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Welcome back guys! Today I’m going to be
sharing all of the ways that I prepared my body for a faster, smoother labor in
those final weeks of pregnancy. First of all, I’m not a medical professional; I’m
just explaining what I personally did. I don’t know any of your medical history.
Definitely consult your doctor, Midwife, whoever and do some research on the
studies out there on each of these things, as well as checking out the
forums on what other people who have personally done this as well, say about
it. Don’t just take my word for it. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is nothing new here, I
mentioned it in my “Trying to Conceive Fertility Supplements” video, but you can
also start taking it, it’s recommended to start taking around 32 weeks pregnant
and you want to let it build up in your system. I started drinking one cup first
and then it’s recommended to build to 2, to 3 and ease into it: 3 cups toward
the very end of your pregnancy. It tones and strengthens your uterine
wall and pelvic muscles. When you have your first baby, it’s really common
for women to take a couple hours in the pushing stage. I was 2 hours, I was
induced and it took me about 2 hours to push my daughter out. The first stage of
labor is 1 to 10, your dilating segment of labor and then the second stage is
that pushing part. By drinking the red raspberry leaf tea and toning up those
muscles, those pushes really count and those contractions really count to get
that baby out and this is shown, studies show that it reduces the chances of
medical interventions, such as a cesarean section, if the baby’s heartbeat is
dipping. My son’s heartbeat dipped right before I got him out. Right before
that last contraction, she looked at me and she said, “The baby’s heart rate is
dropping. You need to get him out in this push,” and it kind of scared me, but I knew
(because I had a natural labor and I could feel everything), I knew this was
going to be it and all of those contractions were really counting. My
daughter’s grandma told me later that his heart rate had gone down to
60 beats per minute and a normal heart rate toward the end of pregnancy,
is about 135 to 145. So I’m thankful that I didn’t know that until after he
was out, but it reduces the chances of a last-minute cesarean, an emergency
cesarean, or them having to use forceps or vacuum or even having to do an
episiotomy: which I put on my birth preferences that I did not want an
episiotomy this time around because last time I tore from one end to one end.
That’s why I did all of these things this time around because I was doing it
right this time. I was going to do everything that I could do to make this
be as smooth as possible. I only drank one cup a day starting at 32 weeks, all
the way up to 37 weeks because I didn’t want to push it. I just had one cup a day
and I drank the Traditional Medicinals Red Raspberry Leaf Tea by the way, and at
37 weeks I upped it to two cups a day and then at 38, I was kind of alternating
2 to 3 from then on, until I had my son at exactly 39 weeks. Dates are
recommended to start taking at 36 weeks and you want to be consuming 6 dates a
day. If you don’t know what that is, it’s like a prune basically. I got mine at
WinCo in like the bulk section where they have the nuts and the coffee
because I bought the bagged one first and they were just really hard. So I went
to WinCo, got the fresh ones. You just put them in there, you weigh it and then
you write the number of the product on there. I had never gotten anything from
that section before, so that’s why I’m breaking it down for you. Women who were
admitted to the hospital were more dilated, in the studies that were done,
were more dilated than women who didn’t consume dates. So what it does is it
speeds up the first stage of labor, which is the dilating process from one
centimeter to ten centimeters, but what you want to do, is get dilated before you
even go into labor. Like as my doctor was checking me toward the end (I’ll get
into that), I was so many centimeters before I even went into
labor. So that you’re already kind of there, versus the long labor where I was
induced with my daughter at 41 weeks and I was a fingertip. I wasn’t even one
centimeter at 41 weeks and I was induced and I was in labor for 39 and a half
hours, or not necessarily in labor, but from the second
I got induced, to when my daughter came out, it was 39.5
hours, it was very long. So upon admission, you’re going to be more dilated, also, women
are more likely to go into spontaneous labor and not have ruptured membranes.
That means not have their water break because once your water breaks, your baby
can be prone to infection. You have like 24 hours; the hospital’s like to wait no
more than 24-36 max hours because that’s risking the baby getting an infection.
Midwives are a little bit more lenient on this, they’ll let you go up to about
as high as 48 hours, but because the amniotic fluid inside the amniotic
sac is what protects your baby from infection, you want to have your
membranes intact as long as possible. Also the women who had to be induced,
which is common in your first pregnancy because your body hasn’t been through it
