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Newborn Expo Breastfeeding vs Formula – Boys Town Pediatrics

I’m Gina DiRenzo-Coffey. I’m a pediatrician
here with Boys Town and actually right now you are sitting in my waiting room and Boys
Town has asked me to come in today and talk about breast feeding versus formula.
The first few weeks are stressful. They are hard, there is a learning curve. You have
to figure out what you’re doing, the baby has to figure out what they are doing. Give
it that time. When you bottle feed a baby you can look at the bottle and see that they
took an ounce and a half, that’s perfect. When you breast feed a baby you don’t have
that objective number. Trust yourself ok. Give yourself a break.
Give yourself a few days to a week for your milk to come in. Give yourself three to four
weeks to see how it’s going. If you feed your baby and they’ll sleep from anywhere
from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, to two hours, that is content. That is a content
newborn. Don’t expect your newborn to sleep more than 45 minutes, if they do that’s
great but don’t expect it. If your baby sleeps that long and wakes up
smacking their lips, they are ready to eat again.
Breastfed babies spit up less They are less gassy. They are less colicky. Lots and lots
of nutritional benefits. Lots of health benefits in terms of infections, cancers, auto immune
disease, allergic disease, SIDS prevention. Its always available, its always the right
temperature, its always mixed correctly, there is really no downside to it. Breastmilk is
free, formula is not cheap ok. I will tell you that not all babies tolerate the inexpensive
formulas so you get progressively more and more expensive formulas.
Do venting bottles make a difference? Sure if your baby is gulper, that gets a lot of
gas and is very fussy and irritable when you try to burp them, they do help.
Not every baby will take every bottle but you don’t know if your baby will take the
really expensive one or the really cheap one so wait until your baby gets here, use what
you have. Most babies will take whatever bottle you give them if you decide to do a bottle.

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