Newborn Baby Care: 8 Common Myths Busted | Video
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Newborn Baby Care: 8 Common Myths Busted | Video

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is the best feeling in the world isn’t it holding your baby in your arms for
the very first time is a feeling that nothing else can compare to when I first
gave birth I had tons of people all around me giving me advice and in fact I
listened to anything and everything that people had to say to me it was only when
I started asking questions and dug a little deeper that I realized that a lot
of the things that I was doing were in fact quite wrong so I’m gonna save you a
lot of trouble here today we are going to be revealing some of the biggest
myths regarding newborn baby care and I will tell you the truth behind each of
them so the first myth is that you can control your baby’s sleep patterns the
truth is let’s face it you have no control I know a lot of people who read
about sleep schedules and things like that
and decide to implement them from day one the truth is none of these things
apply to newborns in fact a newborn baby will sleep when it wants to and will
often wake up when it’s hungry or even if it’s just irritated or upset now you
should know how to put your baby to sleep but we’ll cover that later myth
number two the second myth is that picking up and holding your baby every
time he or she cries can be bad the truth is that skin-on-skin contact can
be great for your little one now this myth claims that somehow our
children can cry to manipulate us every time they want attention and that by
giving it to them we end up spoiling them now the truth is that it’s only
after nine months of age that children understand that they can have their own
way by crying so if your child isn’t here nine months old you can pick him up
and cuddle him as much as you want to it in fact gives them a sense of comfort
and security besides which mother wouldn’t want to anyway myth number
three is that babies sleep better while on their stomach now the truth is that
this can be really very dangerous this myth is very common as governments
actually used to recommend this however new studies have shown that babies who
are put to sleep on their stomach or on their side are at a higher risk of
sudden infant death syndrome so if you have a newborn baby ensure that they are
put to sleep on their back myth number four now myth number four is that babies
need a lot of sunlight the truth is that the harsh Sun can really cause damage to
your baby’s sensitive skin now it’s true that babies need vitamin D and that a
little bit of sunlight can really help them so always always remember to use
sunscreen on your little one skin whenever you’re taking him or her out
myth number five myth number five is that for massages help your baby’s bones
grow the truth is that massages should always be gentle now I know a lot of
people who believe this myth and end up giving their little ones quite rough
massages the truth is that while oil massages do have their benefits for
example they help with blood circulation they can also help moisturize your
little one skin they have absolutely nothing to do with bone strength so when
it comes to massages the gentler you are the better it is
myth number six tight gaps ensure a round head now the truth is that a tight
cap will do nothing for the shape of your baby’s head now it’s quite normal
for a baby to be born with quite a bumpy head in fact the baby’s head completely
takes form only after it’s three months old in the meantime however a tight cap
will do absolutely nothing other than irritate your little one myth number
seven Kajal and Shaw’s bigger eyes and better vision the truth is that Kajal in
fact can lead to eye infections Kajal has no effect whatsoever on the size of
your baby’s eyes or even their vision and hence it is best avoided as it can
actually lead to eye infections myth number eight breast milk can cure your
infections the truth is that breast milk can in fact cause your infections breast
milk is the most wholesome food that your newborn can get it was chock full
of nutrients it helps boost their immunity and is easily digested and
absorbed by your little one however if you put it in your little ones ear it
will in fact make the year infection a lot worse so avoid doing this it is such
a shame how all of us believe some of these myths when in doubt always check
with your doctor these were just some of the myths that exist about newborn baby
care how many did you believe and what were the funniest or strangest myths
that you’ve heard let us know in the comments below we have tons of great
content coming your way so stay tuned like share and subscribe


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