Pain Free Supernatural Childbirth – Our First Daughter
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Pain Free Supernatural Childbirth – Our First Daughter

Hi, everybody. So I prayed for a
supernatural childbirth without pain and that’s what happened. So come on over here
and sit down with me and I’ll tell you how it went. We’ve talked about this in an
earlier video, about supernatural childbirth, but I wanted to go through the
specifics of how it happened with our first daughter. In the very beginning,
when I found out I was pregnant, it was like, “Yay, we’re going to have a
baby.” And then it was like, “Oh my gosh, we’re going to have a baby,
which means I’m going to have to probably push that baby out of there.” And that’s
scary. It’s going to hurt, right? I’ve seen the movies. I’m going to
scream and cuss. I don’t know, I might probably tell my husband I hate
him. It’s going to be the most horrible thing ever, right? Isn’t that what the
movies tell you? I didn’t want that to be my story, but I didn’t really know
anything different. And so that was like, “Okay, well, what am I going to do?” So a
really close and trusted friend told me about a book that she had been reading
called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. So I got it, ordered it, read it.
It’s a pretty quick read. And I loved it, I loved what it said. It
was revolutionary for me at that point. This book actually changed my way of
thinking completely. So we could talk about it a little bit more, but I got to
go get my laundry. Okay, so I got the book and I started to read
it, the Supernatural Childbirth. Now there are plenty of methods that
you’re going to read about on the Internet. There’s breathing techniques,
there’s yoga, stretching, none of those are wrong. In fact, the more
you know the better, knowledge is power. The more you know
about what you’re going to go into the better off you’re going to be. However,
this is what worked for me, and I’ll explain why and kind of what the
book is about. The first thing that’s most important in all of this is, “What does
God say?” And that’s, I guess, the foundation. So I’m going to read out
of the book from Genesis, this is a verse in Genesis. So for those
of you that might have some biblical knowledge, this might sound familiar. It
says, “Unto the woman he said, ‘I will greatly multiple your sorrow in
your conception. In sorrow you shall bring forth children. ‘” “In sorrow.” Okay, so
basically the Old Testament, Genesis is the Old Testament, and it’s
saying childbirth is going to be lame. So after the initial excitement of
pregnancy when we found out, that’s what settled into my head, “It’s
going to be lame.” So when I got this book I wasn’t really expecting what I was going
to read next, and that is a verse out of Galatians. Now Galatians is New Testament,
so we’re talking New Covenant here. So it says, “Christ has redeemed us from
the curse of the law.” He has redeemed us. That means that we have redemption in all
areas and we have a personal relationship with him, and so we can ask for things
like a pain-free childbirth. And I’ll tell you a little bit more about
this later, but I had a list of, I don’t want to call them demands, but I
definitely had a list of things that I was hopeful for, and he gave me every single
one of them. So anyways, we are redeemed, that’s the important
part. We are in the New Covenant now, we’re not under the law or the old
covenant. Now the Old Testament is important, but in this case the New
Testament is where it’s at. So that’s the most important thing, that’s
our foundation, is we are redeemed. Second part that’s important, “How does it
work?” So one thing that she said in here that absolutely just blew my mind is she
says, “I refuse to call them labor pains. Instead,” she says, “I’m going to call
them muscle contractions.” Now she has an example in here that really just blew my
mind, and that was make a muscle. So flex, right? Okay, if you sit there and
flex for a long time and do it over and over and over, how are you going to feel?
You’re going to get fatigued. And are you going to get a little bit
sore? Maybe. But is it going to be painful? No. And she said that was how she
was going to view her muscle contractions, her labor contractions. And so here’s my
foundation, I’ve been redeemed. My next layer is going to be contractions,
not pain. And then the third part… There’s more to it than this, but this is
kind of the important stuff, in my opinion. Was, “What should I say?”
And that’s basically when you have the well-meaning friends that come to you with
their stories of being in labor for 77 hours or that it was the most horrible
thing that they’ve ever had, that’s when you either, if you are
comfortable, you either politely interrupt and say, “I’m just focusing on the
positive.” Or you just kind of whoosh, whoosh, and just don’t listen and smile
and nod. And remember you’re foundation and remember the promises that Christ has
given us. Now I know there are plenty of moms…actually, well, I don’t know that.
I know several moms who have prayed into a pain-free childbirth and they didn’t get
it, and I don’t know why. That’s one of the mysteries that we’re
just going to have to talk to God about when we get to heaven. However, I will
tell you this. I went into it knowing that there was a possibility that it might not
work, but I would rather go into labor with the promises of God on my lips than
going into it with fear and anxiety of, “Oh my gosh, this is going to horrible.”
Because what do you have to lose? I had nothing to lose except maybe having
a really lame delivery, or having it hurt really bad. But it
didn’t, mine didn’t hurt at all. That’s not to say that it wasn’t intense,
but I did not have pain. And so for that I’m super grateful for the
book. But I’m going to go and check on the baby and put my stuff away and I’ll be
