• Magi Hypnotist Hannibal Bey

    Damn!🤨 See this here is why I can’t stand my unconscious Asiatic people!😡 Our Moorish ancestors fought hard to survive slavery, dealing with the horrors of these European Invaders/Colonists mass genocide, rape, first germ warfare etc. We ( meaning my people who call themselves negro, blacks, colored etc) kill each other like it ain’t nothing!!!!!😡 You n___ers have no honor!!! You killed a woman who was with child!!! You…… That act was not sad. We need to stop saying that. THAT ACT WAS SATANIC !!!!🤬 I gotta get my family out of Philadelphia!!! You are not living up to the original Moorish meaning of the name of the city! It’s not the City of Brotherly Love! Our people got to do better, period!!! If not, the we deserve every wicked act these Europeans are doing to us to keep us down in this system. We need to start making these individuals in your neighborhoods who kill, rob , pedophile and rape; “ Persona Non Grata “! Let them know we will no longer accept this in our neighborhoods nation wide! Peace from the Magi Hypnotist in the East. 🇲🇦🇺🇸✡️🙏🏿

  • Brian M

    You can thank your great democratic politicians for that . Every city that a democratic politician is in stuff like this always happens.It's a shame that they couldn't save the baby.

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