before, the women who had to be induced actually had less medical intervention.
Say they weren’t progressing, like me 39.5 hours, at a day and a half I
was only two and a half centimeters and they had to rupture my membranes because
I wasn’t progressing at all, then give me the epidural and within a few hours
it got things going. Had I not progressed, the doctor could
have just wanted to do a cesarean: been tired of waiting, or the baby’s heartbeat
could have gone down. You know, going through labor for that long, that’s just
a strenuous on your baby as it is on you. So I went ahead and started dates two
times a day at 32 weeks when I started that red raspberry leaf tea, but I didn’t
start the actual 6 dates a day until 36 weeks, which is recommended in the
studies that they did. I wanted to be proactive though, so I just started those
two dates a day at 32 weeks, so I felt like I was doing something to help my body
along because that first experience was something that I never wanted to go
through again and this experience was the complete opposite. My labor was
3 hours and 47 minutes long and now I’m not going to contribute that entirely to
everything that I did here because I did do something to induce at home naturally,
which I will explain to you guys in 2 weeks.
EPO or Evening Primrose Oil, ripens and thins out your cervix. So your cervix is
right here. You’ve got your uterus and the amniotic sac right here and you want
your cervix to thin out. This is not dilating, it’s just, it’s going to shorten so
that the baby can come out of it and not have that long canal, that long cervical
canal to come out of. So it thins out and the best way to do this, is you want your
body to produce prostaglandins to do that and it will do it naturally, but you
want to boost that. The number one recommended way by doctors is to just
have sex because semen has prostaglandins in it, but because I’m
abstinent, I wasn’t sexually active in those final weeks of pregnancy. So I
started taking the EPO – it has linoleic acid (I think that’s what it’s called) and
what that does, is it tells, it’s signals to your body to produce more
prostaglandins. At 34 weeks I started taking one every other day, at 35 weeks
I took one every day, at 36 weeks I took 1 and 2 alternating 1 one day, 2 the
next day, 37 weeks I started taking 2 every day. It’s the 500 milligram soft
gel by SOLGAR: it’s just a little soft gel. What I did is at 37 weeks, I upped it
to two every single day and I still had these from when I conceived my son
via home insemination. They’re Soft Disks, they are also called Soft Cups, it’s the same
exact thing and they come in this little purple package. When you take it out, you
are going to have basically, it’s intimidating, if you haven’t seen my
procedure video, I’m going to go ahead and like walk through how you use it. You
want the bag to be on the very bottom and then all of this is just the
plastic part and what I would do, is I would take these two soft gels and I
would drop them in there, just like that. I did not pinch them with a needle
because your body heat is going to naturally dissolve the soft gel, the same
way when you consume it, your body dissolves it. Plus it would be really
messy to puncture it and then yeah anyways. So what you’re going to do, is
you’re going to pinch it like this and you’re going to
scoop it. I would suggest laying down. Honestly, I think I laid down for it.
You’re going to scoop it kind of like back, down and then up and then you want it to
be around your cervix. So you’re going to just bump it with your middle finger and
then go to sleep. You’re going to be doing this at night, go to sleep and then
all that oil is going to soften your cervix. Make sure you go to the bathroom
beforehand, so that you don’t have to go to the bathroom after this and then lose
all that oil and also, I wore a liner because the oil is going to be dripping out
a little bit, even though you’re going to be sleeping (you’re going to be horizontal). It’s
going to moisturize your perineal area where you tear, you know where women have
to have an episiotomy or they tear. So this time I just had the tiniest little
tear. She just stitched me up really quick, no
big deal and the recovery was like nothing. In the morning, you’re going to sit
on the toilet because you don’t want to get oil everywhere and it’s going to be like
that, you’re just going to go and then pull it out, like kind of like down and
then this way, so you can get it out from under your cervix and then pull it
straight out. At 38 weeks, I upped it to 3 orally and 3 vaginally. Another
thing you’re going to hear about a lot is bouncing on your yoga ball to get the
baby down in the pelvis. Like positioned head down into your pelvis, kind of like
locked in and I did do this. What I did, is my ball exercises that I have a video
of, I’ll link it down in the description box below. The ball exercises
I was doing every night before bed to alleviate my lower back pain, I wound up
continuing to do those at night, but then also doing them once during the day. So I
would do them twice a day, but I changed it up a little bit, to where I was
bouncing as I was doing it. So say I was doing circles on my ball. I would be like
