Parents offered additional support for feeding their newborn
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Parents offered additional support for feeding their newborn

I’m Kelli Warner. Breastfeeding seems
like such a natural process, but it’s challenging for a lot of new parents.
Eugene pediatric Associates is one of only two pediatric clinics in the
community that has a lactation consultant on staff to offer parents
support and information on how to successfully feed their babies. When Stephanie Landry became a mom, she wanted more than anything to breastfeed her
baby for the health benefits and to bond with her son. And I’m a planner. So I wanted it
to go as planned and it didn’t go as planned.
Stephanie struggled unsuccessfully to nurse. So when she became pregnant with
her second son, Sebastian, she turned to Bonnie Root at Eugene Pediatric
Associates in Eugene. Bonnie is a registered nurse and international board
certified lactation consultant who specializes in helping parents address
newborn feeding issues. The first thing I ask is what the family’s goal is, because
that’s different for everybody. I tailor each session specifically to
that family’s needs and their wants, and then we come up with a feeding plan
together, which is really incredible and bringing in their doctor – the baby’s
provider – so that we’re all on the same page and can work together. We want to
all support breastfeeding, but there’s really nothing better than being able to
go to your doctor’s office, see your pediatrician, ask a bunch of medical
questions about your baby, and then have Bonnie shwoop in and take care of all of
your questions related to breastfeeding. Bonnie provides one-on-one attention to
new moms, answering their questions and concerns including: Is my baby getting
enough to eat? She addresses issues that often hinder breastfeeding like weak
latching, low milk supply, and soreness and pain. And she helps new parents like
Stephanie feel empowered and confident in feeding their baby. We just assume we
know what we’re talking about or we read the books and the books tell us this, but
the lactation consultants are the ones who have all of the experience and
they know so much more in what those books are. And they’re real. Every family
should meet with a lactation specialist, even if you’re not breastfeeding, because
we’re specialized in all infant feeding method. We want all families to feel
supported and cared for and confident in what they’re doing, no matter how
they choose to feed their baby. Bonnie’s services are available to all new
parents at Eugene Pediatric Associates. Learn more at I’m Kelli Warner.

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