Newborn Must Haves + Regrets | JAKS Journey [CC]
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Newborn Must Haves + Regrets | JAKS Journey [CC]

Which goes on and on and on and on and on
and on and on and on and on… JAKS JOURNEY
Our Journey to growing our family. Hello and welcome back, ladies. And if you’re new here, welcome to the Journey. Today, I wanted to share with you my newborn
must haves and regrets. I am a first time parent and thus, I bought
things that I ended up disliking. And some things that I bought, not on a whim,
but kind of against some of the Internet’s popular opinion and end up loving. So, this is a perfect example of doing your
research and going with your gut and knowing what you want. I’ll be sure to leave a link down below to
all of these products that I love so that you can go snag them, if you want as well. The first thing that we bought that was an
absolute lifesaver that the Internet totally said I wouldn’t use was a baby brezza, which
is essentially like a little fancy cappuccino maker for your formula. Our daughter, Evangeline, is adopted, so she
is being formula fed and oh my gosh, is this thing great? Your bottles are exactly the size you need,
they are the temperature you want and they are there fast. It is five seconds between putting that bottle
there and having it full. And it is a lifesaver when you are holding
a screaming infant and they are hungry and you just want to feed them. It is absolutely wonderful. I love it. The main criticisms were that it was hard
to set up. It was too complicated. I don’t know. I mean, it took all of 10 minutes for me to
do all the settings I wanted and learn what all the buttons mean and that was it. And you only do that once. Otherwise, it’s just start; you hit the start
button. Not complicated. The next must have is swaddled and not just
any swaddled. I have tried a lot of swaddles; I have tried
the Velcro swaddle, I’ve tried just using the muslin clothes as swaddles. I love these Miracle Blanket Swaddle. They are the best. The key to them is that they have a bunch
of flaps of fabric, instead of just being a blanket that you’re trying to swaddle your
child in. The physics of it makes it the hardest swaddle
to break out of. And that is what we needed. Our daughter is totally a Houdini. Even in the hospital, some of the nurses were
having trouble swaddling her. So, I had to step up my swaddle game. And this has been the perfect tool. It is by far the thing that keeps her contained
the most; over the Velcro, over just using a blanket. This is the absolute ultimate swaddle. I’ve mentioned a few times, in my updates
and I’m even doing a whole cloth tapering series, that we are cloth diapering. But I wanted to just put it out there that
cloth wipes are superior and definitely one of my must haves. Even if you don’t want to commit to cloth
diapering, cloth wipes are where it’s at. They are so much better than disposable wipes. It’s insane. The amount of, I guess, traction can you get,
the amount of cleanup you get; it’s just so much better. And not to mention like my hand just feels
more protected when I’m using cloth wipes than when I’m using the disposable ones. The disposable ones is like, “This is a
flimsy barrier between me and the gross.” Cloth wipe’s like, “It’s got me.” So, tune in to watch my diapering videos to
learn a little bit more about cloth diapering and cloth wipes. But I just wanted to put it out there; they’re
amazing. My next must have is the outlet monitor. You’ve probably seen it on other people’s
must haves lists or seen it on your dang Instagram or Facebook ads because they advertise the
hell out of it. But it is the outlet monitor, which is just
a little heart rate and oxygen saturation monitor. It goes around your baby’s foot like that,
then this goes around the ankle and then it hooks up to a base station as well as an app
on your phone. And I cannot emphasize enough the peace of
mind this gives me at night. If you saw our one-month update, you’ll know
that Evangeline sleeps in her own crib, in her own room already, and that could not happen
if I didn’t have this monitor. It is just, for sure, what gives me the peace
of mind to have her in a different room without having to go check on her constantly. Absolutely love it. Some of the biggest criticisms are that you
get a bunch of false alarms. I had false alarms for maybe the first few
days before I knew how to like attach it well and before I learned the trick of just putting
a sock over this. I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me,
but it can’t fall off of you like put a sock on top of it. But honestly, even by itself, once I just
learned how to fasten it properly, it was… yeah, I haven’t gotten a false alarm since. And also, the false alarms aren’t like aggressive,
like the emergency alarms are. So, the app has two tones; essentially this
nice, kind of almost lullaby tone that tells you that this is falling off versus the siren
tone of they think that your baby has stopped breathing. So, those two different tones. So, it doesn’t freak you out every time; it
just wakes you up. Definitely worth the splurge in my opinion,
though. My final newborn must have is this pack and
play napper sleeper. I love the fact that there is a solid surface
right next to the sleeping unit that I can keep all of my diapers and my wipes and my
blankets in that safe and away from her, but right there within reach. I don’t have to reach under anything; it’s
right there. Absolutely love that. She loves the incline to the napper, as well
as, I think, the sides make her feel a little bit more secure. And then, you can flip that over and now that
she’s a little older and more wriggly, I am really appreciating the fact that there is
a changing station that also has an incline on the sides to keep her contained. I feel much safer with her in that while I’m
changing her versus on the couch. That is definitely where she takes most of
her daytime naps and I love it now. Now, onto things that I regret buying. They came so highly recommended by the moms
of the internet and you’ll all be liars; maybe not. It’s a matter of opinion. You can do what you want. You can like what you want. I’m sure people don’t like my must haves either,
but I just feel a little bit cheated by some of these. The first one is the counterpart to my last
must have. And that is this roller bassinet. I hate it. I just don’t find it is useful as I thought
I would. Maybe it’s because she’s not right beside
me at night. But I wanted this to be kind of our main floor,
go-to napper and it just isn’t. First of all, I hate that there is storage
underneath that is right at dog level. I don’t feel safe putting anything in there. And what I’m trying to mess with her and get
down there, it’s just a lot. Especially when I’m holding her and then I’m
leaning and trying to get under… not practical. Another thing that’s not practical is how
you get that bar up and down. You can see me struggle on the video because
I’m {indistinct 7:24} it with one hand. But let me tell you, two hands doesn’t make
it a whole lot better. And there’s Velcro. Who wants to be dealing with Velcro when you
have a sleeping child or a child you’re trying to get sleeping? And then you’ve got to like use both hands
to get it back up; not a fan. Not a fan. My next regret is going to ruffle some feathers. And I reserve the right to maybe like this
better in a few months, but right now, for a newborn, it sucks. And the reason I bought it was for the newborn
stage. So, {indistinct 7:58}. A little bit like {indistinct 7:59} man. It’s the booboo wrap, which goes on and
on and on and on and on and on and on and on. All the people just adored this thing. And I hate it for a few reasons. One, it’s summer in the Midwest; it’s hot. This is 12 feet of fabric. You wrap 12 feet of fabric around you, you
get hot, the baby gets hot. Even with me in a tank top in her stripped
down, just to a diaper, she’s still got too hot in it. Next, it just didn’t feel secure. No matter how tight I tied it around my midsection,
no matter what configuration, I always felt her slipping down, which was the other part
is it didn’t secure her head enough. I don’t feel comfortable not having a hand
on it. And what is the point of a carrier if I have
to have my hand on it all the time to secure her. Again, maybe as she gets bigger and the weather
cools down, it’ll be more practical, but for now, it was a huge disappointment. And I much prefer my actual structured carrier. It is so much easier to put on by yourself,
and it holds her in place where I want her and it secures her head, so I can actually
have both my hands down, which was the point of the carrier. And it’s cooler. Somehow, something with like padding, half
an inch thick is somehow cooler than that wrap. Sorry, I went on a bit of a rant. I really wanted to love that thing. The next disappointment was another splurge
of mine. I actually got it, I think, refurbished or
something. So, it wasn’t as expensive as it could have
been. And this is one that already had the Internet
divided. Now, I’m weighing in on the “No” side
of this, but it’s the Mamoru. It has worked once to soothe Evangeline, otherwise,
she just does not tolerate it. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t find it entertaining or soothing. I can’t put her there and leave her there
and expect her to be calm. She is upset by it. All the settings are basically the same, by
the way. They have six settings, they’re all the same;
all of them. And even the fastest speed doesn’t do enough
to calm her down. Babies kind of like that jostle and like that
rapid movement and it… I don’t know. It’s like they never tested it on a baby. So, that is a big dud, unfortunately. My last regret is something that I actually
bought after Evangeline was born, because she wasn’t feeling well. She was having some tummy troubles. You could clearly see that it was hard for
her to get things going. So, consulting the Internet, the number one
thing that all the moms raved about was gripe water. And I bought some and it absolutely made her
feel even worse. Just putting the grape water in her mouth
definitely made her throw up. Putting it in her bottles just almost cause
a delayed reaction. She’d spit up later, she wasn’t feeling good,
as things were passing through her gut, it was hurting her even more. It was a total disaster and I know every baby
is different, but I just wanted to put it out there that that did not work and was actually
detrimental in her case. So, I gave it a shot for a few days, but then
I called it quits because it was just clearly not helping. I will put those all in like an Amazon list
down below, so that you guys can see all the good things that I’m absolutely loving. These were just my absolute favorites I would
totally buy again in a heartbeat. If there’s something that you think is an
absolute must have or I would love to hear your regret, go ahead and leave them in the
comments below. Make sure to subscribe to follow along the
journey. And until next time ladies, keep on fighting.


