Oh! Why mom don’t help newborn like this?|Pity Bella newborn fall down on grown|Monkey Daily 674
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Oh! Why mom don’t help newborn like this?|Pity Bella newborn fall down on grown|Monkey Daily 674


  • PandoraBVV

    Monkey Daily Some subscribers and viewers are going to be confused with two monkeys named "Bella" now. There is already an Adult PigTail monkey at the Angkor Wat JellyRoll group who is named "Bella". Doesn't anyone check to see if the names already belong to another monkey? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuCTUKSdAT6f5Mra6ZlWr3g/playlists
    Carbzilla-JellyRoll Group
    Fluffy – Invader became strong king
    Balu – Invader King Friend
    Trumpa – Old king no power
    Tomson – King lost power
    Jollyrol – Alpha female, Tara Kidnapper,Trey(M) Tito 02-04-18(M)
    Big Bertha – mom – Albert, Georgie(M) Ginger(f)1-20-18
    Carbzilla – mom – Cavan (M), Possum (F)
    Carla – mom – Carlos, Charles (M)
    Bella – mom – Barnum
    Ella – mom – Belley
    Gim – Male –
    Peggy – mom – Prak (M)
    Maddie – mom – Billy (M)
    Grace – mom – Emma (F), Patty
    Tara – kidnapper
    Sumara – mom – Amara (F)
    Cruella – kidnapper bad
    Leyla – Kidnapper
    Connie – mom – Chikis 02-18-18(M)
    Halo – mom – Miranda 02-03-18(F)
    Brinn – Adult
    Laddie – Friend Albert (M)
    Aliza – mom – Kiko

    Queen-Amber Group
    Eugene – King First King
    Harold – King Second king
    Krabby – Strong male
    King Kong – Invader
    Donkey – Friends king kong
    Aesop – help king kong
    Vinnie – Vinnie earcut monkey
    Queen – mom Alpha Female 2017-Princcess,Solo 01-12-18 (M)
    Jade – mom – Amber (F) Micah 24-11-17 (M)
    Daisy – mom Alpha Female2018 – April, May (F) Rey 10-12-17 (M)
    April – mom – Rain (M) Spring (F)
    Diamon – mom – Amy (F) Nanda 03-02-18
    Bonita – mom – Anita (F) Danita (F)
    Scarlet – mom – Rojo ( M )
    Gladdis – mom – Elvis (M) Stoney 01-26-18(M)
    Rosa – mom – Holly (F) Red 2-01-18(M)
    Selly – mom – Dara (M),Vivi (F) Vino 01-15-18(M)
    Elsa – mom – Angel (F)Kelly 01-10-18(M)
    Cara – mom
    Violet – mom – Lily (F) Loni 01-15-18
    Romeo – male – funny monkey
    Duchess – kidnapper
    Penelope – mom – Piper (F)
    Brianna – mom – Briget (F) Bronco (M) 03-12-17
    Teresa – Grandma – Briget adopt Danita
    Butter – mom – Buttercup,Bellina (F)1-17-18
    June – mom
    Jane – mom – Tarzanna (F)
    Skippy – male – monkey stay two group
    Chewie – male – monkey who not scare come to sit on seller for food
    Mona – mom – Luna 28-12-17(F)
    Blacky – Young monkey love care Amber
    Amari-SweetPea Group
    Donald – king Lost
    Brutus – Male King
    Felix – Male Tumo
    Marcus – Male Help brutus
    Achap – Mafia Invader
    Amari – mom Alpha female -Jill (F),Jace(M),Jack (M) Lori 14-12-17(F)
    Merry – mom – Joey (M)Sherri 02-06-18(F)
    Dolly – mom – DeeDee (F)Sweetie -01-10-18(F)
    Tima – mom – Heather (F)
    Popeye – mom – Olive (M), SweetPea (M)
    Maria – mom – Kari (F) Aiden 02-24-18
    Ashley – mom
    Chimo – Long face
    Lucy – old Monkey
    Sasha – Kidnapper -Jessie 12-21-17 (F)
    Caesar – Small One eye Male
    Drew – Small (M)
    Dana – naughty girl (F) – Donny 02-25-18 (M)
    Jill – daughter-Amri – Brutus Jr (n-04-08-18M)

  • Rosita Guerra Morales

    Thank youuu for sharing
    Good job video recording her

  • Kathy Hargrove

    Making it sound like a travesty so we will click and it’s just the baby is still learning to walk and is still wobbly so she falls over very easily. How can she learn to walk if mom comes to her rescue every time she falls over.