right back and I’ll give you kind of the play-by-play of my first daughter’s actual
birth and how it went. So be right back. Here is the play-by-play
for my oldest daughter’s supernatural birth. It was 6:00 in the morning and my
husband was working nights. And so he had just gotten home and I had
just woken up. And I was having contractions. They weren’t anything yet,
but they felt different than the Braxton Hicks contractions. It was like a deeper,
kind of like a period cramp. But they were just really light. But they
were kind of like the mosquito in the air. So he went to bed, I didn’t say anything
to him because I wanted him to get some sleep. Because if I was in labor, I was
going to need him to be awake and rested and all that. So I tried a few things. I
went on a short walk, I took a bath, and a couple different things that the
midwives said, “If it’s false labor, these things should make it stop.” Well,
nothing was working. So I tried to lay back down and get some sleep. No dice. So
I just kind of paced and walked around and thought about what was coming and prayed a
lot. So about 2:00 Steve got up and I told him to call his boss, I said, “You’re not
going to work.” And his eyes were about big as saucers. It’s like, “Oh, it’s go
time.” So that was about 2:00. About 3:30 we called our doula and asked
her to come over. And we started timing contractions right around that time
because they were starting to get a little bit more intense. And when I say
“intense,” I mean just a pressure that kind of started in the back and moved
forward and felt like it was squeezing my stomach. Actually not stomach, uterus to
be exact. So she showed up about 3:45 or so, and we timed contractions until about
5:30. And then I decided that I wanted to go to the birth center. She was born at a
birth center. And it wasn’t that it was too intense, it was just I didn’t want to
be in the car and deal with contractions in the car. And plus I had a friend from
high school whose baby was born on the side of the road, so I was like, “Let’s
not have that.” So anyway, we got in the car, we left about 5:45, we
got to the birth center at 6:00, and the hot water heater was out. And I
had wanted to get in the tub immediately when showing up. And so I was a little
bummed, but that’s okay. So I just paced and prayed and paced and
prayed. And the midwives and our doula actually went and got hot water from the
next door and they boiled water. And so they filled the tub up for me. All
the while my contractions are getting more intense. And when I say “intense,” it was
just a squeezing. And it was probably the most intense thing that I’ve ever felt,
especially there at the very end. So continued with that until about 8:15, I
went to use the restroom and I noticed there was a little bulb poking out. And I
said, “What is that?” The midwife said, “Oh, that’s your bag of water.” And I’m
like, “What do I do with it?” They’re like, “You can pinch it or you can let it
do its thing.” And I’m like, “This is just one more thing.” So I just
ignored it. And about, I don’t know, two or three minutes later
my water broke, so that was about 8:15. So from there it was on. My contractions
sped up, they got…started coming really fast. She was born at 9:32 a tub of
warm water, it was amazing. Now I did have what’s called shoulder
dystocia, so her shoulder got hung up on my pubic bone. So the midwives actually
had to kind of move her and pull her. And you know what? Despite that, through
all of this, I didn’t feel pain. I definitely felt it, but there wasn’t any
pain. God is amazing when He…when you think that He created us to be able to
handle these things. So I didn’t feel any pain, but it was pressure. It was
definitely pressure. Lots and lots of pressure. So we’ve established pressure.
So she was born at 9:32 and it was good. After that we just kind of settled in with
her. Now a little bit earlier I said I had a list of, I guess I could say, “demands.”
They weren’t really demands, but these were things that I definitely
was praying for. And so one of them was that I wanted her to be born… I wanted
to labor and deliver in one day and I wanted her to be born on a weekend and I
didn’t want to tear. So that was my list of demands. And don’t ask. I know exactly
why I wanted those things, but there were very particular reasons.
And it’s just like God to honor me as His daughter to give me these things. He
didn’t have to. But I really feel like praying into it with this book, it worked.
And the only thing that didn’t happen was that I tore. However, that was due to the
shoulder dystocia, the midwives actually had to pull her out to free her shoulder.
So I honestly believe that I don’t think that I would have torn that badly had that
not happened. So that was the story. It was absolutely amazing, more than I
could have hoped for. And when I came out of it, I realized, “Oh my gosh, I just did
that and it didn’t hurt.” Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like a walk in the park,
it wasn’t pleasurable, but it was not what everybody was making
it out to be. It wasn’t horrible, it was the most beautiful thing. And if
there had ever been any question in my mind about the existence of God before
birth, before labor and the birth of my first daughter, it would have been
completely taken care of. Because it was phenomenal, it was unlike anything I’d
ever experienced. Now after, after all of this, the buzz started to die
down and I kind of got back into reality, and it was just like, “Wow.” So okay,
that’s my experience with my first daughter, my first supernatural
childbirth. I’ve had two, maybe another time we’ll talk about the second one. But
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guys, for tuning in and we’ll see you next time. Bye. So I… I don’t know where I’m
going from here. Wait, okay, hold on, I can get my train of
thought back. Okay. So those were my… – That’s a real smile. – No.


