OMG! Help newborn Charlee nearly drop down coz Bertha leave baby alone on tree | Monkey Daily 4212
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OMG! Help newborn Charlee nearly drop down coz Bertha leave baby alone on tree | Monkey Daily 4212


  • Beverly Anderson

    Big Bertha has the maternal instincts of a worm. Charlee is stronger than I thought- hung on to branches despite her fear. Bertha is low ranked, Carla must be minus 10 ranked.

  • monica Etienne

    OMG. what a ridiculous fake drama clickbait title. And You show this video two times But With a different title. Keep it real or go Home.

  • Laura Tannehill

    To tell you the truth guys… I'm glad this happened… It gives us all a chance to actually see what this baby can do. This is the most action we've seen from this baby monkey. I just asked myself the other day, what would happen if she got kidnapped…this baby would be doomed. But, she's holding her own and that in itself is showing her strength and will to survive. Don't get me wrong I don't want anything to happen to her and hope she makes it back to her mom safely …but, it's like now we go to school.. welcome to the monkey school of hard knocks. . 😃

  • Peter Baetre

    Very nice! This is long passed due for baby monkey Charlee to be kidnapped and.experience some needed mishandling and Tree Punishment! Happy Tree Friends!

  • K8te

    I wonder if the baby has met Bertha's lips yet. If not I'm sure he will soon enough because I'm sure she has put her lips on almost every baby's butt in the troop

  • D town 313

    Just another retarded Cambodian with a camera. For there life cant put a half decent video together. To stupid to do that.

  • Галина Сагайдак

    Да где же Карла!? Бедный малыш уже истерически кричит, вырывается изо всех своих маленьких сил. Сопротивляется, борется с этой дурой, из последних сил. Где же мать гуляет? Неужели отдаст на растерзание этой сволочи своего малыша. Его покормить нужно. Он есть хочет, крошечка бедненький.
    Вот же, тварь, вцепилась в малыша!
    Невозможно на это смотреть. Тварь такая.

  • forevy's lorde

    Não entendo o pq qe elas sequestram os filhotes de outras macacas . Só pra judiar e nem deixam eles mamarem nas tetas delas .

  • Галина Сагайдак

    Всё обошлось для Чарли благополучно. Карла отобрала своего детёныша у этой идиотки Берты. В другом видео посмотрела

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