  • Angela Allen

    This mother acts like this newborn is automatically supposed to know everything the minute she came out of the womb she was mad that the baby didn't run along behind her! Like she totally forgot how to care for a new baby!

  • Barbara Depourcq

    🙊🙉🙈Name this wee girl BARBIE please❣…🐒 she doesn't need any help, she's just totally independant & curious 2 everything around her❣Im in LOVE already💚😙💚 This girl is a super strong spirited fighter, u can just tell…not all come out looking so strong❣💖💗💖🐒 Go Barbie Baby gooooo lol❣❣❣🐵

  • Angel Bookman

    Good baby too! Did not even make that screech they do as if they just fell from 12 stories hehe Trying to master those motor skills huh and mom is allowing you too, you have a good mum little one! Beautiful and strong!

  • Crystal Smith

    What a beautiful little girl!! The lady in the background was cracking me up! She was so excited and awed by them !

  • Judith Thompson

    She can't sit on that pointy little tailbone.😁
    She acts like she may have picked up a pebble when she did that nose dive and she hasn't figured out how to get it out of her mouth.😄

    Is her mother the one that lost son due to head injury?

  • Bill23799

    I think Ashley needs to give a post natal workshop to these LTM moms.
    They sure need some coaching on how critical their babies first few days of life are.

    Hold your new baby up to your chest new moms. Help them find where the food is.
    Look your baby in the eyes. Help your baby to bond with you and learn to recognize your look and scent.
    Do not lease out your new baby to psycho females like Possum or Dolly.
    Yes, we all know how great that " New Baby " smell is but your baby needs to spend time with you not strangers.
    You are no longer a single female now mom. No more partying for you. Your baby comes first.

  • Bill23799

    " Pity poor newborn baby Bella. She fall asleep last night in her baby monkey suit. She wake this morning and her face all wrinkled . "

  • Nicole Wohlfarth

    What are gorgeous baby, reminds me of Patty. Great Mother, she is teaching her baby how to do it himself and he is doing great. Very strong healthy boy! Thank you for the video!

  • sunnydallen

    THIS IS the mom that was carrying Buddy around…. looks like she's kidnapped this one too judging by her stomach and still her milk hasn't come in. So is she actually a MURDERER? Well we now know she is a kidnapper and that is NOT her baby! Poor Buddy! I wonder where his mom was? Wonder if the mom crying is the one with the girl or the real mom wanting her back? Looks like she's looking for her mom. On second thought it may be this one crying.. she sits and cries when she's holding Buddy in Monkey Daily video 600.

  • Yankee The Rebel

    The woman, who won't stop blabbing in the background, sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire (AKA Robin Williams talking like a woman lol).

  • LMC

    The titles are a bit stupid but what isn't is we are seeing far to many babies dying from starvation,  its horrible and they need to get some help up there to see why and what is really going on!!

  • Glennda Sutherland

    I know its imporant for the baby to learn to walk asap, but shouldnt it nurse first to get all the nutrients etc.that are in the 1st milk?

  • Linda Valdez

    My bella ahh she's just a lil angel so tiny. Pay attention you fat cow. Take care of my. Lil baby she's so adorable. If she's not going to take care of her she doesn't deserve bella.

  • Spank Thy Monkey

    These titles are stupid as well as these raisin bagged 90 year old looking baby monkeys that look like my wrinkled nut sack.. and they think these are f’ing cute? Smash, bash beat kill torture and put into a blended with razor sharp blades UGLIEST MOTHER FUCKING RODENTS TO WALK THE PLANET ! Besides the Chinese people of course

  • Lobo Wynn

    Little shit so young can’t even stand up without falling over so cute…I’d like to hold him for about an hour. Pull out your suitcase leave the lid open he falls in seal it up and walk off with him. Bring him back in an hour …lol

  • Rosita Guerra Morales

    She is she was such a beauty
    Now she is very skiny poor baby
    I hope she get Better soon
    She is so adorable

  • Linda Valdez

    My baby Bella she's so cute mom should help baby. She's weak she needs mom's tit feed her or is she going to be a bitch like the rest of the group. I'd love to hold her. I'm half blind me and Bella would probably fall over our own shadows.

  • Peggie White

    That baby so hungry,she chewing her tongue. The mother see her baby ,she haven't caught on how to claim yet, she does need help.

