People Watch Birth for the First Time | First Takes | Cut
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People Watch Birth for the First Time | First Takes | Cut

(screaming voice) (classical music) – My name is Taylor. And I’m a full time student. – My name is Sam, I’m a full time student. – [Interviewer] What are we doing today? – I’m here to watch someone give birth. – For the first time. – For the first time. For me. – [Interviewer] Why haven’t
you seen something like this? – I guess they just didn’t show in school. – I kind of avoid it altogether. I’m kind of squeamish. – I don’t know, I just have no interest. I’m gay and I haven’t
really had much experience with vagina’s, so… – I don’t know, it’s
probably gonna be gross, but really cool, ’cause I’m a woman, so gotta know how that goes. – Since this is my first time, I don’t know what to expect
but I have a good idea. – [Interviewer] What’s in front of you? – A laptop. – I think it’s a slow motion camera. – [Interviewer] We’re
going to show you a clip of someone giving birth. And we’re going to film
your face at 1,000 frames per second. Are you ready to watch? – No, but yeah, let’s do it. – I think so. – [Interviewer] Okay, close your eyes. I’ll do a countdown and you
can open your eyes and see it for the first time. – [Taylor] If she shits,
I’m gonna be upset. (laughter) – [Interviewer] Three,
two, one, open your eyes. (classical music) – Oh, she’s following. (screaming) – Ew. – Oh. (classical music) (mumbles) – Wow. – [Interviewer] You okay? You’re not traumatized? – Ah, no but it definitely
was an experience so… – [Interviewer] Hold
on, I’m going to pull up another one. Alright, close your eyes. You close your eyes. – [Taylor] He’s fast,
just slipped out of there. – [Interviewer] This
one’s a little different. This is a little bit more
of a complicated labor. Sorry about this. This one’s a little more graphic. Alright, three, two, one, go! (classical music) (screaming) (classical music) – Get it out. Get it… (classical music) (screaming) – No way. (clapping) – That was, incredible. – [Interviewer] Did it come out? – Oh yeah, it came out. – She should get, like, breakfast in bed everyday, for the rest of her life, for doing that. – [Interviewer] What’d you think? – Ah, I’m like a loss for words right now. – It’s overwhelming. It kind of just messes
you up on the inside. – I’ve never done so
many kegels in my life. – Definitely not what I expected. – [Interviewer] Isn’t it beautiful? – No. – It looks really gross having a kid. – It’s not of the beautiful
parts of the whole experience. It’s just the cherry on
top of the shit sundae of carrying a baby around. – [Interviewer] Are you gonna
have a kid anytime soon? – Not anytime soon, no. – No. I’m in love right now
and I have baby fever, and I don’t anymore. My boyfriend will thank you. Thank you for this experience. That was, that was intense. I might dream about that. (musical chime)


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