Newborn Fawn 2
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Newborn Fawn 2

Still June 10th I’m just a few hundred
yards away from where I found the other one I just found this one so it must be
primetime for having the little ones this one looks like it’s a little bit
older – keeping its its head up but based on the number of those that are in
here there’s going to be about 40 fawns so fortunately this is the last day of
spraying so that Jake and I can just stay out of here
let these guys do their thing but yeah I’ve been spraying for quite a few days
and haven’t seen anything except for that one last week and now they just
seem to be everywhere so it’s a good thing that we’re we’re going to get out
of here there’s Jake just wondering why I can’t
play with the cats


  • The Wildlife Channel

    I left the fawn where I found it and saw it's mother lead it up the hill a couple of hours later. Everyone seems to like Jake. He is a wonderful dog and doesn't hurt the deer. He thinks fawns are cats, I think, and he likes cats. Our house cats rub up against him, so our cats really like him too.

  • Ron Collins

    Congrats on your appropriate action / behavior. Unlike some of the idiots who have videos posted where they handled and even carried the fawn into a residence, you left the fawn alone essentially undisturbed for its mother to look after. Some uninformed people think a fawn laying in the woods alone has been abandoned, where nothing is further from the truth.

  • Melissa Pitt

    where do you live, what state? You are verry lucky to be able to nature up close like that. And your dog Jake is beautiful, you are truly blessed!! Thank you for sharing.

  • The Wildlife Channel

    I'm lucky to live in Montana. Tonight during a beautiful sunset, I watched 25 does and fawns feeding in my new alfalfa and clover.

  • DMS888

    Jake the dog is doing a great job of hanging back. Every dog I know would be doing anything he could to be sniffing right in the baby deer's face.

  • The Wildlife Channel

    I have some noxious weeds, mostly Russian and Canadian thistle, along with a weed called Hounds Tongue. Hounds Tongue is toxic to livestock (makes their livers fail), and produces those irritating seeds that stick to everything. Some call the seeds "beggars lice"

  • The Wildlife Channel

    The spraying doesn't harm the fawns. I do spot spraying with a backback sprayer. After 4 years, it doesn't take much spray in the spring. My farm is the cleanest for miles. Traveling deer actually bring in new weed seeds every year, so I have to touch up every spring to keep the heavy infestations from returning. The weeds are replaced by grass, shrubs and clovers.

  • The Wildlife Channel

    I live in Central Montana, and my place has about 100 deer per square mile. Both Mule deer and Whitetails. I got video of a fawn last night, and my daughters and I are going out this weekend to try and get more pictures and video. Will post them when I can.

  • clairenunavut

    you are right, kcconners, but the best is not to touch them anyway!! just in case. touching them just afraid them, and move them also, so the pics should be taken on the spot the fawn is. well, it would be better to leave them alone. i'm not blaming you, cc! 🙂 just saying to all the people what i think could be best.

  • Cory Richter

    i live is south eastern Indiana and last year i was riding my atv through the woods about 1/8 into the the woods and came across 2 whitetail fawns curled up with each other i left them go and came back 2 or 3 days later and the were about 50 feet from where the were the first time i saw them i watched them for about a week while they stayed in that little thicket then one day i see i doe hanging around my back yard i followed it to the fawns and a way the went very neat experience.

  • sabrejag71

    I have a cabin and we heard a "erre like 50x and so we wanted to know what that noise was and my mom yelled I found a baby fawn!" the fawn was just so helpless!

  • rkgk1517

    If I saw a fawn sitting in the woods like that I would sketch it, it seems they stay quite still when they're curled up like that!

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