  • Kaye Boyd

    There is so much confusion and talking around that new mother and the little baby that they don't know what the hell to do why do you have to stand there and constantly talk about all the baby the baby the baby get away so the baby can nurse
    too much confusion you confuse the mama you scared the baby …They should not allow people around mama's with new babies that's why so many new babies die .

  • Kaye Boyd

    How can you stand and watch that that would tear my heart out that baby doesn't know what to do he needs or she needs milk Mama doesn't care not right now it's so sad go away y'all go away and leave her alone so she take care of her baby

  • Samual Gugliemo

    I swear I love all baby animals
    Something about these baby monkeys that get on my nerves,
    There like Rats with real long tails

  • Linda Wagner

    Her so cuuuuute, rolling that little toung around in her little mouth and chewing on her toung cuz she can't reach the milk bar hee hee. Lip smaking to the vo. She's got all the looks that remind me of little Patty 🍰.short in stature,short little fingers,curly hair.too cute😍😘👾💞💛💜💗💙💋

  • Linda Wagner

    I really wish you vo people would have told that woman in the background non stop talking to please lower her voice, or just shut up as diplomatic as possible, if possible! Shes really iratateing the hell out of me while trying to watch the vo.especially the repetition of some of the comments.sorry had to say something.just want to watch vo without back ground chatter.😉 I should have said something the first time I watched it, but was late and me eyeballs👀👀we're seeing double.

  • Donna Murphy

    I get so irritated when u guys portray the mother monkey as being a bad mom!!!! She doing just what new moms do she letting the baby explore & learn to get around!!! If she's so bad u guys go up & try to take the baby from her & we will see what a bad mom she really is!!!!
    The baby is learning to walk & get her legs under her! Stop bashing the moms PLEASE! So cute baby!!!!

  • Roberta Henman

    Tough going for the ugly baby. Lol. Ha ha ha doesn't any One have a nipple easier to get to. Lol flip flop. You better pick ugly up n let it suck before he gums his tongue off. Such an ugly baby n the stupid look on its face makes me want to steal it n torture it. Oh I'm such a meanie.

  • Jemmy 23

    Wtf, this woman is surprised that the mom has 2 nipples and only one baby? That woman needs to.crawl back under her rock!!!

  • Leetaly Stone

    No lo ayuda, en el mundo animal, el hijo mas debil no recibe la atención de papá o mamá, los dejan a su suerte si es debil.

  • Jonathan Hampton

    So pity, cry cry hard new baby have many too alcohol. Poor baby stummle much fall to grown nearly drown why angry mother do like this, not care her baby die. I think I'm getting the hang of the video explanation and title creation.

  • RD4L Young

    Grown-up is something a woman wears. Ground I what this lil rat is rolling around on…Do u want us to teach you how to spell your words? There is a Google app it's called a dictionary..

  • Cindy Julian

    These babies from birth have to learn how to hold on where the teats are for food. They learn to balance and walk within no time. This mom is doing nothing wrong but letting her baby learn. At least she isnt abusing it.

  • jglow

    What is it that these babies are always chewing on? There is never anything in there mouths- ever! It's like they are chewing gum all the time!

  • Iris Ligons

    There's a saying, that if you have a baby, and it develop fast they say that one is moving out the way for the next one, and that goes for (humans )and (animals)

  • Jeremy Gann

    Filthy pest species. The governments cull hundreds of thousands of these destructive, dangerous, filthy vermin annually. Live near them, for even a month. Learn the truth about them. You will see them for what they are. Not just ecologically worthless, they ruin all they come in contact with.

  • Stan Poop

    That lady says that little shit is a blessing. All these things do is eat, fuck, and have babies. I would crush that thing under my boot without a second thought

  • Tim Smith

    I'm sorry but I would have a strong desire to run up to that little baby monkey and kick it as hard as I can to see how far I could kick

  • Victoria McCurdy

    Poor little baby hasn't quite learned to balance!
    In a few days he'll be more focused and balanced!
    He's learning to use all the muscles in his body!
    I actually love to watch these newborns flop around and try to use their muscles for the first time!
    It's so cute to watch them try so hard!
    Eye & Hand coordination does take time to learn!
    Keep practicing! 😘 You'll get better at it!

  • Eli Kinder

    She has to learn to stand on her own and walk. Builds strength. Nothing like exercise. The fat and nasty moms could learn to exercise instead of setting around bumming free food.

  • Elizabeth Gaspodnetich

    STOP MAKING THAT STUPID SMACKING NOISE!!!!!!! I always have to turn down the volume because it drives me nuts and the monkeys don't give a shit

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