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I got blood on my hands right now [Music] I have found but no I can’t be the one that you me [Music] [Music] [Music] maybe maybe [Music] my [Music] [Music] okay my thrive market order just came in the mail and I’m really excited about this month’s box because as you can see a lot of it is food items and if you guys don’t know what thrive market is it’s an online marketplace that makes healthy living easy and affordable for everyone so you can shop for thousands of the best selling organic foods and natural products up to twenty-five to fifty percent below traditional retail prices which is amazing I’m gonna show you guys a little haul on everything that I got but you can get literally everything you need from non-gmo foods snacks vitamins supplements personal care products cleaning supplies non-toxic beauty products kitchen staples home goods like so many different things you guys they have stuff for everyone so I’m gonna take all this stuff out and show you everything that I got for this month’s box but you can also filter the category of products by your values and dietary preferences so whether you’re paleo lutein free vegan you can shop along 80 plus qualities including non-gmo Fairtrade certified bpa-free and more so you guys haven’t checked out thrive like I would definitely recommend checking out their website because every time I go on there I’m like so blown away by all the products they sell at such amazing price points okay well clearly I was starving when I places thrive order because it’s literally all food but I did get a few things for Khloe so I got her the mut follows their maple bacon kisses how cute and we’ll see if she likes those and then I also got her some chicken and salmon jerky bites and then I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers talk about these smart sweets she eats these and she does I think she does paleo and I can’t remember exactly I think her husband does paleo and she’s trying to do it as well but she mentioned that she ate these for when she has a sweet tooth because they have really good macros I think you guys haven’t nope I have no idea what I’m talking about but they only have three grams of sugar of this entire bag and I’m trying to eat a lot healthier so I thought these would be nice to have on hand for when I really want some candy I also got the gummy bears and then these are the swedish fish and it’s a kind of balance that out I got coconut milk caramel I think I yeah two bags of those and then I got this is just a different flavor vanilla and sea salt it sounds really good though oh I got another bag two bags of vanilla two bags of the sea salt and I also ordered these for the girls they’re Annie’s peanut butter rice krispies treats so I’m sure they’ll love those and I also picked these up as well I got them some chewable multivitamins so I’m gonna give these to the girls today and see how they like them I’m interested to see if they taste well and he’ll actually eat these we use the gummies right now but I think these will be a lot better for them so I’m interested to see if they’ll eat them but that is everything that I got in this month’s box if you guys are new to thrive market and you want to give them a try they’re giving my viewers an extra 25% off your first purchase plus a free 30-day trial so that’s an extra 25% off they’re already super low prices so you guys can use the link in the description box to get started and thanks to thrive market for sponsoring today’s video did you like your new bag yeah you want to zip it up this is how you make it look you can make it every morning now you just zip it well you got it that’s how you make your bed now you just zip it’s okay you gotta use your muscles how cool is that it’s like a little sleeping bag so these are Betty’s I believe is what they’re called I’m only come down below for you guys but they’re super cute they have a ton of different prints and it came with this pillowcase with the polka dots do you need help is it stuck yeah oh yeah it’s caught on there hold on help you so it came with this pillowcase and then this pink ruffle one got caught again [Music] how easy is that you just sit both sides in your beds made every morning where’s your bun bun I’m on your bed and let’s go brush your teeth and get dressed [Music] [Music] she’s doing gymnastics yeah she’s doing it back or what’s it called a back bend that’s it baby it’s called a back bend I was in gymnastics what an arch that’s what is it baby no that’s here it is it’s a back handspring or a back then well back handspring is when you spring backwards so she’s doing no she’s that’s a it’s a arch or something I can’t remember the name but it’s not a back definitely not an arch good good good is making a backflip tunnel whoo backflip tunnel that’s what it is I knew Bailey would know the girls are having eggs oranges and blueberries and I’m having a protein shake it’s just banana chocolate protein powder ice milk and a scoop of peanut butter I need a well I need a blend this together I put way too much and it started spilling out so I need to rerun this for Adam of course the girls want my breakfast gotta share okay take turns you want me to pour something to cut for you okay yeah I’ll get you a cup you can have dads there goes my breakfast yeah Cheers you guys want to try your new vitamins okay I’m gonna have dad help me open um cuz I’m holding Grayson right now can you open this probably you try babe I’m testing the better yeah sitting here I got a bit some scissors [Applause] no no no don’t touch those let me do it [Music] take one out and take one out for you and one out for Shay does it smell like oh don’t do that honey just take one out okay one for you and one for Shay there what yeah okay okay good one – Shay shyam but it tastes like good good you chew it it’s like a little candy you guys get one of those every day okay are they good good [Music] who wants to swing all right well we got to go with whose youngest so who’s the youngest between you two yeah so she’s gotta go first okay [Music] tiny nowadays is it hi Joey it’s my shirt back BAE charity like you guys doing good okay pusher push push push you’re not very strong again go he’s up to no good here really Chloe drop it drop it so we don’t give that to the doggy