Patient Gets Married, Gives Birth at the Brigham | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
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Patient Gets Married, Gives Birth at the Brigham | Brigham and Women’s Hospital

We woke up and we were like, “man babe
we’re still not married.” * laughter * This is CW15 at Brigham and Women’s
Hospital, labor and delivery. Aliyah, our nurse, came to me and said that her
patient wanted to be married before they had their baby. We got married a year and
a half ago. Everybody was there all, our families came. We just forgot to send the
paperwork in time. We procrastinated. Very much. So, then… We tried as many times as we
could. We had a snowstorm. We were rear-ended at a red light. The polar vortex. The Patriots parade. Surprise baby shower. Woke up and our car wasn’t there. It was towed! Monday we had a doctor’s
appointment. They’re like, “oh you’re not going anywhere—you’re getting induced.” Yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of family here at this point. And we don’t want to answer
the questions about not getting married So, we were just brainstorming and we’re
like, “What if they do it here?”. Aliyah called chaplaincy and social work and
they immediately ran up and facilitated the whole wedding, which took place in
room 510 when she was five centimeters dilated. And we have gathered to celebrate the very happy occasion of officially formalizing the marriage. * cheering * I’ve been here years for almost 30 years and it was the first time we’d ever done such a thing. It’s just a testament to how the Brigham works
together, multidisciplinary, to make a patient and family’s dreams come true. So I now pronounce you “husband and wife.” That’s a lesson learned: Don’t leave things to the last minute. Yeah. One thing is for sure, though. We did get married. We did it. * laughter *

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