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– It’s baby day! Yaay. (upbeat ukulele music) (lips kissing) I’m being induced today, and
yes, yes I’m getting ready. I’m gonna get all dolled up, and I’m not even ashamed about it. Once you have a newborn, you basically don’t
shower for like a month. So I’m going to enjoy this last moment, and representing. – Welcome to the world, little baby. We’re excited for you to come! – Your baby’s coming out today! – [Mom] What’s happening today? – It’s a new baby sister. (upbeat ukulele music) – And we’re off! It is almost eight. We were supposed to be there at 7:30, but you know what, what’s the rush? – Hey, this is number
five, we can take our time. – We’ve got all day. Try and hit every curb and bump you can. I would love to go into labor naturally. Are you ready to be a dad of five? – I am ready to be a dad of five. As ready as I’ll ever be. – That was said with shocking confidence. (laughing) (upbeat ukulele music) That is Instagram husband. That is a good Instagram
husband right there, people. Tripod, camera, bags, that is a good man. A good man. (upbeat ukulele music) It is 8:15, we just got checked in. They’ll get the nurses in,
see if I’ve progressed, start me on Pitocin or whatever. And in the mean time, Bubba’s
gettin’ all geared up. (upbeat ukulele music) – Okay it’s 10 to 10, and guess what? I’ve totally been having contractions. Yes! So hopefully that means
baby is coming on her own. Yep, so turns out I’m an idiot. (laughs) All along I was like oh my
gosh, I’m having contractions. This is so great, this
baby’s coming on her own. They started my Pitocin and I didn’t know. Oops, so yeah I’m in labor but
it did not happen naturally. It is noon on the dot. The doctor came in, broke my water, got my epidural, I’m feelin’ awesome. I’m still at three. She’s not in any rush, and that’s okay. I think I might take a nap,
might just kinda hang out. Seeing as how my legs are
numb and I can’t go anywhere. So sometimes you have an
awesome husband that smuggles in – [Mom and Bubba] Frozen yogurt! You’re not supposed to have
anything with food coloring, so it’s white. (upbeat ukulele music) Look at this lighting, this is perfect! – How does my contour look? – The lighting is wonderful! Look at that. – It’s 2:45 and even though
I had a killer epidural, I feel this.
– Baby’s coming, baby is here. Welcome to the world, baby girl! Let’s do this. (calm guitar music) ♫ There are no letters
(baby crying) Oh my god.
♫ To form words to describe ♫ I love you ♫ Like a language I did not know Oh my gosh baby, she’s so cute. – How did you fit in there? – She is so cute. ♫ I should’ve learned long ago
Say hello, hello to the world! ♫ Like a song I’ve never heard – Aw, she says daddy
it’s so bright though. – Oh my gosh, hello baby! ♫ It’s all of you
– So this is little Mory June. ♫ It’s all of you
– Mory June Page. – June after he grandma june,
and then Mory ’cause daddy, when we were dating,
Bubba just loved the name. ♫ Ooh, ooh, ooh
Way back in college. – Baby Mory June Page is
here on May the fourth, 2016. ♫ Ooh, ooh, ooh (baby crying) ♫ It’s all of you ♫ It’s all of you ♫ It’s all of you ♫ Now the words all make sense Hi!
♫ You’re really from the stars ♫ I’ll bookmark my favorite part ♫ It’s all of you ♫ It’s all of you ♫ It’s all of you ♫ Ooh, ooh, ooh It’s a little after eight,
we are all checked out, and we are ready to go home, yay! ♫ Ooh, ooh, ooh – Fantastic, Jordan. Hearts! Congratulations, she’s so cute! And I love the name, hearts!

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