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– I feel like it’s crooked. – Yes, it’s definitely crooked. – Hang on.
– Mm-kay now, – Wait these go down. – Just fix it in post!
– Who cares? – Hold on, let me adjust all the things. I haven’t done a video with you, as you. – I know. – It’s been a while. I think the eat it– – Spill your guts or fill your guts? – Yeah I think that was the last time. That’s crazy that like,
while I was pregnant, I couldn’t film with you,
but now I literally have a brand new baby and I can film with you. (laughing) Hi!
– No, I remember what it was! You’re not pregnant anymore,
I’m allowed to scream again! It was the mukbang! We did a mukbang on your channel. – Oh, okay.
– That was the last thing. Okay, continue. – Anyway, Hello. I’m having my sparkly cup,
not because JoJo is here, but because I love sparkles and I loved them before
you were even born. – Is that the one that Rachel got for you? – [Rachel] No. – No, someone sent this to my P.O. Box. – Oh, love that! We love fans. – Can I just say, I’m
really appreciative of you, because when I was your
age I would wear sparkles and I got made fun of for
it and bullied for it, because it was not cool
when I was in high school. – Really?
– No. – Wait what year were you in high school? – What do you mean? Like what year did I graduate?
– Yeah. – 2004. (dramatic musical sting) – You graduated after–
– What year were you born? – 2003. (horror music) – Anyway, JoJo Siwa is here, if you couldn’t tell–
– It’s me! – By our 20 minute conversation before we even intro’d the video. – Or by the name on my
shirt, or the bow in my hair. – Or the name on my shirt! JoJo is like a little sister to me. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you would know this by now. And I thought it would be
fun to torture her today, because that’s what big sisters are for! – (giggles) Yeah, true statement! – So, JoJo doesn’t have
a biological big sister, so I feel like I– – I have 2 pretend big sisters, though. – Yes. – You two. – And I have an actual little
sister, who’s right over here. – [Rachel] Hey-o. – And, Rachel, what
was your childhood like living with a big sister? – [Rachel] The worst thing in the world! – The worst! Okay, listen you were annoying. – [Rachel] Only because I loved you! How dare I! – I loved you too! I just spit on you. (laughing) – Is it weird though that I
don’t feel like it’s torture? – Oh, it’s gonna be torture. – Okay.
– Trust me. – ‘Cause like, going into
it, I feel like it’s normal. Feel like it’s like, Oh yeah, I’m just gonna
watch your birth vlog like it’s a thing. – We’re not watching the vlog, that’s why it’s gonna be awkward. – It’s like the raw, uncut– – The raw footage. – For those of you who don’t
know, I just had a baby. – Who doesn’t know?
– Some people might not know! – But the one of you who is watching this video that doesn’t know. – I just had a baby, and
having a baby is crazy, and the birth is crazy. And I posted a video of the birth, but I edited it, I put music to it. I realized, I didn’t watch
the full footage of it because it freaked me out. So I kind of like skimmed
through it when I edited it, just like, with the sound
off, skimmed through to find when the baby came out, and put that in, and put nice music to it. Like, I haven’t even
watched the raw footage, because I feel like it’s gonna scar me. First of all, you’re not
gonna see any lady bits. Don’t worry, Rachel filmed it in a way that you’re not gonna see any of that. It’s going to be awkward
because there’s no music, so it’s just like silence– – Hospital room. – Hospital room, hearing me push and cry. – This might sound really weird,
but is there like, sounds? – I don’t know.
– Do you hear ripping sounds? (gasping) – [Rachel] No there’s no,
like it pops out of her. – (laughing) Okay! – Oh my God, I hope not! – Also, this is great school for me, because I just did this
in school in health. – [Rachel] What watch a baby be born? – Yeah! Oh yeah, this one’s good. I like this video. – Okay, we’re not gonna
watch the whole thing, we’re just gonna show you
what the difference is. – I see what you’re saying with
the music and the happiness. – Oh, well, my internet.
– The loading. (laughing) – I hate watching me, like pant– – What were you going
through in this moment? – A human coming out of my vagina. – Yes! Oh it’s not, oh, oh, okay. – It’s like, oh it’s,
crying, and it’s music– – It’s a little baby.
– And it’s emotional, and it’s sweet!
