know about you but I just think that like I, what is gender? I , I don’t know, I don’t know I think that this is something that would really help our community and our society evolve and be more understanding and be more accepting and really show that there really is nothing wrong with being gender neutral and not having a preferred male or female just being who you are, being yourself so this video like all my other videos, is all over the place but i wanted to share my thoughts on this and i just think it’s a really good thing and i think it’s an improvement, maybe the term X is a little strange but I mean, I think that could be a work in progress um but i think the fact that some states are actually trying to make it more easy for people to be able to express themselves for who they really are and identify as who they really are is just like a beautiful thing and I think that it’s really trying to advance society and, i know a lot of people are going to disagree with it , i know a lot of people are going to be like oh that’s bullshit, like male female only because people are not accepting and people are not open-minded and everything like that but i really think that it’s a step forward and i think that it should be an option because it would really just help the like the community and it would help people be able to express themselves how they wanna be expressed and it would give an opportunity for a child, or a young adult or a teenager to really to be able to identify however they want to because I think giving a assigned gender at birth is really, it’s complicated because the child doesn’t really have anything to say about that and you don’t really know when you’re like a month old, how you feel inside but when someone grows up being assigned female and they really dont feel that way, it’s really hard for them to grasp the grasp that and understand that and if you have something that’s very gender neutral it gives a child more time to really express themselves really figure themselves out and I just think it’s something that like should be should be there, it should be there i don’t know, that’s all i have to say and if you guys enjoyed this please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe below and i wanna know your thoughts on this, what do you think about the new gender neutral thing that some states are trying to put in place like how how, what do you feel and how are your thoughts on this and do you agree or do you disagree and why so yeah once again if you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up, subscribe below and i’ll see you next time and remember, live life don’t think twice, i’m outta here


  • Faith Byerly

    X is a half truth, BOYS have XY and GIRLS have XX! Your growing up in the wrong time! It’s not great it’s people just trying to gain attention in the stupidest way possible🙄

  • ezra rae

    as a trans person i couldn't agree more, my life would've been 10x easier if i hadn't been brought into the world with an "f" on my birth certificate.

  • Jace Mankins

    Well don't you see the problem with parents choosing their children to be some third gender based on nothing? At least male and female is based on biological factors (sex organs). If its really up to the child, this gender x takes more choice away from the child than male and female does.

  • Jesus Ponce

    Before the 70s, the terms sex and gender were widely accepted as the same thing (to identify ones biological sex) then when it came to humans, the term Gender, it starter to be defined as an individual self-chossen gender identity. Which i do not mind at all, if it makes you feel better about yourself, why not. however for any other non human mammals the terms gender/sex are used to define biological sex. And for any living mammal, including humans you are either born Male or Female. We as humans, we don't get to "assign" this, but it's simply the way it is. Whether we like it or not, just as when we are born white or black or in between, or become short or tall, thin or thick. We as individual can choose to identify as we like, but the biological fact will remain the same. And when it comes to birth certificate I firmly believe it's simply to identify biological sex, a scientific fact, which could be a key metric to track. For example: male vs female born rate, which could be a key measurements for humanity for endless reasons.

  • Kat Fitzgerald

    I think it is a good idea in a sense but I think for the kids it is given to that aren’t trans it could be hard and could be a another reason they could get bullied for being different. Like how would you know if the baby is trans or not at birth? you wouldn’t. So you would potentially give X to most children and then maybe they will get bullied. (Unless we gave X to all children then it would be fine) I have been bullied and I just know that it could be another thing kids could get bullied for.

  • dinoworld112

    Science and facts do not agree with you. For 1000s of years men have always been male and women have aleays been female 2 genders then they're people like you with feelings that make they own up that are not facts

  • Bryan Lee Williams

    Everyone needs to share this on Twitter, etc. get this trending.

    I think all states should eliminate gender from the birth certificate. Maybe have it on Driver's licenses and state ID's later in life, but have multiple options at that point.

  • Aleks Labrecque

    its not on the birth certificate from birth…. x is in place for current non binary people to change their gender marker to one which represents their correct gender (or lack of one). this is coming from someone who is trans btw: if parents had the option to put x on the birth certificate from birth i probably wouldve never found out i was trans and gender would end up fading away. everyone would just be x and they. its dumb aight dude pls do research before making vids thx xoxo gossip girl

  • R/B The Toku Hufflepuff

    IMO, this shouldn't be a thing. A baby born with a dick should be considered BIOLOGICALY male, and for the mean time, that should be what their gender is (I mean, I identify as straight the first 13 years of my life, and I've only been bi for at least half a year. I see no reason a trans person can identify as the gender their sex matches before realizing they identify as the opposite). If you're a trans woman, you're still biologically male, and that's okay. After all, sex and gender, while related, are two different things. The thing is, I really don't know my stance on this whole non binary thing. Either way, I will still believe there's only 2 genders. If I believe in non binary, I consider it the lack of gender or identifying as both, so calling it a third gender doesn't really makes sense to me. If I don't believe in non binary, then for me it's just make believe bullcrap.

  • Ig-nat-ius

    As a nonbinary trans person who benefits from having X on my birth certificate (it's coming in the mail and I'm so excited) I'd really appreciate if this comment section were moderated and the hate comments were removed. There is no benefit from leaving up comments saying nonbinary folks don't exist.

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