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[Music] you have that’s where you go this way [Music] okay hey you got a suit I wanna do [Music] so Grayson is being extremely fussy right now he’s in day one of his leap and actually day two and he’s just not doing very well so he drained both my breasts completely if there’s nothing left and I really didn’t want to have to give him one of the rose and breast milk bags in the freezer because we really only have like three of them in there but I have to because I think I think he’s still hungry I can’t really I mean when I hold him he’s fussy I’ve tried putting him in the wrap he’s still super fussy no matter what I do and so I think he’s just still hungry that’s the only thing I can think of so I got like a few good burps out of him after I breastfed him so I know he doesn’t have any burps left maybe it could be gas pains but I don’t really think it is I think he’s still hungry so I’m gonna try and give him a bottle I think this is like his maybe his fourth or fifth bottle he’s had since he’s been born but we’ll see if this helps and this makes him happy so I’m going to take him out of this swing and feed you he seems content now I think he was just hungry but he’s been nursing like non-stop cluster feeding all day today so he’s just completely drained my boobs so we had to dip into our little stash huh yeah is it really not the best today either so hopefully this will get him to sleep so he can take a decent nap today I think he’s overtired too seems to be chugging this down though I think there was like three and a half ounces in this yeah well I thought I had a victory he’s so tired okay he seems to be fine right now we’ll see how long it lasts for things so overtired but I’m in my lollipop camera app right now and I just wanted to show you guys like what his day looked like today cuz I was just looking through it for myself to see like what his sleep patterns were so these red dots right here are the app alerting me that his environment is too noisy and I have the decibel set at 80 for the intensity of the sound in his environment so if it gets past 80 then my app will alert me so um let’s see so at about 9:30 he started let’s start right here I guess because he didn’t really wake up a ton until right before 11:00 so from 11 till about 2:00 you can see all these times that alerted me and this entire time he’s been awake and I’ve been doing like tummy time with him I put him in the wrap like I told you guys I’ve been trying to like get him to calm down and just like soothe him other ways and it just wasn’t working so I decided to swaddle him up again I think at around like 4:30 or so and put him back in the swing and then he woke up a bunch of times and so I’ve just been going in and replacing the binky occasionally I’ll pick him up and try and rock him and see if he’ll fall asleep in my arms and like nothing’s working so you can see right now the decibel is at 64 because it’s picking up the white noise but you can click that little those three little dots in the corner and then go to camera settings detect feature and yeah it’s at 80 decibels so once it gets to that or above my phone will go off and let me know that he’s crying too loud but you can obviously change this lower or higher but we have the white noise pretty loud in there so I have it set at 80 and it’s been working pretty well so yeah if he’s fussing and it’s below 80 then my phone won’t alert me so I’m sure there’s plenty of times in between all of these and that he was fussing and I just go in there and soothe him before my phone alerts me so I’m sure there probably would be a ton more little red dots here but I just end up hearing him because I’m like right outside the door I’m and so I’ll go in there and see with him before my can’t my phone will go off but yeah this baby monitor is amazing I love it I definitely recommend it but yeah he’s definitely been pretty fussy poor thing I hope he sleeps well tonight though okay it’s the next morning now and I just put up to my dentist appointment I’m here to get my permanent crown on my tooth and I think we’re also gonna do my molds for my Invisalign today too but I have like five minutes before I have to go in so I wanted to give you guys an update on Grayson and how the rest of the night went so after that last clip that I filmed he eventually fell asleep and he slept until 12 o’clock and so at 12 o’clock I nursed him again and he went back down to sleep till 3:00 and then same thing to my routine with him nursed him and then he woke up at 6 o’clock and lately he’s been waking up at 6 or 6:30 and not wanting to go back to sleep like that’s when he wakes up for the day so yesterday I got up with him and we went into the living room we did some tummy time on the exercise mat I wore him in the wrap for a little bit and just tried to like stimulate him and keep him up for a little bit before I wanted to put him back down for a nap and he just wasn’t having it he stayed up until I think like 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning so he had been up from 6 until 10 or 11 which is a pretty long time for a newborn that’s pretty much been his pattern for the last couple days he is just not wanting to go back to sleep in the morning