bounce, bounce, bounce… as I was doing the circles, or front to
backs, bounce, bounce, side to sides, bounce, bounce. So I just
did the exact same routine; I just added a bounce to it. I did this 2 times a
day starting at 34 weeks when my doctor had told me that she felt like he
was head down (she wasn’t checking me internally until
38 weeks), but she told me she could feel that he was head down and also, on
my 3D ultrasound they told me that he was head down as well. I wanted to get
him down in my pelvis locked in position, so he wouldn’t turn last minute and be
breech. If he is down in position, it will promote dilating before labor as well. At
37 weeks and 4 days, this was a Tuesday, every Friday I changed weeks, so
like one Friday I’d be 36 weeks, the next Friday I’d be 37 weeks. So at 37 weeks and
4 days, I had my doctor’s appointment that Tuesday and they had told me that
they didn’t want to check my cervix until 38 weeks. I’m not high-risk or
anything, that’s just their practice because once they put their fingers up
there, it could get things going: there is a risk to it. So I actually requested, I
asked my doctor if she wouldn’t mind doing it since I was already going to be, in
3 more days, I was going to be 38 weeks and she absolutely didn’t even hesitate.
She was like, of course. When she checked me, she said I was already one centimeter
and 50% effaced. That means that, okay so say your cervix is normally this long:
I was already to here and she said his head was at negative 2 station. So there’s
negative 3 station all the way up to 3 station. You’ve got negative 3, negative 2
negative 1, 0. Right at 0 is right where your cervix is completely thinned out
and he is right there and it’s time to start pushing and as he pushes, once he
hits 3 he’s out, like he’s crowning, he’s coming out, that’s 3. So he was at
negative 2, so pretty much he’d only dropped one station down into my pelvis
at that point and she also said that my cervix had turned which I still don’t
really understand what she meant by this, but she said that it had turned in the
position for labor, which she was really surprised by, that it had already done
that and also that he was head down and while she was up there, she looked at me.
She told me these things and she said do you want me to do a sweep and I was a
little bit hesitant because I wanted to wait until 38 weeks if I
decided to do that, but I mean like I said it was only 3 days and here’s
the thing you guys, I inseminated my son. So I know my exact day of conception and
so does my doctor. She knows that I know that, so she wasn’t putting me at risk or
anything. I trust her completely. I could not have asked for a better doctor.
There is another doctor at that practice who I met at a couple of my appointments
and they pretty much alternate. They both work half and half at the hospital and I
got extremely lucky that I got to have this doctor. I was so happy that I had
her deliver my son. Anyways, I completely trust her, the best possible doctor and
while she was up there she asked me if she wanted to do the sweep and what a
sweep, what a membrane sweep is… so you have your cervix like I was telling you
and then you’ve got the amniotic sac in your uterus right here and that sac is
attached. It’s kind of attached to the cervix by membranes. So while she’s up
there, she just kind of does a little bit of a sweep to kind of disconnect the
membranes a little bit, but not try to pop your water or anything. What it does,
is it releases prostaglandins and it’s supposed to jumpstart labor and within
48 hours if you don’t go into labor, it didn’t work: for the most part. Right away,
I started cramping, not like timeable contractions or anything. So it did do a
little bit, but she was super gentle with it. It was not painful and I knew that
this wasn’t the real… she was just, because I was still at the 37 and a half
week mark, I knew she wasn’t giving it her all with it. So just a little bit of
cramping, it fizzled out and I didn’t go into labor. At 38 weeks and 4 days,
that following Tuesday, she checked me again, said that I was 2 centimeters now
and a little more effaced. She didn’t give me a number or even a station with
where the baby was at. While she was up there, she asked me if
I wanted her to do another sweep and this time she was rough. I mean 38 weeks
and 4 days, so at 39 weeks you’re full-term. This time there was blood.
There was blood actually for a couple days and then it stopped and then I had
the bloody show. The cramping came on really intense.
I was pretty sure it was going to happen, but it still fizzled out. By 48
hours there was nothing. I didn’t go into labor,
but what she told me at this appointment, was that she was going to be on call and
I’m telling you guys I wanted this doctor. I did not want the other doctor.
It’s not like she was a bad doctor, it’s just, she was foreign and I didn’t
really understand her. She had a very thick accent and there wasn’t a bond
between us and my doctor that delivered my son, we had that bond.
She was my doctor for the majority of my appointments. She was younger and anyways,
she said she was going to be on call Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday I turned 39
