Reaction To Childbirth – Gay Boyfriend Edition!
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Reaction To Childbirth – Gay Boyfriend Edition!

Hi, Welcome to The Wood House! For this video, we are going to be watching… Childbirth! Childbirth! Childbirth! We have decided to watch… I have decided that we are going to watch and record our reactions… To vaginal childbirth! I’ve never seen… Is there any other form of childbirth? Well, yes. C-Sections? It’s an actual baby coming out of the vagina. So, a natural birth? A natural birth. But, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I’ve never seen a baby crowning or… A baby coming out. Or anything like that. Before my little brother was born, my mum watched childbirth videos. And I got home one day and she had it on the TV and it was… Very traumatic. Yeah, it’s not pleasant, so… Yeah, no! I think, because we are both gay men… You’ve got 2 different types of gays. You’ve got one kind of gay that doesn’t really mind the thought of vagina. Which I don’t. I don’t really mind seeing them. I wouldn’t particularly go over and poke one. But… And then… And then you’ve got the other kind, which is him! You’d run a mile, wouldn’t you? You’d scream! Put it away! So, yeah. We are going to experience, childbirth! I’m surprised that this is even on YouTube! Education. Oh, uh! Why is she holding her bum? Is she just hiding it? So, basically What we are seeing right now is a woman on her belly… With her legs spread apart. The doctor holding her **** in so that it doesn’t fall out. The doctor’s got a hand over her bum. But you can see the vagina. What’s that coming out? It looks white? What do you think it is? Is that the baby? That white thing?>Oh, it looks a bit squishy too! Her bum looks nice and trimmed, but… So does her vagina… That’s the babies hair. Where? No. That there. The hair at the bottom? That’s not the babies head. The babies head is the white bit coming out. Well, I can’t see that. I don’t have my glasses on. That’s her, that’s her garden! Well, click play. It’s a very, very overgrown garden. Are you sure? Yeah! Well, you’d at least trim your vagina wouldn’t you. If you knew you were having a baby. Well, no. A lot of people that I know that have had babies say they struggled to shave the lady garden, area. But, they asked there partners to do it. Oh, that doesn’t look like a baby. That looks like a cyst or something coming out. Oh, she is hairy isn’t she? She’s very hairy. Oh, god! It looks like something out of Alien, doesn’t it? Oh, it doesn’t look real. That doesn’t look like a baby though, does it? Looks like she’s having a prolapse. Look at that bit dangling. Can you see it? On the right. Like a little… **** Urghh! That looks like, that’s just bizarre. Oh, it’s face! Oh, it’s leaking! There’s an actual head sticking out of her bum. Could you imagine if she poo’d now? It’d fall into it’s mouth. That’s disgusting! It would though wouldn’t it? I wonder if that’s why she is holding her bum whole? So she doesn’t poo on it. Oh, but look! It’s massive, urghh! That’s poo! She’s pulling his neck?! She’s not gentle is she? Oh no, she’s proper yanking him. What’s that blue thing? Above it? That’s it’s umbilical cord. Oh my god! It just shot out. That was probably the most horrific thing I have ever seen! So yeah, we’ve just watched… A child being dragged out of a vagina. The head was sticking out of the bum and it stayed there for a bit, didn’t it? And it wasn’t moving or anything and then all of a sudden it just went… Well no, she grabbed it, didn’t she? Yes! And she was yanking it’s head really hard. But you could feel everything go…as soon as it came out. That looked like an alien coming into the world, that did not look like a lovely… Because when you think of childbirth you think it’s painful, but it’s all happy and good times. That looked like something out of alien. There is nothing beautiful about childbirth. And the woman that was delivering her as well, she was like oh come on you beautiful boy. I was like… I bet it stunk as well, didn’t it? I bet it stunk. It was white and black and gooey. It looked that the umbilical cord was around it’s next though! Yeah, the umbilical cord was blue too. I thought it would be all pink and nice. I’m glad that I don’t have a vagina and I’m glad that I will never have to push a baby out of my bum. I’m just glad that I don’t have to touch any vagina’s, ever! So there you have it, there is our reaction to childbirth. We didn’t even see if it was a boy or a girl… I didn’t care, it was horrible. Ok, so thanks for watching. Bye! So, if you liked this video then leave a thumbs up. And if you want to see more like this, then subscribe. And don’t forget to hit the little bell notification button… So you are notified when we create really weird video’s like this. Also, Dan has set up his own little candle website. He is now making candles, feel free to go and have a look at that. at Yeah, the link’s in the description for the video. There are some really cute candles. and wax melts! Bye! Bye!


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  • emma mcdonald

    Hahahahaaa you both looked traumatised 😂 maybe now you'll understand what women have to go through ! 🤗

  • Alexander Allan

    Hey guys , stay out of the Lady Garden, you may not come out alive…. 😱😨💩😮😷😲😵

    I think I found the video you were watching , I am traumatized… 😱😨😲😵 I will never be the same…. I am now & forevermore only interested in 💪🍆🍑👬……

  • EugeneXar

    That was gross and uncalled for! Thank goodness you didn't show any images! Yeah I'm one of those gay men….. Best as always!

  • Fernando Gonzalez

    OMG, you've done it again. I couldn't stopped laughing. I would love to see your reactions watching horror movies like, The Nun. Love you guys!

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