which is fine but he’s doing really long stretches in the morning is probably because he’s going through a leap which I’ll get into that in a minute but this morning he woke up at 6 o’clock and so I think Adam and I for as long as he’s gonna be home until he goes back to school are just gonna rotate in the mornings who gets up with him this morning Adam got up with him at 6 o’clock and he is still awake and it’s 12 o’clock so I had to leave for my appointment they said it’s not gonna take very long so I’m like the stress case right now because he’s not sleeping and we really don’t have that much milk in the freezer so I don’t know I’m just really worried that he’s not gonna fall asleep he’s gonna be up the entire time just fussy and I’m not there I’m sure he’ll be fine my appointments not gonna take very long so I should be back home in plenty of time he has enough milk on hand I just worries me that he’s a week I don’t know I just I’m a mom so that’s what I do I worry but just when you have their sleep like figured out they end up going through a regression or a leap in Grayson’s case and if any of you mom is out there do not have the wonder weeks app I highly recommend it it basically just tells you when your baby’s about to go through a leap in their development and what to expect during that leap so this is Grayson’s first leap that he’s been through since he’s been born I’m so he’s in leap one I have the app on my phone it says that the leap is supposed to end in five days so five days until the end of the leap and it basically just tells you like everything to expect during this leap but it says he’s able to see beyond the range of 20 to 30 centimeters now so before he was only able to see things like really close up and now you can see things farther away it just tells you like a bunch of things that they’re able to do now there’s like videos of things that like or what it looks like for them to see it’s really cool there’s a lot of good information in this app but when they go through these leaps and their development there are a ton more fussy so I mean this all makes sense that’s probably why he’s so fussy and going through a little sleep regression during the first year they go through a ton of leaps so this is just the first of many but I just wanted to share that with you because if you do not have it and you have a baby then I definitely recommend it because it’s super helpful but another thing I wanted to mention I got a ton of good feedback from you guys in my last vlog about Grayson’s tongue tie so I’m definitely gonna get a second opinion and I’m really glad that I’m here at my dentist right now but I go in I’m gonna ask her if she can refer me to a really good pediatric dentist and see if I can get a second opinion from them that way they can look at Grayson’s tongue tie and let me know if we need to get it lasered or not because a lot of you guys said that pediatricians aren’t really specialized in diagnosing whether or not a newborn has a tongue or lip tie so thank you guys so much for all of your feedback on my last video it was super helpful hopefully either she can do the laser which I don’t think she can maybe she can I don’t know she she sees the girls so it’s a family dentistry here so she might I’ll ask her but if not then hopefully she can get me a referral to someone who can if you guys are in the Allen area and you need a good dentist I highly highly recommend a PA dental arts where I go their staff is just amazing like I love coming here because everyone is so sweet but just thought I would shot them out again because they’re the best [Music] we’re gonna get your before-and-after okay I’m basically only talk about 30 seconds to generate after we did your skin so you can actually see right here is where you are now mm-hmm and here is where you will be you will definitely be a really short case maybe only a couple of months okay you can actually look at the before and after and see that you have some crowding here and then everything is going to line up really nicely same thing with the bottom we’re also going to widen your smile a little bit so you can see more teeth when you give a really big smile as well as kind of close this bite right here so this is a really really beautiful outcome okay yeah that was my main concern was just widening the smile so yeah I think you’re gonna be really happy with it it’s awesome yay I’m so excited Tara bought this thing from Amazon so hopefully it works got these little blaster things what are those things called water blasters [Music] [Applause] somewhere we won’t be scared [Music] just a little forever no no I can’t because my best day coming soon it’s not very soon got a couple months when is your birthday like what day yeah January 17 honey I don’t want you to get older okay I don’t want you to though I love a fight that’s not so old but I don’t want you don’t want you to stay little okay thank you but I still don’t want you to get older yeah you know but I don’t want you to well we’ll wait till then okay getting old sucks and it’s not the fact that you’re getting older it’s that if you have kids like it’s sad right because she’s just so little but she’s she’s so smart and I’m so happy that I get to record some of these moments because she’s