weeks, so that meant I would have been full-term and she said if you’d like, you
can come in this Friday: don’t tell anyone I said this (of course now I’m
telling the whole world), but she said you can come in this Friday, bring your
hospital bag and everything because they’re right down the street from the hospital
and she said I can pop your water and then you can just go in and say that you
had a natural rupture. That way you know everything’s in your control and you can
get me as your doctor. I already knew that I was going to naturally induce
with my own method that I had researched that Friday anyways, when I turned 39
weeks, so I just told her no it’s okay, thank you for offering, because with
my daughter when I was induced, I was in labor, or in induction or whatever, for a
day and a half when they finally decided to go in and pop my waters for me. That
was the worst experience in the world. You guys, if you can have a natural
rupture, do everything in your power to just have a natural rupture. It was, the
second they popped it, I started screaming. The contractions came on so
strong. Again, I don’t mean to scare you, but I’m going to be real with you guys in
all of my videos. I’m always going to give it to you straight and I was just
screaming help, help! It was a horrible experience and back then I didn’t watch
YouTube or prepare myself at all for labor. I didn’t take a labor and delivery
class or anything. So this time, I was like hell no am I going to have anyone pop
my water. I will go ahead and explain to you how I naturally did this in two
weeks from now like I mentioned, but I got that doctor. I induced myself at
home and I had him at 4:17 in the afternoon that Friday at 39 weeks and my
water ruptured naturally. I didn’t have, I had a little bit of cramping, but not
like real contractions beforehand, so I don’t count that as labor, but when my
water ruptured naturally when I was just laying on the couch watching a movie,
from that point to when I had my son, it was 3 hours and 47 minutes and I
completely think that these things helped me in that department: about
making it go fast and making my pushing so effective. I mean it went so fast that
I couldn’t have a epidural. I didn’t want any pain meds, that was in my birth
preferences, no pain meds whatsoever, but I did want to have the epidural and I’m
so happy that I didn’t because now I know what it’s like to really experience
that magical, like I can’t even, I’ll explain it in my labor and delivery
video, but it was the most incredible thing in the world and with my next baby,
I want to do a natural water birth because now that I’m choosing natural, I
can be away from the hospital setting. I think I want to do a home birth, but I at
least would want to do a water birth at the hospital, if that’s what I decided to
go with. So separate from these things, I also had an orgasm once a day before bed
to help me sleep and to be exercising those muscles down there. I don’t know,
there’s not really a lot of studies done on the orgasms helping you with labor.
Mostly it produces oxytocin which is supposed to jumpstart labor and make you
go into labor, but I wanted to be doing something other than Kegels to like
really be, like you know, the contractions exercise those muscles. So I did that
every night and I also, the last two weeks 37, 38 and 39 weeks, I was
constantly, so I guess the last three weeks (2 because he was born @39), I was constantly eating pineapple
and this also, there’s not that much supporting evidence. The pineapple I
believe, is supposed to have prostaglandins as well or make your body
produce it. So I literally, every time I was out of pineapple I went and bought
another one that very day. I was eating pineapple every single day, plus I
already have frozen pineapple in my smoothie every day, so it was on top of
that. I’m hoping that these tips help you guys. I definitely would do the red
raspberry leaf tea, the evening primrose oil and the dates and bouncing on your
ball just to kind of get yourself wide for labor. Even if you just do the
exercise and don’t bounce because you don’t want to be bouncing your baby,
that’s entirely up to you. Like I said, this is your baby, this is your body, do
your research, make your own decision. Don’t just do what I’m telling you and
if this stuff helps you, please let me know in the comments below if it really
helps you in your delivery. I would love to have that feedback from you
guys. Please go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel. Next week’s
video is going to be about my birth plan: how I did that. I didn’t use a template
or anything complicated: it was short and sweet and to the point and they loved it
at the hospital and my labor went so fast that I was able to be like, get that
and give it to them and they read it over really fast.
I mean when things are going fast like that, they need to be able to skim it and
know what you want right away and I’m also going to include a couple things, just
a couple things, not a whole suitcase full of things, just a couple things that
were really essential to bring to the hospital with you and helped my son from
the get-go, learn when night time was and when day time was. So I will see you next