that’s not for the doggy okay and I am going off good job Shay bye-bye see you later goodbye Bailey welcome back from school change it shade you have fun at school what’s in there a little toys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay now the Grayson is down for a nap I thought I would give you guys a little update on him and how everything has been since I posted my last video which by the way thank you guys so much for all your support and encouragement it really means a lot to me it’s been really difficult to past couple days as you guys know and your guys’s like encouragement and kind words really means a lot to me so thank you guys so it’s still been pretty difficult the last day since I posted that video I’ve just been trying to pump as much as I can and give him my breast milk that way but he still is pretty fussy even when I give him the bottle and a lot of you guys said that you think he might have silent reflux which is what I figured he might have as well should I had the same thing she had silent reflux and she also had a milk protein allergy and I think he is following in her footsteps because he has all the symptoms of silent reflux and all the symptoms of a milk protein allergy he still has that like rash that kind of looks like hives all over his body and it has not gone away so I’m taking him to his pediatrician today to talk to him about getting him on santech for his reflux and see if he thinks that he also has a milk protein allergy I really honestly think he does so if that’s the case I’m gonna have to completely cut out all milk products out of my diet if I want to continue breastfeeding so I’m gonna try and do that I’ve already cut out a lot of dairy from my diet but I’m gonna have to really like force with it if he does have the milk protein allergy and then hopefully get him on zantac for silent reflux also a lactation consultant is coming over to my house tomorrow so the date that you guys are watching this she’s coming over to my house to meet with me and assess how we nursed and hopefully that will help I’m praying it does but if after I meet with her and after I get him on zantac for reflux if that’s what his pediatrician thinks that he needs if those two things don’t help then I’m just gonna start bottle feeding him giving him formula and that’s that I’m not gonna have like anybody feelings about it I’m not gonna feel guilty about it I did everything I could in my power to try and give it my all with fresh seating and I feel proud of myself for doing that and I feel really I just feel really at peace knowing that I tried everything in me to do what I could to breastfeed him and I have really high hopes I feel like the lactation consultant can really help us I’ve heard really good things about lactation consultants from you guys so I’m really hoping that she can help and I’m really hoping that his pediatrician can give me some answers as well but yeah that’s a little update on what’s been going on with breastfeeding so we have his appointment today in about an hour and a half so I will let you guys know what his pediatrician says after his appointment all right Khloe let’s see if you like these money Mallos where is she today it’s a Haines babe that would be a boy you get you get you get them confused I’ve always caused Khloe a boy not always Grayson a girl but definitely a boy would she like it you hate that up I don’t know she didn’t yeah is it good what do you think mmm it’s like a little cookie did you like it she ate it there’s another little piece right here girl Bailey got a new dance bag she starts dance tonight is her first night she’s gonna be doing ballet and tap I want to try it on how cute is the house I got it from Etsy let’s try it on cute there’s obviously nothing in it right now we need to get her a new leotard some ballet flats some tap shoes stand up let me see we need everything new because she’s grown so big turn around let me see cute [Music] so we just got out of Grayson’s appointment and his pediatrician prescribed him zantac so hopefully that hopes a little bit and he doesn’t know if he has a milk protein allergy or not but he referred me to a GI specialist so we really don’t have any answers yet he said the rash on his body he has no idea what that is so hopefully the GI specialist can give us some more answers I’m gonna go home and schedule that appointment for him but I’m gonna run inside two targets and we have a CVS and Target and that’s where we get our scripts filled so I’m gonna head in to pick up his Dan tech and then head home and schedule his appointment for the GI specialist okay we just got home Adams going to put him down for a nap while I pump and then we’re gonna head out because Bailey has her first day of dance today [Music] [Music] I got Chloe some new toys at Target while we were there and then a bin to put them all in because she has so many toys and they’re just like all over the house you like that one we got her some new bowls too these are from Etsy they’re so cute I’ll link these down below I just linked him in my Instagram story but she was like not liking that other bowls why because she could see a reflection I was like yeah and she kept barking and didn’t want to drink out of it you like that toy see II told you we’re gonna find all the rest of them around the house and put them in this basket can you ready to go you did such a good job honey did you have fun okay we just got back from dance I’m holding Gracie’s right now Shay Bailey Grayson they all just had dinner and now I need to wash the dishes get them to bed Adam just left for the gym so wish me luck there’s petals and if Aaron’s got them for me for my birthday they make bubbles okay an hour later and Bailey and Shang are finally in bed I tried to get grace into bed but he’s just fasting but I think I’m gonna end the vlog here had such a long day tomorrow is another really long day I’m meeting with the lactation consultant and then tomorrow evening we have the girls orientation at school which is really exciting we didn’t get to do that last year with Bailey when she started preschool because we had moved and the school had already started so it feels like the first time home but I’m gonna go you guys thank you so much for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in my next video you