just growing up too fast everybody you can do it Adam you can do it Tara gets here and 30 minutes don’t freak out guys I just need some time to make some mac and cheese I got dad mode engaged ready to roll [Applause] Wow yeah forgot to take this out yeah it’s like bigger than enough adult booger Oh Betty [Music] that’s like a human sized snot Grayson Grayson literally just blew out a snap like a big ol snot bubble out of his nose like it was huge like like there’s like a human sized human like an adult sized little snot rocket hey Joe [Applause] save me [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay I just got out of my appointment my crown feels great she did a great job and then we did do my molds for my Invisalign and they have like I knew like high-tech system that you guys saw or they just scan my teeth and there’s no like sticky mold or anything like that which is awesome so I’m really excited I should get my trays within the next two weeks she said and then I’m only gonna be in Invisalign for she said like three months so I’ll be out of them by Christmas so it’s gonna be a super short process which I’m stoked about but I’m just excited to finally get my teeth straight and she said she doesn’t she’s certified in lasers but she doesn’t do it at their office there but she’s gonna get in touch with me in a little bit and recommend a pediatric dentist for me so that way I can go get a second opinion for Grayson’s tongue-tie but I’m gonna rush home now it’s 1250 but my phone hasn’t alerted me at all that Grayson um has been fussy so I think he finally fell asleep which is awesome okay well I came back home and Grayson was still up he still has not slept since 6 o’clock this morning you guys so since I need to go to Target there’s a huge running list on my phone of things that I need to get one being size one diapers and nursing pads I need to get those things desperately I figured I would just bring him with me that way he’s with me and I’m not so like anxious if he’s not sleeping while I’m gone and maybe the car ride and being in Target and like just like riding in the cart will get him to go to sleep but we’ll see he’s starting to fuss right now but I’ll do a target haul after I get back home [Music] [Music] and still why do we [Music] I’m trying to pick out some some new bath wash for Grayson to help with his skin I don’t know if they have the one I want to get though so you didn’t sleep the entire time I was gone at Target he was kind of just doing the same thing he’s been doing the last couple days just like fussing in and out of delirium like his eyes will shut like he wants to go to sleep cause he’s obviously overtired and he just wakes himself up constantly because he’s fussy so I know used to hoping that he naps when I get home we just got home and he’s still wide awake so I’m gonna change him nurse him swaddle him up and hopefully I’ll take a nap thanks babe Adam was unloading stuff I got from Target while I was nursing Grayson he was like shutting his eyes while I was nursing him which he hasn’t done since like he was like firstborn yeah he never ever closes his eyes when I’m nursing I always put him to sleep when he’s like full wide eyed and he like puts himself to sleep he’s done that since he was born he’s always been super alert always your armor well you’re not with me when I’m nursing him every time but he like yeah you he never like closes his eyes like he’s getting sleepy when I nursed him I always lay him down he’s like wide awake why he was swaddled oh yeah I know he’s never like that but he swaddled every time usually when I feed him you know I want to show you guys everything that I got I’m talking right now cuz it’s like really random my Toby Todd package just came into me I’m really excited to open this and start using this on his skin I tried to find some stuff at Target but they didn’t have this stuff that I wanted I wanted to either get the tubby Todd line for the bath and they didn’t have that there they don’t sell it at Target or I think it was like noodle and boo they don’t have that there either so I think I’m just gonna keep using the same stuff that I was let me show you guys this is what I’m using right now in the bath for him I tried this last time we gave him a bath and his skin is not clearing up and this is also what I was using and I don’t know I feel like he has really sensitive skin like like I do you also have this one I haven’t tried this one yet maybe I’ll try this today cuz he’s gonna get a bath today but I’m really excited to start putting this on his skin because so many of you guys recommended it so this is what it looks like it’s their natural all-over white mint sounds like it should be good I’ll let you guys know if he ends up liking it though okay little target haul I’m gonna go through this quickly we got milk because we’re always running out of milk I got some stuff to make some lactation cookies chocolate chip obviously because those are my favorite and then I also picked up these really cute blush scissors they were like 399 so I picked those up they’re like kitchen yeah they’re kitchen scissors and I also got a vino body wash and lotion so I’m gonna try this on Grayson and see if that works for him I heard a vino baby is a really good mine