– What is this? Spring In My Step? (humming)
(laughing) – [Rachel] It’s totally Spring In My Step! – She knows the name of the
royalty-free YouTube track. – Okay, we all use the same ones! We use Bike Rides, we use– – [Rachel] (laughing)
Dancing on Green Grass. – We all use Blue Skies. You use, uh, what’s the one? (humming) Yes, that one. You use By The Pool. (imitating bass instrument) – Or Chocapela for my bloopers. (imitating musical notes) – [Rachel] Yes! – Yes! (laughing) – Nobody knows what we’re talking about. Okay, so we’re gonna
watch, this is 9 minutes. (baby cries)
(dramatic tone) – (giggles) It’s okay! – Daddy’s with him, he’s not alone. – Oh my gosh, pep talks. – He was amazing through the whole thing. – He’s the perfect man. – Yeah, he’s amazing. – I also love how, like, you
know when you’re watching a TV show and you’re just
like, I just want them to be together in real life,
I just want it to be real. You two did that!
– I know! – And it’s just so cute! (laughing) – Rachel, I love you. Okay, okay. – Is this the part? – I’m nervous. I’m very stressed. Okay, so this is literally
just raw footage of me pushing. I have not seen this yet. I watched the footage where he comes out, because I edited that. – How many pushes did you do?
– I don’t know. (Nurse in video counting) – So entertaining! (laughing) – So, basically, you
push every time you have a contraction, you push for ten seconds. They said to me, Push like
you’re trying to get out the biggest poop of your life. – I was gonna ask, is it
a pee push or a poo push? Because there’s definitely
two different ones. – No, it’s a poo push. And I thought I was
gonna poop but I didn’t, I was very disappointed. – A lot of people do. – I know, jealous.
– I’ve learned that. (squeals)
(laughing) – Okay, can we please look
at my mother so excited? So this is like the second push, and you could already see the baby. – Oh, really?
– That’s how hard I was pushin’ y’all. I wanted him out. – You’re like, Get out of me now! – I don’t want to be pregnant anymore and I want a cheeseburger. And my mom, look how excited! I haven’t seen this! – That just doesn’t
look comfortable either. – No. – Those look like the piece of
plastic that hurt your feet. – I’m so uncomfortable watching this. – I didn’t think I was going
to be this uncomfortable, to be honest. – [Nurse On Video] Push on it, come on. (laughing) – Shut up! – I love you so much–
– Look at my face! – But that face! (fog horn) – I wanted him out! – [Nurse On Video] Push, push, push, push. – And it stays. – What song is playing? – Okay, I have a story. – The face is back. (laughing) – Shut up about my face!
(fog horn) – I have a story about the
music, I just remembered this– – Do you request what
music, or is it just on? – Yeah, you can bring your own music. I was like, I want Christmas music. They put on Christmas
music, then I pushed, and then I was like, I
don’t want Christmas music, I want Final Countdown, he’s coming out! They put on Final Countdown, I was like, I don’t want this song,
I don’t want this song. I want September by Earth, Wind and Fire. – Do you just have like a
DJ in your room? (laughing) – So Erik and Rachel were
like, running over to the iPod, like changing it every two
seconds in between pushes, so right now, it’s Earth, Wind, and Fire. But I’m curious what was
playing when he came out. (Nurse in video counting) – I hate it. – I love it! – Oh, this is hard for me to watch. – What’s playing? I really wanna hear what’s playing. I think it’s Pentatonix Christmas. – Okay, can we talk
about how Erik literally is so terrified right now? He just goes, “Good job.” – He’s like, “Good job.” – [Nurse On Video] Go, go, go. – This girl’s really supportive! – She’s amazing! – It’s getting close,
I don’t wanna see this. – Oh, is he coming? Yeah there’s a face. (laughing)
– Shut up! (cartoony gasp) – I feel like I’m watching
a movie right now. Like a very intense Julia
Roberts giving birth. – Look at my face! (horror sting) – I’m telling you, your
face is everything! Can we recreate, please? (horror sting) Yeah, there it is.
– (coughing) Oh, crap. Ew, what are they pouring on me? I didn’t believe that was happening. I think this is more
uncomfortable for me than for you. – I think so, ’cause it’s
you, and you’re acting like you’re having like, what’s that called? Like, relapsing it?