  • Mikayla Kathlina

    I watched the video of you trying to get your girls to sleep and I just wanted to know, I was crying with you. I could see you wanted to so bad. Its HARD and no one gets it unless they are the ones doing it. 💕 you’re a good mom by the way! I hope they are sleeping better now days!

  • nour nour

    تارا.. أنت شابّة مثقٌفة أتساءل أحيانا هل حاولتِ القراءة عن الدّين الإسلامي ورقيّ تعاليمه.. ؟؟ هل تساءلتِ لماذا أسلم الكثير من مُواطنيك من ذوي البشرة البيضاء و ثبتوا على الإسلام بحبّ ؟ وجهة نظر ..لا غير

  • Gabby

    Formula isn’t always the solution either a lot of formulas are high protein so if you do bottle feed no one doubts your choices your his mother absolutely just make sure it’s a more broken down formula and start with that then maybe introduce a higher protein as he gets older and can tolerate it. My son had a bad dairy allergy I couldn’t drink a glass of milk without it going through my milk and causing him to become lethargic and blood in diaper along with projectile everytime. You know what’s best hang in there !

  • dalia elnazer

    Sweetheart you are a beautiful mommy & your kids are the cutest. Plz schedule time for yourself. Love from Egypt

  • Louise Garwood

    Ur not alone girl I tell ya I’ve got 4 kids & a puppy and they r harder then the kids. It looks to me that ur doing a great job mummy power mums the word 😅😘

  • S J

    Let that baby move freely! Good grief. He's obviously uncomfortable and needs to stretch out. Also, maybe next time use birth control and stop complaining about your kids. 🙄

  • Tara Marie

    I love your food awareness!

    Your meals look so yummy!

    I’ll have to look and see if you have a video on meals you make because I am STRUGGLING with cooking healthy dinners every night/ and lunches 😑

  • Lyndsie Cromwell

    It could be heat rash. My son was a really hot sleeper and could never be swaddled or wear super warm fabrics or he would be hot and fussy. Just little cotton outfits and if you're worried about him getting cold maybe a thin sleep sac or muslin blanket. Just a thought. Hang in there sweet mama! It is all a phase and these hard times will pass.

  • Kayla Willey

    the Swedish fish are by far the best, and they just came out with the fuzzy peach ones but the gummy bears and sour ones arnt the best

  • jhmiranda81

    Hi, I went through a similar situation with my child. She had severe reflux. Did an ultrasound, GI doctor just to tell us that our problem was still reflux. Do what you feel is best, but you may want to give him the medicine and cut dairy out completely (takes a few weeks) and then quit the meds to see if it goes away. My child's didn't until she was on solid food. When she was a newborn she had colic and I would nurse her every two hrs, keep her upright for about 45 minutes ( to keep reflux at a minimum) and then lay her back down to sleep (I survived on about 30 minutes of sleep between feedings. I supplemented with formula (she had a huge appetite and I didn't supply enough) and only Similac Alimentum helped. Nutramigen did not! I started oatmeal mixed with breast milk at only about 3 months old so that may help also. Motherhood is the hardest thing that I have ever done and I have been in the military lol. My girl is 3 yrs old now and dairy is not a problem anymore. She also had eczema from the dairy intolerance. Also, stay away from spicy and high acidic foods. P.S. the protein powder that your daughters are drinking may be too much protein for their kidneys to flush. Just fyi in case you didn't know. I know how devastated that you feel with this journey, but all that you can do is your best and it is good enough! Grayson is loved and otherwise doing well. I am sure that your videos are helping a lot of mammas going through the same thing. God bless!

  • Giselle Hernandez

    You look exhausted momma but just keep in mind you’re doing the best for your kids and you’re the best mommy for them ❤️ I’ll soon be a momma of 3 as well next month and I’m a little nervous 😭

  • prettynpearls

    Idky ppl think it’s a great ideal to add a puppy to the family with a NB. She was stress with just the two girls. Maybe spacing baby #2 & #3 out a bit more would’ve helped. You never know what kind of issues comes along with a new baby. New baby isn’t all peaches and cream. Not meaning any harm by saying this but maybe other women needed to hear this.

  • jamie Stewart

    Liquid vitamins are the best absorbed and make sure they are whole foods vitamins or they won't even be absorbing anything and wasting money. Maryruth organics have a good liquid vitamin 🙂

  • Kimberly Diaz

    I swaddled my babies for a short time. They didn't like it much. Plus you need the one on one time with him. Babies have different cries to let you know what's wrong. Look into it, it helped alot. The rash maybe from the heat from the swaddle. Don't use it for a few days and see what happens. Best wishes always hope these ideas help. Remember your doing great postpartum will go away just take it one day at a time.

