Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)
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Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you! Hi everyone! It’s me Phoebe and welcome
to my channel! With me today is Dan. Hey, hey, hey! Janina here! Today, we’re gonna remember the moments that we have with Alice. What are your favorite memories with Alice for the past one year? First dance. First breast-feeding moment. Alice: Milk We cannot show it here, my love. First tooth. First travel. She was two weeks old when we went to Tagaytay together. How far! Birthday girl! Here’s the birthday girl! For me, the first time I carried her. It was really mesmerizing! When she smiles while sleeping when she was still a newborn baby. Whenever her breath smells good and she smells really good. Little moments like when she cries when I go out of the room. I like our tickle moments. I also like the times when I get to
teach her how to do things and when she gets it, I love it! When she’s in the carrier and we’re walking in the mall. Dan to Alice: People do not know that carriers are “in” nowadays. I like it when I wash her butt because I cannot do it anymore when she’s older. I kiss all the parts of her body. Whenever we sing or HE hears music, she dances. He? She! What did I say? He. SHE! Moving on.. What are the hardest times we had? The first week. Especially when both of them were crying. I didn’t know what to do. ‘Cause I was really tired after being in labor for so many hours. The first week was kinda hard because I was breastfeeding Alice every two hours. One more hard time was when we’re traveling. When she cries while I’m driving and I cannot do anything. That was when she was younger but now it’s easier. Alice: MIIIIILK!!! Alice is now breastfeeding. First time to ride an airplane. It was really exciting! When we went to Banaue because it was about 10 or 12-hour drive. It was tiring and at the same time Alice was just 3 months old then. Corregidor! First boat! And when we rode a boat… Was it in Zambales? Kwebang Lampas! No! It’s in Quezon! It think our favorite moments were Alice’s firsts. I just want to say thank you for being a kind and an adorable baby. It’s been only a year but you’ve brought
so much joy to us. There were a lot of memories together. Thank you for I know that you are a child who obeys and loves her parents. I want to thank you also for coming in our lives. You are really a blessing and a reward to us. You’re such an obedient daughter! We promise you that we will love you and we will always support you. We will always discipline you because we love you. We also want to tell that our love for you is unconditional regardless of what you do or what you’ll do we will always love you. I love you so much! Our hope is for you to be a world changer. We know that you will be a world changer! You already changed two lives and that is me your daddy! For the rest of our message, we’ll just let Alice watch it. We thought of doing this just to
remember all the memories that we had in one year. We hope to show this message when she’s
old enough to understand this. I’m quite emotional right now so is it okay if we go back to “happy mode?” We love you so much! And we’ll encourage you and build you up! So, bye for now! Alice is doing something there! Thank you so much for watching
I hope you enjoyed this video. Love, let’s do it together! And remember to build memories and make them last. Paka!

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