  • Mrs Oneplustenangels

    Shelly Mettling (Youtube channel…good one) featured a self-feeding bottle (like a pacifier with a tube to a sealed bottle). It looks great….maybe for when you need to cook and use your hands to do so, or push pram, or drive somewhere without pulling over. I do not remember the brand, and could be used for pumped milk too, I am sure.

  • Sherina Benvegno

    First Time Mom here, we also cloth diaper, but I 💯 agree about the cloth wipes!!!! I don't know why all wipes aren't cloth, they are soooo much better!

  • swimminINh20

    I'm totally with you on the baby brezza! We formula feed and its a lifesaver, especially in the middle of the night. I do have to say, it gets chunky around the dispenser part, but worth the minor hassle of cleaning it. The Baby Bjorn bouncer is another must have. She loves it and I can take her around with me when I'm cooking or showering or even just sitting on the couch. And the Snoo, omg the Snoo. Without the Snoo we would not be sleeping. It's the only way she sleeps on her back. We had the Halo bassinet before the Snoo and didnt sleep for 3 weeks.

  • Courtney

    Baby Brezza is 🙌! We have twins and the amount of bottles we go through a day is ridiculous!

    Also we love gripe water. It helps calm them and gets rid of hiccups instantly. I did notice the brand matters with my babies. They like little remedies best. Some they will just spit out.

  • Laney'sMama

    My biggest regret was the halo bassinet. My daughter HATED it! Biggest must have is my ergo carrier. She's two and a half and we still use it all the time.
    Other things we liked were muslin blankets(we live in FL and used them for everything), pocket cloth diapers, and the nose frida!

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