as well we needed some more toothpaste I got some more bronzer the butter bronzer is really good if you guys haven’t read it by Physicians Formula I’m it smells really good too I used to use this like a year ago but I ran out of bronzer so I picked that one up I got some more makeup wipes I needed another loofah the girls I don’t know where their bowls are going at somehow we only have like two of them left so I picked up some more of their bowls and you guys always ask where I get their bowls and plates and stuff from and I get it from Target and they’re like 79 cents I think so super inexpensive and they’re BPA for you too which is nice and then I don’t know where my tweezers went but I need to pluck my eyebrows so bad so I got a new pair of tweezers needed some more kids dental floss and then I picked up some more pads for myself I’m not bleeding anymore but I got the thong ones put in my my regular like day-to-day underwear because I’m not wearing those granny panties anymore but I am still leaking for those of you that I’ve had a three plus kids you know what I mean it’s just yeah it’s fun but got some more disposable nursing pads I picked up the Medela brand and then all the rest of this stuff is for a fun little craft that I want to do with the girls so that is everything that I picked up from Target oh I didn’t mention I also got some multi-surface spray from mrs. Myers this is my favorite stuff and I think this is a new scent the acorn spice it smells really good it kind of smells like brown sugar and then this one’s my favorite lavender but I ran out of multi-surface spray so I picked some more up but I think that was it so there’s a little target haul for you guys and I think Grayson is actually asleep because he isn’t first in the last like five minutes but uh let’s show you what a cool town looks like it’s better so much better [Music] to [Music] so I got this little craft idea from this Instagram account and it’s saved her her highlight so you guys could make it too if you want but it looks really easy and really fun for the kids so their puff paint ice cream cones so this is what we’re gonna be making and she does step-by-step in her story so we’re just going to follow with the instructions and make some ice cream cones are you guys it’s very excited okay let’s find out the first step is open it we’re gonna do sprinkles in just a minute you know better you mix this one up for Mama okay let’s do a different color because already added pink let’s to yellow don’t touch it don’t touch I don’t want them mixing your spoon good job baby now we’re getting the cones out of Brown construction paper I’m gonna draw it out first and then we’ll cut them yeah and make that I please make one for you and one per se now I’m making a scoops so I’m gonna cut these out and then keep my shoes up if I want let’s just nothin friend maybe there is more to life than being pretty funny let’s just begin the better let’s show you looks like it so much better [Music] the better [Music] Queens internal flowers [Music] [Music] and be a little water believe me kick your shoe shop you don’t have to hide it baby down really okay so we made the combs and then the scoops I cut out circles for the girls to decorate their scoops with a puffy paint that we made daily is doing purple good job honey Shea what’s yours look like wow how beautiful and then while the paint is still wet we’ll add the sprinkles on top pink on that one okay pink the purple paint brush bucket okay Shea’s gonna throw the pink sprinkles on over here but I’m on the ice cream scoop shake shake shake say it’s like we got me on by I was going on yeah right yeah oh good job that’s beautiful love it a possum beautiful job Bailey stand in the line hey don’t eat it honey oh she’s eating this okay the girls are finished with their ice cream cones they’re so cute and now they’re just playing with the puffy paint drawing pictures what are you making Bailey are you making a smiley face what are you making Shea okay it’s a little bit later now it’s about 7:45 Adam and I just put the girls down for bed and Greyston woke up about 10 minutes ago I’m nursing him right now I don’t know if you guys can hear that like clicking sound but he also makes that noise when he nurses and a lot of you guys said that’s a big indicator that they could have a tongue tie so yeah hopefully we’ll get that figured out soon but we’re gonna give him a bath in a little bit and I’m excited to use the new products I got from Aveeno and the tubby table lotion too [Music] at the time oh you’re so gosu ee so I’m gonna use the Aveeno baby lotion that I got from Target today on his face and then I’ll use the tubby Todd stuff on his body Adams trying to convince me that we need a dog doo look at him though alright the girl the girl right yeah it’s 9 weeks old and this is the exact dog that you want to get to the lab it’s so cute babe but I don’t know if we need a dog right now we’ll make it work I don’t know we’re just like yet another human you said you want another kid this is practice right it’s practice for a fourth child it is literally and we have we have a newborn baby right now yeah it’s gonna be a lot of work what do you think should we do it [Music] I [Music] extremely Quizlet panel you know better