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    Just took all the notes as I’m 31 weeks of ny second pregnancy and my first labor was induced, long and painful as well. Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • adriana12rivas

    Great info!! Thank you, also I think it’s just the core of the pineapple, that’s what I’ve I read. I did the tea and dates with my daughter. I was 41 weeks no sign of labor, was induced on the evening of Nov 19th (exactly 41 weeks). Pitocin + GBS antibiotics killed!!!! So I begged for the epidural. Went to sleep, woke up Nov 20th, 10cm. Dr came in and said time to push! I pushed for exactly 1 hr and she came out! I tore a bit, maybe 4 stitches but everything was good! I really want to experience labor on my own, naturally and real this time. So ugh dates… I bought then months ago but I cant stand the texture, I’m going to suck it up and start eating them. I hope they’re still good 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ruth Hernandez

    I’m so scared
    Thanks for sharing
    I’m having a girl she is my first. I wasn’t thinking of having kids. My mom had a stroke 5 years ago and I take care of her for the most part so kids were not in my plans plus with my anxiety I just didn’t think about that but my husband so happy and I’m so scared even though I don’t show it, I cry when there’s no one around.

  • Yamkelwa Thabile

    Hello I'm 40 weeks pregnant…i just started drinking raspberry leaf today..after how many days will I actually start getting labor pains

  • sydneyyybond

    I was drinking raspberry leaf tea around 32 weeks ish, my OB said to wait till at least 35 because it can induce labour. So if anyone sees this comment maybe wait till closer to the end

  • Morgan & Chance

    Love this video! Thanks for sharing.
    My 2nd child broke my waters and the contractions immediately afterwards weren't that strong. With my 3rd we induced with pitocin, and then they broke my water, the contractions were very strong and very painful I ended up with an epidural. I'm about to be 30 weeks with my 4th and I'm definitely going to avoid pitocin and inducing if at all possible, and really hoping to do it without meds.

  • Dakota Hollis

    I'm a second time mom and 31 weeks, and this video alone was more helpful than anything I've seen it read in both pregnancies. Thank you.

  • karma

    First labor from the start of regular contractions: 36 hours second labor: 32 hours, third pregnancy: I did my research, researched historically used herbs and oils that have been used for centuries to aid in childbirth…I actually used the exact same herbs/oils/date method you did…(although I did just simply place the primrose oil tabs directly into my vagina at bedtime and never had too many issues with leakage of any kind- maybe a tad but not much) and how did my third labor go?: no induction needed of any kind, no episiotomy or assistance needed of any kind, my water broke on it’s own (which had never happened before..I always needed it to be manually broken) and I delivered my son about an hour & 15 minutes after my water broke, very VERY fast labor, from the time the nurse said it was time to push…I only remember actively “pushing” maybe 3-4 times in total about….and in the span of idk? 10 minutes max…Baby boy was out and on my chest. Currently pregnant with my fourth little one, and I will definitely not abandon the centuries old methods of assisting with labor that I adopted with my last pregnancy, they really knew what they were doing!

  • pinkdungeon

    In Germany it is recommended to drink the raspberry leaves tea as of the 36th week – you should not drink more than two cups as well, your tissue becomes too flappy otherwise

  • DV O

    You said you started taking EPO at 34 weeks. You didn’t specify if that was vaginally or orally. But then you said you took it vaginally at 37. So I’m confused of vaginally starts at 34 or at 37? Please explain! Thank you 😘

  • Jess Farinazzo

    Thank you so much for all the info, I just have a question. The primrose oil that you started at 34 weeks, one every other day. That was orally until the 37 weeks? or you did vaginally as well? Sorry if i couldn't follow. God bless your videos, really helped me.

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