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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Sarah
and I have a toddler son named Suleiman What’re you doing? “more baby” You want to see the baby? can you give baby a kiss? oh thank you I’m expecting baby number two in February
and I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant so today I’m gonna be bringing you along for my
34 week pregnancy update or bumpdate I do these weekly on my channel if you really like these types of videos please be sure that you check out that playlist
linked somewhere up here like this video for more videos and subscribe for more content as well I love to hear from you if you’re also pregnant,
let me know in the comments I would love to see who else is on this journey with me it’s really exciting getting to engage with you all and with that let’s get into this video I like to start off these updates by talking
about the baby’s development at 34 weeks gestation the baby is about 18 inches long and on average weigh about 5 pounds Now this varies if you’re carrying twins if you have twins they’re usually about 5 pounds
when they’re born full-term around 37 weeks and forward this is about the size of a butternut squash They start to gain about half a pound
per week going forward the majority of this weight that they put on is called brown fat or adipose contrary to white fat cells brown fat cells carry more mitochondria and are activated by the cold they are specifically for body temperature regulation and tends to form around the spine, back and shoulders and this is to prevent hypothermia at birth and that’s the majority of the development that’s happening at 34 weeks aside from lung development which continues most of their energy now is going towards putting on weight This week I want to share with you
what’s in my baby hospital bag I did share what’s in my hospital bag in a previous update but I didn’t get the chance to show you
what’s in my baby’s bag and this big old bag is my baby’s hospital bag how cute is that? and yes I went with floral because I’m a female
I like patterns with flowers I’m gonna be wearing this I got this big actually when I was traveling in Korea and if you haven’t seen that I have vlogs up
with my husband of our travel there I would have never imagined that when I
purchased this that I would be using it for this purpose up here in the first compartment there’s a zipper and I put the nasal aspirator and I put one pacifier because he doesn’t need more than one in the hospital anyways if I even give it to him in the hospital and then this cute pacifier clip for when we leave and I thought that would be nice to give my little guy because this time I’m not gonna wait to give the pacifier last time I waited – I think –
until Suleiman was three weeks old and I don’t really see a difference in doing that it didn’t make a difference in terms of
whether the baby latched or not in this main compartment, it opens like so it’s just a big open compartment I brought my own baby wipes because
in Canadian hospitals they don’t typically provide wipes you can call your hospital and see what they do provide they usually have a list of what they do and don’t offer in here, what I have are those Huggies natural wipes the ones that are 99% water I love them I’ve been using them with my son since the day he was born I’ve packed a package of sample diapers I don’t know if I’m gonna end up using pampers but they sent me a free sample so I’ll use it in that same back pocket here I put in this Tupperware container a nipple shield I know it’s really painful in the beginning and some people have mixed reviews
about nipple shields but I honestly feel if I used it longer with my son
he would have stayed on rather than trying to go from with to without if that makes sense? especially with a preterm baby
and I don’t know if this baby will also be preterm and then on the same topic of breastfeeding and that sort of thing
I’m bringing the baby wrap I’ve showed this in my previous vlog I purchased a baby wrap
I’ve washed it and it’s ready to go it comes my cute little pouch – how great is that? but my goal is to keep the baby
on me as much as possible to hopefully promote breastfeeding I packed a couple outfits for the hospital because newborns tend to have blowouts
first and foremost and second of all I don’t know
how long I’m gonna be in there for my mom got this one for him and I like it because it’s a zipper onesie it’s super soft organic cotton – love that Burt’s Bees one that she also got for him
– my mom is awesome super soft and stretchy with a zipper zippers are essential either use something with a zipper or
use something like a gown to pull up because you don’t want to be doing teeny tiny little clasps in the middle of the night and then I also got this plain white one and they’re all footed as well
so I’m not really worried about socks and I know some people are concerned about mittens I’m not packing any mittens babies lose them, they tend to fall off anyways and you can just roll the sleeve over their
hands and it does the same things so I’m not bringing any baby mittens I’m also bringing this swaddle it’s got little bears
with a matching hat I thought that was also adorable I have one receiving blanket this I had from last time with Suleiman then I have this beautiful swaddle from my best friend from a company called the Over company and then I have this blanket – just in
case I don’t really know if he’s gonna need a blanket as well last time I did use this leaving the hospital with Suleiman it’s just more of a memorable thing for me I might do the same thing with him for going home I brought him this going home outfit that my friend purchased for him it has this piece first which is the underneath onesie part and then it has these soft bottoms oh and that’s why I packed these socks because this one doesn’t have a footed bottom I’m gonna put him in socks and then I have…it has this jacket type cardigan thing or sweater with teddy bear ears but I’ve also paired it with this adorable little hat How cute is that? So cute and you can see I didn’t really pack that much and the reason is I know that
the hospital does provide formula if I need formula I will be given that by the hospital they do provide some diapers and I know that because if you don’t have diapers with you they give you diapers and that’s all that I packed in my baby’s hospital bag if there’s anything that you think I should add to that let me know in the comments below I know some people might suggest an APNO cream
– an all purpose nipple ointment I’m not packing that
because the hospital does provide that and with that I’m going to show you my bump shot this is my bump from the front as you can see this is my bump from the side and that’s my bump at 34 weeks and with that we’ll call it a video if you like these types of videos please be sure that you like this video subscribe for more content and join my little family leave a comment below if you think I should be
bringing something else to the hospital or something that you really benefited from
in your baby’s hospital bag I’m kind of on the fence on this because this is my first actual time packing a baby bag last time I gave birth early
and I just wasn’t prepared at all so this time I’m trying my best
to be as prepared as possible of course we have the carseat and the car seat cover not really sure what else I’m missing here let me know in the comments until then I’ll see you next time bye-bye


  • MsSamanatha A

    Blanket for the baby, a sterilized bottle thats all I can think of… Im not a professional because all my babies are 4 legged and furry.. I have a dog and 3 cats oh and a fish which one of the cats and the fish are my mama's I took care of her for a year and a half I had to put her in assisted living it got to be too much anyway have a blessed day!

  • Genelle Campbell

    Love your videos ❤ inshAllah your labour will go smooth! get so excited when you post mashAllah 😊 have a 4month old 👶🏻 don't feel ashamed about using the nipple shield it made a HUGE difference for us during our breastfeeding journey which is still on going, hurts alot let as well

  • Coolbabymama

    I feel like I’m missing something 🤔 let me know!

    أشعر أنني أفتقد شيئًا 🤷🏻‍♀️ أخبرني

  • Funkey Donkey Memes 2009

    Your list seems very thorough. That is one very pregnant mama! I am excited to see how smoothly everything goes when its time for the pregnancy. =]

  • Yasmin Ayyad

    Saraaaaaaah! Ive been thinking about getting a wrap this time around which is something I didnt do with my first baby. Hope you are doing well! Looked for you on instagram but couldnt find you so came here to check up on ya 🙂

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