  • Katherine Bonnici

    My 2 month old just wants to be near me. She won't sleep on her own yet but I figure she will grow out of it. To get her to sleep I need to hold her and move around a lot. Good luck.

  • Cynthia Jasmin

    Have you tried cetafil for baby? When my four-year-old was a baby she had really sensitive skin, she still does, but when she was a baby her skin was extra sensitive and she had the baby rash just like what you have showed with Grayson. I was using the Aveeno baby lotion and that did not work I think it made it worse. So I decided to use cetafil for babies with sensitive skin and I think it helped and cleared up her skin a lot more than any thing else I used.

  • Desirea Morgan

    Please check out the Nesting bean swaddler it's a God send honestly! Check out a YouTube video about it I never see anyone use it It has a slightly weighted beans in it to make them feel like their being held Just check it out!

  • Heather Rae

    I always say it’s both joyful and painful to watch kids grow up. My girls will be 7 in January and I can’t believe it

  • Alexis Mia

    OMG MY HEART! Baylee telling Adam she's still be his baby like what, why is she so sweet. Her little soul reminds me of my first born. just the sweetest little thing full of love

  • Madison Adley

    Tara! Even if it feels like theres no milk left in your breast theres still milk!!!! Thats how your supply dies down 🙁 he fusses and nurses more to boost your supply! I'd recommend getting a lactation consultant.

  • Madison Adley

    try only swaddling for nap/bed time and bring him around the house dont keep him in the swing all day 🙁 poor baby

  • Cindy Giesregen

    Wait on puppy…..puppies are a lot of work. Tell Adam that when the time is right you guys will get a puppy. Take Grayson to an ENT if possible a Pediatric ENT not dentist. That way your medical insurance will pay. Tara you are an amazing woman, mother & wife right now you need Peace and your kids need their mom and dad without another needy creature. If puppies don’t get a lot of attention and training they become gos with behavior issues. There is not enough time in the day to be giving a puppy the attention they require and house training accidents and extremely sharp puppy teeth aren’t things you need to deal with once Adam is back in school. I know you know these things but I know how hard it is to tell husbands that we love not right now. I always want to make my husband happy but timing is a very important factor. Keeping your home up to your high standards is enough distraction plus editing, meeting time for work, etc your plate is full. Enjoy what you have so you have a little down time to relax and play with your three babies. I just want to protect you during this time in your life so you can enjoy these stages that fly by. Once Grayson is 4 or 5 would be a much better time to add a puppy. No kids in diapers and you’ll have more time to spend training a puppy once they all have a preschool or school schedule. I’m sorry if I sound like a mom of three and a grandma of 5 but. That is what I am besides one of your greatest fans. Grayson will be crawling and getting into things before you know it. Adam can wait for a puppy.

  • Michelle A

    I took a baby care class today and learned that less products is better. Just water and a wash cloth. A baby’s skin is really sensitive and still building it’s microbiome. Using all those soaps could be what’s making it worse.

  • Candy V

    Why don't you try taking him for a walk in his carriage? If he falls asleep just put him out by the window in your living room on your patio. You can see him and he might sleep for awhile outside. You have the monitor and can keep the blinds open to check on him. Fresh air always made my girls sleep.

  • Christy Key

    We just had My Son’s Tongue Tie clipped and My Boy’s Pediatrician referred him for a Otolaryngologists for it to be done (Ears, Nose, and Throat Dr.) and they did it last Monday ❤️

  • Katherine Victoria

    He’s spending WAAAAYYY to much time in that room and shouldn’t be sleeping in a swing all day either that position is uncomfortable especially swaddled where he can’t even move.

  • Katherine Victoria

    Also Pace feed with the baby. It’s way faster than the breast and that’s why he’s drinking the milk sooo fast.

  • بكرة احلى مع جميلة

    انا بحبك اوى بس ممكن تترجمى فيديوهاتك بالعربى ذى ماعملتى قبل كدا ok

  • psitsapril

    For those that think you leave Grayson in a room all day- come one, that’s absurd! This is her third baby, she has a more than full time job with youtube, and she is filming when hands are free- which means not while she is holding her son, so of course we don’t see that. There are 24 hours in a day and we see 20 min. TWENTY MINUTES. Be nice 🌸. From what I remember, growth spurts can cause extra fussiness.

  • Meet The Sutton’s

    There is this page on Instagram called legendairymilk. They have a lot of things to up your milk. Check them out.

  • Cheyenne King

    If you haven’t yet try dove baby! My daughter had really bad eczema when she was a baby and we used the aveno baby until we tried Dove and it was a life changer. Also Dream Cream from Lush, haven’t had an eczema break out since! I tried tons of washes and lotions and creams and those two are the only one that made a difference!

  • Janae N


  • Roxy E.

    Baby Aquaphor has always worked like a charm for us! Whenever he got dry skin, diaper rash, or even acne or heat rash. That cream worked like a charm! I’d put that on his cheeks and use aveeno baby lotion on his skin. See if it works for you 🤗

  • katlyn waddell

    My baby’s have eczema. That’s what his looks like to me. You can try only bathing him once a week. Baths dry out the skin. Dove makes bath wipes for baby that u can use to keep him not stinking form milk. 😂 Just a thought! Dry skin can be painful and itchy. Aquaphor is a wonderful skin moisturizer for it. I just put it on my baby’s before bed because it really makes them shine! Haha! He’s so cute and so are ur girls! U have a beautiful family!

