Pregnancy: It’s a Really Long Time
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Pregnancy: It’s a Really Long Time

– [Announcer] You thought
football season was long. You thought basketball season was long. You thought game three of the World Series would Literally. Never. End. But nothing prepares you
for the length of pregnancy. You’ve dealt with nausea, crappy clothing, the sneeze pees, buying bigger, and bigger, and even bigger bras. You’ve put up with the inability to run, aggressive baby kicks, and strangers not minding their own (bleep) business. – You’re enormous! – [Announcer] What the (bleep) strangers! And if you’re already a parent, you may have had to
simultaneously carry a toddler, play with a toddler, or
just parent a toddler. – Stop messing with our (bleep). – [Announcer] Literally
everything in your life has started to suck. But, after a really,
really, REALLY long time, the wait is nearly over. It’s almost time to get
back to life and celebrate. And boy do you deserve it!
So hang in there, mama, only two more months to go. (record scratches) – What the (bleep)? I’ve been pregnant for like a year? – [Announcer] These are the facts. – Two more months? Are you (bleep) kidding me? – [Announcer] Truth hurts. – There’s no more space
left in my (bleep) body! – [Announcer] You kiss
your child with that mouth? – Oh my God! – [Announcer] Pregnancy! It’s a really long time.


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