Rohui’s house – The birth of little S.E.S [The Return of Superman / 2017.01.15]
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Rohui’s house – The birth of little S.E.S [The Return of Superman / 2017.01.15]

Rohee is getting ready to go out. – Mouth. / – Mouth. (Closing her mouth) Close your eyes. (Rubbing) (He washes her face powerfully.) Your face is becoming clean. Gargle. (Gargling to finish the routine.) Spit it out. There you go. Good job. Rohee, let’s apply lotion on your face. Your skin will crack in winter without lotion. You need to take care of your skin. Come here. – Rohee, come here. / – Rohee. (I will run away.) I got you. Rohee, look at me. – Tap like this. / – She’s applying lotion. Did seeing me apply lotion make you interested? Copy me. There you go. (I’m a woman who takes care of her skin.) – Rohee, where is your forehead? / – Where is it? – Is that your forehead? / – I see. It’s your forehead. It’s one thing you take after me. The mother and daughter have perfect foreheads. Sooyoung wants us to pick up things for Rohee. – When? / – Whenever. Which Sooyoung are they talking about? (Is it Lee Sooyoung the singer?) (Or is it Ryu Suyoung the actor?) Rohee, bring everything you want. I’ll give her the heads-up. Is there are a lot of things? I am sure there are since she has two daughters. (Who is she?) It’s nice that she lives close to a mountain. Do you want me to hold it? (Would you hold it for a little while?) Are you going to walk with your hands behind your back? (It’s a nice weather to take a walk.) Be careful. Don’t step into the hole. The Return of Superman episode 164, “You Can’t Have a Rainbow Without Rain”. Rohee is here. – Hello. / – Welcome. – Rohee is here. / – Bow. – Hello. / – Hello. Their plump cheeks made them the talk of the town. They are the twin sisters, Rayul and Rahui. They’ve lost their baby fat and are taller now. They grew up a lot. The house is nice and big. – Rohee. / – Rohee, wait a minute. Rayul. – Incorrect. / – Mom, come here. (The hardest spot the difference game.) Rayul? Who is Rahui? How do we tell them apart? – Isn’t she Rahui? / – No, she is Rayul. She is the younger one. The twins look the same. It’s hard to tell them apart. Let me see your face. – Rayul. / – She is Rahui. (He is wrong again.) They’ll be upset if you get it wrong again. Really? (It’s too late.) (His attempt continued.) Rayul? (Shaking her head) Oh, Rahui. – All right. / – Rahui. Taeyoung, she is Rayul. She is Rahui. (Sad) She is Rayul. When did you go over there? Tell him you were here all along. (I’m sorry.) Rahui, your mom gets confused, too, right? I knew it. It’s impossible not to get confused. Taeyoung. I have many things to pass down. – I’ve gathered them. / – Really? – They are in this room. / – This room? (There is a big load.) Are all these for us? This one is for you. There are small clothes and shoes from the twins. Rohee must be happy. There is a lot since you have three children. There are books, too. Take the books from here to here. You aren’t getting rid of trash, are you? – We want to move. / – I see. There are a lot of things. I’m sorry there isn’t more. What? – I can give you more. / – It’s okay. This is enough. It’s more than enough. Do you want to try on a ballet dress? My daughters are ready. Are they ready? (A ballerina with a D-shaped body) How cute! Take a look in the mirror. Rohee, you look very pretty. Don’t Rahui and Rayul look very pretty as well? (The twins live large.) This is incredible. – Aren’t children’s accessories cute? / – Mom. – It’s a purse. / – These are nice. This is the joy of raising daughters. You are drying your hair. – He put on an earring. / – Rohee, look at this. Shall we do a runway walk? Taeyoung, you have done it often. Runway walk? I’ve only done it twice. (Taeyoung is tall.) Taeyoung walked the runway when he was young. He looks cool. (He is imitating gold.) (2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Show) (She raises her knees as she walks.) She is raising her knees. There she goes. Come on, Rohee. – Give it a try, Rahui and Rayul. / – Rohee. There you go. Walk forward. (The twins walk with light steps.) Strike a pose. Make a turn. (Taeyoung directs them with passion.) Strike a pose. Turn around. (They turn on the spot.) Turn around and walk back. Walk. Rohee is walking. All right. Strike a pose here. Strike a pose. There you go. – Good job. / – She’s shaking hands with the audience. It’s a fan service. Taeyoung, there is something I really want to do. – What is it? / – Mom. Give me a moment. – I’m nervous. What will it be? / – I must do this. All right. Can you guess what’s inside? Booger. – Booger? / – Booger? – The box is too big for a booger. / – Incorrect. Ta-da. What do you think this is? – I don’t know. / – How do you not know? It’s the costume S.E.S. wore. This is the costume. Rohee should dress up as Eugene. – You even prepared a wig. / – Yes. (Waddling) (It’s a good day to dance.) (A wig is put on her head.) (Rohee as Eugene) Rohee is Eugene. Rahui is Bada and Rayul is Shoo. Thus, Little S.E.S. has been born. (Do they look alike?) (They celebrate the birth of Little S.E.S.) She must be dizzy. That’s right. One, two, three. (The original fairy teaches dance moves.) Do this. One, two, three. – One, two, three. / – They can copy the dance well since they are four years old. – Attention, everyone. / – Run forward. (They hold hands and run as the grand finale.) – There you go. / – There you go. My goodness, she is so cute. My goodness. (She watches the debut performance of Little S.E.S.) She is having fun. They are old enough to follow the dance. Sooyoung prepared many things. They were so cute. Seeing them made me realize that it would be nice to have three daughters. After they debuted in 1997, 20 years passed quickly. (20 years have passed.) S.E.S. took the stage once more. Although they are older now, they are still beautiful. (We hope they remain fairies forever.) Taeyoung, I have to go and pick up Yu. Is it already time? – I’m late. / – Okay, you should go. – Would you be okay? / – Of course I will be okay. Rahui and Rayul. Have you gone on a Ki-swing? It’s a bit different. – Swing. / – Ki-swing. Ki-swing. (This is a Ki-swing.) It’s called Ki-swing because my last name is Ki. Ki-slide. I want to go down the slide. This is a Ki-slide. Come, Rayul. – I am Rahui. / – Rahui. Let’s go. (He gets confused every time they change clothes.) Ki-slide. (100 percent customer satisfaction) (He provides amusements.) (I want to do it, too.) Rayul, come. Ki-swing. (This man is quite nice.) Ki-swing. Ki-swing. Ki-swing. Ki-swing. (He’s starting to run out of breath.) Ki-swing. (What a sight.) (Panting) – I want to go on the Ki-swing. / – Sorry, I’m spent. You should be considerate of my age. Let’s play a fun game. (Let’s play a fun game.) (He brings something from the kitchen.) (What are these?) He made healthy sauces from fruits and vegetables. Take some noodles. Take some noodles and mix them with the sauce. – Mom. / – What is that? Taste it. (It’s strawberry flavor.) It’s tasty. Wipe off your hands. (Rohee starts to go overboard with the sauce.) (Taeyoung gives a show with noodles.) My goodness. Rohee, try it. (She only makes a loud smacking noise.) (I can’t do it well.) How do we clean these up? – I will clean these up. / – No. – Then what? / – I will help. (She seems to like Uncle Taeyoung.) Thank you. Should I flip it over? (I will finish the food.) (It was a good meal.)


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