  • Ana Crespo

    Omg your baby was cold look how his lips shake he is too small to have those clothes that are not warming him up…stores tend to be cold as well and you had him in there without any blanket

  • Ana Crespo

    And then why you have him alone in the bedroom where he is not seeing anybody and you are not there with him thats too cold….when you showed the monitor you had him literally more than 3 hours on that swim…poor baby of course he is going to fuss would you like to be seated in the same place for that long in an empty room without seing people around. Now a days women wants to have kids but dont want to dedicate time to them nakes me so mad

  • Ana Crespo

    Omg based on your app from 11 to 3pm you had him on the swing. Of course the baby is crying non stop hold your baby please. He doesnt need to be on a swing for that many hours and alone in that bedroom.

  • Roaa H.s

    مرحبا يرجى ان تترجمي لفيديو حتى يصل إلى أقصى لبلدان العربيه متابعينك من العرب شكرا

  • Pammie F

    How would you like to be confined to one room all day in a swing stuck in a swaddle?! Am I missing something! He's just an alert baby and wants to be around people it isn't hunger it's Bordem we all eat when bored 🤦‍♀️

  • Ashley Anna

    Thats a really long time for him to be in the swing. All day he needs to have more interaction and stimulation. Just my opinion

  • The Fife Life

    Sending thoughts and prayers to your beautiful family with this next stage of motherhood!! Love how realistic your video is…It really is just learning one day at a time!

  • Hoda Elsayed

    لو انتي تشربي قهوة كتير فبالتاكيد هذا هو سبب عدم نومه فكل ما تتغذي عليه يصله عن طريق الرضاعة 🙂

  • Virginia Girl

    That was so sweet when adam was telling bayley he didnt want her to get older. Then when she reassured her daddy she would always be his baby. That was priceless. Bless y'alls family

  • Kaitlin P

    Maybe don't leave him in your room all day. He will be a happier and healthier baby. How on earth can you leave brand new baby alone?!?

    My goodness, most people can't even put their baby down.

  • Nicole Khoury

    I love you guys and your babies there soo cute there paintings were sooo cute and Grayson is the cutest little man love watching your vlogs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Faces by Fatima

    Aveeno Baby is the best. That’s all I use on my girl. She doesn’t even need topical steroids for her eczema anymore (I mean her eczema isn’t severe or anything but still, aveeno does a great job in keeping her rashes at bay). ♥️

  • Monika Baczek

    DONE DONE DONE. I CANNOT. JUST DONE. When Baylee told Adam it's okay that she gets older…… I cannnnnoooottttttttt. All the feels. I have a 14month old now and I PRAY she grows to be as kind, comforting, and beautiful as little Baylee. That little girl will change the world some day with her kind spirit.

  • Kerry

    I'd try going with no swaddle, you can see he wants his arms out. Also, the only safe sleep place is in a crib on his back. Swings are not safe to sleep in.

  • Miss Holt

    Cluster feeding is GOOD. Even if there’s nothing left keep nursing! Your body produces milk based on a supply and demand schedule.. you only produce milk when it is being “demanded” by the baby and that is how you up your supply! He’s growing so fast right now that he needs more calories and more milk intake and if you stop your body will not supply what he needs so keep nursing.

  • Cody Willis

    Doesnt this woman have 2 kids already? Why are any of you trying to tell her how to be a better parent, shes a veteran with newborns by now.

  • Debra McIntosh

    I am just wondering if you put the baby in your master bedroom with you, because he is probably lonely being alone.

  • زوجي العين وأولادي نظرهاا Hddxn

    وهاذي الزباله شنو حته انتابعهة احنه العرب وبعدين مايربن مثل الأم العربيه تسهر وحظن ورظاعه طبيعيه وطبخ من ايد لام هاي هم حاسبه نفسه أم الي مع الام العربيه لايك

  • Kala Dwarakanath

    I think he has outgrown that bed. Swaddled and put in that bed, he looks squished! No room to stretch his arms and legs.

  • Dina C

    These comments! Let her raise her babies how she feels is right. I have almost 5 and 4 year old girls and a 7 month old baby boy and when he was younger (newborn to 4/5 months) he spent most of the day in my room. He is just fine and I felt a heck of a lot more comfortable having him in there then in the living room where my girls could have bothered him or tipped his swing or a number of things because they don’t understand that a baby is fragile and not a toy.

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