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good morning everyone welcome back to the vlog I will be vlogging now more often that I have a newborn it’s just a little bit easier and I want to show you guys a day in the life with a newborn baby and toddler I just had a shower and before that I fed the baby and then my husband is sitting with him
now just outside in the living room I do a really quick skin routine put on a little bit of makeup to cover “Freddie” over here because it matches my hijab welcome to my face I use some of this facial essence by Fresh I don’t have time anymore but I try to do at least one nice thing to pamper myself I put some concealer it’s just the FitMe one right over that big zit couple of spots here then just blend that in that’s definitely the lesson I learned last time around I wasn’t taking enough care of myself
and it put me in quite a hole so if you’ve just had a baby,
do at least one thing for yourself every single day it doesn’t have to be huge like you don’t even have to do makeup like I’m doing right now but if that makes you feel good do it curl my lashes well that’s a little too white okay I think curling your lashes makes
you look instantly awake and fresh just go like this see I look more awake already Isaac is probably due for another feed again soon he feeds about every hour or so and
every two hours at night so it’s not too bad in the first few days it was a constant feeding
– it’s cluster feeding I was feeding him basically the whole day I don’t think I took him off my chest – which is fine and there you go, nice and fresh now I’m gonna try to clean up my room My bed is a disaster but I do try to make the bed every morning
and I’m gonna do that right now this is where is he sleeps right here next to me you’ll see that we have a wedge placed under his mattress this vibrates as well but we just have that elevated because he tends to actually spit up after feeds if he’s flat on his back so if your baby’s spitting up when you lay them flat you can put a wedge under their mattress or if you had a different kind of bassinet then you
can lift it from the bottom I just put it directly on the mattress
which the pediatrician said was totally fine and we did this with our last as well so yeah this is my messy bedroom I’m going to clean up real quick Check this out, oh yeah
That’s Montreal for ya. he just fed how beautiful is he? By the grace of God I brushed his hair I usually brush his hair when I’m nursing because I want to help him get over cradle cap
as fast as it comes on because it does start up
as you can see he’s got a little bit but I am brushing his hair to help with that I didn’t really purchase too much nursing gear
until after I established breastfeeding with him because I wanted to make sure
that I actually was going to be able to this time before investing so much money
into the nursing related items so after I had him from the hospital on Amazon I ordered
the Jolly Jumper nursing pillow and it’s this one
I’ll link it below for anyone who’s interested it’s really nice and comfortable and I nurse him on both sides with this pillow and then over top this is something I have from Suleiman’s days and one of my friends purchased it for us I like to nurse him with this with us
– like over the nursing pillow and it’s just so then it has like a familiar
scent so then when I swaddle him and put him in the bassinet he’s more comfortable I find that really helpful Suleiman is not so happy with staying home right now because obviously my attention is split
between him and the baby and he right now
like he was happy to meet Isaac at the hospital but when we came home he was like “oh my gosh you brought this baby home?” he was not so pleased with it basically he’s been ignoring him every now and then he will acknowledge him
and say “baby baby Isaac” and then come and maybe kiss his
forehead or something and then he’ll run away but we’re not – I’m not really pressuring him too much I’m letting him do things in his own time if you have any advice for transitioning and maybe older siblings that are a little bit jealous or a little bit distressed leave them in the comments below I’d like to know what your thoughts are on this Yusuf made us some coffee Oh we need coasters Sorry, that’s such a me thing I don’t like for hot things to be on the counter yeah okay problem resolved I’m gonna make an omelet I’m gonna try to make it really fast before he wakes up because he’s probably gonna feed again he tends to eat more often during the day I do my best to eat what I can because if you’re a mom you already know your time is very limited and sometimes you’re like torn between choosing if you want to shower or eat or sleep or whatever I’m not too tired this time around he is waking up at night obviously but this time around I have more energy Thank God, I’m not too tired I have some vegetables here I’m gonna do pepper, tomato and onion
it’s just what I have right now That first sip of coffee last time when I had my son Suleiman I didn’t have any caffeine at all I didn’t have coffee I didn’t have tea – nothing this time around I did have one cup of coffee in my pregnancy a day and I am having one cup of coffee or half depends on how much I drink before he wakes up again I’ll chop up some vegetables have a little bit of onion A little bit, not too much
because I don’t want too much onion in this omelet all right that’s enough and then I’ll save the rest for later now dice them up real small for my husband Isaac hey wake up wake up baby bear yeah you’re making noises
I know you’re hungry hello newbornd are so sleepy Look at the little hands You’re tiny – that’s a size reference Baba is trying to burp him he’s difficult to burp Oh the hiccup
He sounds like a little squeeze toy I’m just pumping right now he did eat for a little bit he ate for about ten minutes on each side he’s kinda sleepy right now he likes to take long stretches of sleep in the morning I just tend to wake him up
because I need to empty I fed him for 20 minutes and since I still have a little bit of milk