– PTSD? – Yes, yes, that’s what it is. – My face! I thought the most horrifying
part of this would be like, watching me in pain or whatever, but it’s embarrassing that my face is like that. (moaning on video) – Whoa, girl! – [Rachel On Video]
You’re freakin’ doing it! – I love Rachel. – Yeah, Rachel is crushing it. – Is it like, exhausting, like
a really intense work out? – Yes! I was so tired! I remember this part he said, “I hope you have some
kisses and hugs saved up, because you’re gonna have
a baby in the next push.” And I remember, you’re gonna
see me- I laugh at first, but I remember it made me
emotional, the thought of like, kissing and holding my baby,
and I wanted to concentrate on getting him out so I
was mad that he said that, so I started to go like, Don’t say that! ‘Cause I was like, angry
that he was distracting me, because I started to get emotional. (laughing in video) – I wanted to say like, I can’t
talk about that right now! I think it’s coming. – This is a moment. I’ve never seen this before. This is a moment! – Yeah, it’s exhausting, that’s
why I’m breathing so hard. My mom on her phone! (laughing) Mom! – She’s a supportive mother! – I just love that they’re like, You’re gonna have a baby in the next push! Then she pans over to my mom on her phone! – I also love that Rachel knew to film your mom while she was on her phone. – They gave me oxygen. I’m really afraid they’re
gonna flash something, I apologize. – Same, I’m a little terrified of it, but, we’re just breathing. – What’s playing? He threatened her, he’s so cute! – She got off her phone. – It’s Pentatonix Christmas. That’s what played when he came out. – I love A Pentatonix Christmas. – I should have JoJo Siwa. I should have D-R-E-A-M on. – D-R-E-A-M! ♪ You can do it if you see it ♪ ♪ If you see it, you can be it ♪ ♪ You believe it, you’ll achieve it ♪ ♪ D-R-E-A-M ♪ – Is he coming? Is this it? – When does he come? – I think it’s gonna be now. (both gasping) – Wait, wait, wait! Pause, pause! What was that? (laughing) – I did not know that happened. – What was that? – I think that’s the amniotic fluid. – Yeah, okay. Or was it urine? – It wasn’t pee. – Okay. – My pee is going into a bag. – Okay, you were cathetered? – His head is out, that’s his head. – Oh, whoa! – Oh God, I’m really nervous
we’re gonna see things. – Oh my God! – Look how bloody he is. – He looks like a little
alien but he’s so cute! – Oh, Erik crying gets me. – Oh my gosh. – He’s so cute. – His head of hair! – So much hair. Oh, I haven’t watched this,
Erik cutting the cord. I haven’t seen any of this. – He cut the cord? – Yeah. – [Nurse on Video] He’s
doing great, he’s wonderful. – Aww! (baby crying on video) – [Both] Awwwww! – Aww, Erik’s sobbing. – So cute!
– He’s sobbing. (Rachel cheering on video) – [Both] Aww! – Exhausted. – Were you just so happy though? – I was so happy. – Gosh. – I’m all, He’s so cute! – Are you gonna cry? – Yeah.
– Okay. It’s okay, I’ll still love you. – Okay! – That was adorable!
– We got through it. – That was cute! – That was very stressful
for me. (laughing) – You didn’t see anything. At the end it got close, but
you still didn’t see anything. – What are your thoughts? – The juices got me. – That got me too! – I wasn’t ready for the juices. – I didn’t know that happened. – That, honestly, was exactly
what I expected it to be like. You were good through it too. You were like, ready. You were like, He’s coming
right now, let’s go! – I didn’t like, scream. I feel like I always envisioned
me being like (screams). – That’s what I feel like too.
– Then when you pushed, and I was just focused, as
you could tell by my face. – Well, that was fun. – Thank you for enduring that with me. – Thank you for my school lesson. – See, I thought I was
gonna be torturing you like a good big sister, but really I think I just tortured myself more. – Yes. – ‘Cause you like, thought it was fine, and I’m mortified. – Therefore, I tortured
you, as the little sister. – Yeah, so, you did your job well. – Yes! – So, make sure you subscribe
to JoJo and go check her out. She’s the best. You guys are already subscribed to her, – Aw, you’re the best. – (burps) But subscribe to her anyway. – Thank you. – It’s not even a Miranda video
and I’m gonna burp for you. And, I dunno, do all the
things you’re supposed to do. – That’s what I say too, on YouTube. I’m like, you guys watch
enough videos, you know what you’re supposed to do!
– You know how it works. Thumbs up, notification,
subscribe, call it good. Comment if you liked it.
– There you go! Bye, guys! – Peace out! (melodic banjo music)


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