Newborn baby in ring sling carrier
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Newborn baby in ring sling carrier

This video is about proper positioning of
a young baby in a ring sling. There are 3 points to check:
1. The first is that we need to see the legs and bottom of the baby forming an M, M for
Mike. The baby’s knee is as high as the baby’s belly button. The baby is in a deep
seat and the fabric is covering all of the upper leg until the baby’s knee. It’s
not as far as the baby’s bottom, but it reaches as far as the baby’s knee.
2. The second point to check is proper support for baby’s back. The baby’s spine should
be rounded, but the baby’s tummy should be closely touching mummy’s tummy. If we
try to push the baby’s back, it should not be possible to move the baby closer, the baby’s
back should not uncurl by doing this. 3. And the third point to check is neck and
head support. The fabric must never cover the baby’s head completely, but it should
support the neck. Here is a nice trick for this: we have rolled a burp cloth into a soft
roll, placed it behind baby’s neck and wrapped the upper rail of the sling around it, forming
a supporting neck padding. If a burp cloth is not readily available, this could also
be done using the tail of your sling. Place it behind the baby’s neck and roll the upper
rail of the sling around it to support the baby’s neck.

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