  • Ruthie

    I believe it! You should check out Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince! They are Grace based, new covenant, faith filled preachers!

  • Chulebs Great

    wow God is amazing
    I am 37 weeks pregnant and I am believing God for a supernatural birth.
    I just wrote down my expectations and as the bible says, my expectations will not be cut short.

  • クリスタルきみこ

    Im open to the idea but at the same time it seems totally nuts, i have not read the book, im also not Christian, im jewish so maybe it wont apply to me because i believe god is god not jesus "not that i judge others, i respect all peoples beliefs" its just when i had my son i ripped from my vagina to my butt, how could that not hurt? Are you saying jesus/god will take your pain away? Super confused here. I feel like whats going on here is mind over matter. I wont say thats what it is, i wont dare tell someone if they have had a religious experience or not, it just seems at its face that's what it is.

  • Taco Trish

    Thank you so very much for this video. I keep thinking back to Genesis and that's what keeps messing me up and thinking that I can't pray for something like this. And then since you mentioned that we were redeemed in the New Testament that was just an eye-opening experience so thank you so much for your video and for it being so positive it's so hard to find positive videos or hear positive stories without people trying to make you feel like you need the epidural which I really don't want to do.

  • Shirley Yahnke

    Wonderful experience! I am now 61 & just made a video of my 4 supernatural childbirth experiences @26,29,33 & almost 39. y o.

  • Taylor Stany

    Glory be to Jesus Christ for your smooth delivery and congratulations!! Just wanted to give a heads up- yoga is apart of Hinduism (false god system/Satanic)and God is a jealous God- peace and love to you all in Jesus Christ Mighty Name (John 3:3/Acts 2:38)

  • Jess Farinazzo

    I wanted to write on your second video, but I couldnt find the comments. Thank you so much for sharing positive and good thoughts about that! I was just reading some terrible things about childbirth and panic was my name! And today I found you (God heard my prayers and guided me to find you) Thank you for all your informations, God keep blessing you and giving you all that you need to be fulfill with happy and love!!!

  • Black Whole

    Thank you so much for this video! So helpful! I’m 19 weeks and trusting God for a pain free supernatural child birth

  • namaganda fiona

    It did also happen to me just two hours of pain free labour. It was due to that book called supernatural child birth

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