Pregnant woman in bikini gives birth to baby in The Red Sea
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Pregnant woman in bikini gives birth to baby in The Red Sea

This is the incredible moment a newborn baby
was carried from the Red Sea in Egypt after a Russian tourist travelled to the resort
town in order to give birth in the water. Hadia Hosny El Said captured these images
from the balcony of her uncle’s apartment in Dahab, north of Sharm el-Sheikh, showing
the new father emerging from the ocean helping to carry his newborn. Moments later the mother also emerged from
the sea looking as if she had just been for a swim, before being reunited with her child
on the beach. Hadia said the older man carrying the baby
is a doctor specialising in water births, meaning the delivery was arranged ahead of
time. Since Hadia posted the pictures on Facebook
on Saturday they have gone viral, being shared more than 2,000 times and attracting thousands
of comments. The mother’s identity has not been revealed,
nor has the condition of the child – though both appeared happy and healthy after the
delivery. Hadia the woman had gone for a swim before
going into labour, and was followed by her partner and the doctor who helped her deliver
the baby. After the birth the placenta was placed into
a bowl before the baby was carried from the water with the umbilical cord still attached. Another child was waiting on the beach before
greeting the new arrival, with the mother joining a short time after in a touching family
moment. Commenters on social media praised the ‘beauty’
and ‘ease’ of the water birth.


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