I’m gonna pump this is the spectra it’s on right now I just want you to hear it love this pump if you guys want to learn more about it I’ll put the link in the description – it’s not sponsored I used this pump for over a year breastfeeding with my first and now I’m using it again with my second
– it’s that good of a pump this is what I got after I fed him and that’s almost five ounces total or more and my goal is not to exclusively breastfeed –
though he will be getting breast milk I do plan on giving him a bottle of pumped milk everyday or at least once in a while just to kind of make it a little bit easier especially with Suleiman home so these are going into the fridge and I pumped them today – good to go I’m still taking my prenatal and I highly recommend that if your postpartum
you continue to take your prenatals especially while breastfeeding and even
if you’re not you’re going through a lot of blood loss it’s important to stay on top of that also postpartum I like to start taking Biotin again this is for my hair, skin and nails and mainly my hair because postpartum you tend to lose a lot of hair alright so I got all these beautiful flowers
from my friends and family and they’re gorgeous I’m just going to empty out the water
and get some fresh water for them and compress them into smaller arrangements That’s the finished result Now it looks like a brand new bouquet I like to show people that I appreciate what they give me and so I’ll keep them alive for as long as I can Doing laundry has been the greatest challenge for me postpartum so what I do now is I put this stool that’s from my living room or ottoman or whatever you want to call it and then I can sit down like this
and that’s my solution and then I can do laundry Izzy are you waking up mama? Look at the sweet face my favorite thing is his eyelashes just like Suleiman Suleiman even has longer and thicker lashes now
than he did before I got to show you He feeds about every 1-2 hours and he takes awhile to burp hey baby boy so after he feeds yeah I have some laundry there I’m gonna have to fold
– I will get to that but after he feeds I like to change his diaper
so he’s nice and fresh before the next feed typically he has a change of diaper every two hours roughly it depends how long he feeds for oh yeah you fell asleep I have to change you though Look at the stretching – I love it the construction is so loud outside
it’s just right over there they’re putting up two new condos
that’s city life I’m just preparing dinner right now I’m making hawawshy I’ve shown this in a previous video Isaac is starting to wake up again I fed him and then he slept
I fed him for about almost an hour he was feeding pretty well thank God He likes to have long feeds in the late afternoon I’m just trying to make a quick dinner because we don’t have a large enough freezer for freezer meals this is a really good meal if your postpartum and you don’t have if you’re in the same position as I am
and don’t have freezer meals because maybe you didn’t have space or you
didn’t get a chance to prepare them it’s really easy to make and I’ll link the
video what that has this recipe down in my description box for anyone who wants to follow along I have to go feed him this is basically how my day goes every little while he’ll wake up and I’m like
“okay time to feed you” “alright stop what you’re doing and go feed the baby” like right now Oh are you ready to eat? this is real life I’m stuck nursing and he’s with our toddler and frying the hawawshy thank you Yusuf that’s real life like I can’t get up and fry right now I’m stuck feeding the baby Suleiman you want to eat? We have our hawawshy here Yeah you’re talking to your aunt Thank You Baba we have some more hawawshy here I’m going to make a salad I buy salad kits now just to make life a little bit easier we have our salad the hawawshy – time to eat and our flowers “I love you” yeah I love you – let’s eat After Dinner
“nice big hug” What are you doing Suleiman? you’re trying to give her a hug Suki is like get me out of here Are you cleaning up?
“Clean up clean up everybody every where” “clean up clean up” “If you clean up, you’ll get a cookie” Yeah, Baba is going to give you a cookie “Uh oh spaghettio Suleiman” “I’m going to have a cookie,
Suleiman doesn’t get a cookie” His monster voice It’s dark in my room because the light bulb went off but I’m going to do all this laundry Isaac is just sleeping over here he was breastfeeding for quite a few hours he’s cluster feeding so on and off I basically just scarfed my dinner down as fast as I could I still have to go wash the dishes by the sink so I’m gonna quickly do the laundry as fast as I can I already put the sheets back on to my toddler’s bed and then I just have to put the sheet back onto the bassinet here all the sheets in the house are clean I’m gonna do the laundry Then I’m gonna go wash the dishes
and then hopefully have a chance to sit down again Baby wearing to get things done cleaning and chores are done –
at least for now I’m gonna probably vacuum tomorrow morning when it’s more bright because I can’t really see too much
– maybe I’ll just do a quick vacuum now Yusuf is doing the bedtime routine for Suleiman just so then I could get things done but everything is all tidied up this little guy is right here he’s probably going to wake up soon for his next feeding yeah probably soon and then got some nice flowers – everything looks nice I’m gonna light a candle I love the Bath and Bodyworks candles I know they’re not the best for you,
but they smell so good this one is white caramel cold brew it smells so so good With that I think I’ll end the vlog here even though obviously my night continues deep into the night with feedings and all that stuff but if you like these types of videos please click the like subscribe for more content to join the family and until then I’ll see you guys next time oh and leave me a comment below if you want to see more like this that’s real life my toddler’s throwing a tantrum in the bathtub if you want to see a specific types of videos let me know in the comments below and until then I’ll see you guys next time bye-bye


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