Pregnancy: What Naturopaths Wish You Knew
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Pregnancy: What Naturopaths Wish You Knew

I’m Dr. Kendra–a naturopathic doctor here at StoneTree Clinic. I have a general family practice with a special focus on prenatal care, postpartum care, and pediatrics. I’ve always been passionate about
prenatal care long before I became a mom myself. Something I wish everyone knew about pregnancy is that studies using MRI imaging and blood tests show that the
physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth are equivalent to that of an athlete
training for the Olympics or running a marathon. We’re talking huge physical demands here. What do professional athletes do
before these events? They eat well, they sleep well, they train daily, and they often take specific
vitamins or supplements to help support the extra physical demands that their bodies are going through. It should be no different for a
pregnant woman. One study using blood tests showed
that women’s vitamin and mineral levels remain
depleted during the postpartum period and up to six months post-weaning. Correct prenatal supplementation and nutrition can transform your pregnancy and your baby’s future
health. For example, fish oil during
pregnancy lowers a baby’s risk of asthma, and probiotics in the mom during
pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of
postpartum depression and anxiety. Correcting a vitamin D deficiency can prevent premature labor. So what I wish everyone knew about
pregnancy is that while it’s one of the most
incredible miracles of life, it’s also a huge physical demand and it takes a toll on our bodies. Pregnant women need to be treating
their bodies as though they’re training for a
marathon with proper nutrition and supplements that are safe and effective. And your naturopathic doctor is one of the best people to help you with that.

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