  • Kaleigh Morrison

    Have you tried switching out the laundry detergent for his clothes? My husband and I cannot use the same laundry detergent because he breaks out into rashes, same with my cousins kids!

  • Jom Q

    كم انتي ام لطيفة وجميلة أتمنى التوفيق والسعادة لكي ولأولادك الجميلين مثلكي. ❤️

  • ام امجد

    بالنسبه للحساسيه
    انتبهي ليكون معه نقص مناعه
    اعرف طفله كان دايم فيها طفح
    طلع نقص مناعه

  • Priyanka Gupta

    As baby grows, they like their hands and legs to be free for movement. Or else, they'll end up getting fussy and unhappy. So please tara try not to wrap up him so tight and let him njoy his growing phase of life journey.

    Love for him & yuh all from me.
    Take care !!

  • Julie Zitz

    I've subscribed to your channel for awhile, and I'm not certain I've ever commented before. I just have to say I'm more impressed with you than ever before, the way you pour your heart and soul into your children, your family. I know this season of life is not easy right now and is so overwhelming much of the time. Good parents always question if they're doing the right thing, and the mommy guilt struggle is real! But yet, you persevere, you keep trying, and you're willing to sacrifice your pride to reach out and ask for help and guidance when you need it.
    So take a deep breath, smile as you count your many beautiful blessings, and know you're not alone on this journey. 😀
    Now for some randomness – I noticed your hair looked especially pretty today, for some reason. And I wondered where you got your cute soft looking sneakers, and the little animal print bag or wallet you put into your bag right before leaving for the pediatrician? ☺️

  • Chloe Laylane

    I have a question for you Tara but does it confuse the baby if you give them a bottle and the breast? I am having a baby soon and I was wondering if you find that greyson prefers one over the other and what was you experience?

  • Let's talk for dogs

    Dnt wrap him…give him some masaage with a gentle baby massage oil its gud for him…in india we use to masage our baby when he or she become 10-15 days older.

  • Amanda Speaks

    i was a cheerleader for 13 years and still coach- technically the barbie is in a bridge. if arms were by her ears she’d be in a back bend😂💛

  • Aryanna Mitchell

    My son was really fussy like Grayson and had unexplainable rashes and we had him on similac advanced (he couldn’t breastfeed due to lip tie) then we switched to parents choice sensitivity because even similac pro sensitive (I believe it’s that) was making him gassy still and he’s been on parents choice with no problems or nothing I know that it doesn’t help but thought I would share

  • My life as a single mom of two Cuties

    Honestly your at two months pp if you are emotionally struggling with it I’d bottle feed it’s so hard breastfeeding I tried too maybe it’ll be a happier time for the both of you . I love your videos been here since say was born

  • Mama Arrow

    My boy is 9 weeks, he hasn't been swaddled in about 4 weeks , yes he loves to keep warm with a blanket but no swaddle keeping him trapped. Especially at 2 months they love to move and interact this is going to be the time they are learning alot and swaddling too much will stop the from doing things.
    My son loves to put his hands in his mouth move his arms and legs and that's just there way of having there fun.
    When it's time for bed just put a blanket over him to keep him warm. my son doesn't even care for the blanket much either he kicks it off lol

  • AH L

    ‏نحبك ونتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح انت وأطفالك يومياتك جدا لطيفة وجميلة مثلك ‏مثل أطفالك استمري

  • Hnan Mohamed

    بحبك جدا انا من مصر وبحب اشاهد كل الفيديوز بتاعتك واولادك ربنا يحميهم زي العسل وبدعي ربنا يرزقني ببنوته جميله زي بناتك

  • Puppy lover 856 Lps

    Love you guys so much and your nails are so cute glad the baby is healthy and happy love you guys so much injoy the rest of your evening

  • Jen Koutnik

    I had a very hard time getting my third baby to latch so I pumped. With two other kids I was so stressed. When she hit two months I switched to her to formula and she was a completely different baby super happy. Do what you feel is right and it’s ok ❤️

  • Fatima Chakir

    شكرا على الترجمة.اتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح و كل الاشياء الجميلة وان يحفظ الله لك اولادك تحياتي لك من متتبعة مغربية.

  • شوشو الحربي

    بنات احد يقولي وشو اللي ياخذوها البنات الصغار مع الفطور بعلبه هل هو فيتامين او ماذا احد يعرف انجليزي ياسالها

  • hasnae El

    احنا في المغرب نحبك أنت امرأة حنونة ومحترمة رغم اني لا أفهم شي من كلمك بس نحبك بزااف😘❤️🇲🇦

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