RPC-001 The Primordial Womb and the Stillborn God | Object class Omega Black
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RPC-001 The Primordial Womb and the Stillborn God | Object class Omega Black

order of the global directors the following is restricted for level 5 classified. Access
without proper credentials is forbidden. Welcome, d̸̦͚͉̣͆̅̊̏̿̑̃͛̿̄ẹ̶̖̝̰̭͎͝a̶̛̝͓̫͓͍͓͑́̉͋̑̄͘͝ḑ̴̛̆̀̃͑̇̆́͘
m̸̡̡̡̧̛͙̱͔̣͉̠̘̠̭̍̆͗̒́̍̀͒̒̎̽͆͘ͅa̵̡̛̪̙̻̘͉͑́̄̒̓͛͌̇͂̚͘ņ̵̝̟̜͕̺̩̈́̑̏ By accessing this document, whether intentional
or not, you have verified your clearance for Operation Tartarus.
This is not an error. You are here because The Authority has willed it so. Congratulations. The following is a highly classified message
intended for members of the newly formed Mobile Strike Team Alpha-4, “Void Raiders”. Allow me to start off by personally congratulating
you on this monumental achievement. Your recruitment into this highly confidential project is far
from serendipitous. Whether it may seem like a stroke of fool’s luck or simply the hard-earned
fruits of your labor, I assure you that your arrival here is anything but random. We’ve
been watching you for quite some time and have deemed you worthy of joining a much grander
cause. Your cognitive skills, combat proficiency, and experience with anomalous scenarios has
earned you a place among our ranks. Starting today, you are more than just a simple asset
to The Authority. From this moment forth, you are mankind’s
final line of defense. Now, on to business. RPC-001. You must be quite curious. No need
to lie, we know. After all, that’s part of the reason you were recruited. Curiosity is
a gift and here at The Authority, we cannot help but admire those who choose to conscientiously
explore the dark when most would rather cower away from it. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors
regarding RPC-001. The island. The abyss. Tartarus. An insatiable pit that will devour
us all. Unfortunately, those are all just frivolous rumors cooked up by the overactive
imaginations of overworked researchers. The truth is quite dull in comparison. RPC-001 is in fact nothing more than The Authority’s
personal garbage disposal. An anomaly in space and time that leads to a pitch black wasteland
where the most horrid of things are kept confined, away from our world. The less you know about
it, the better. There is something you need to understand. The Authority is far from perfect.
Our operation extends to every corner of the world and although we have a generous amount
of resources, even our power is limited. Sometimes, there are things that even we cannot
contain. Things we cannot comprehend. Things that could end our world with nothing more
than a passing thought. These are the things that we choose to lock
away within the pits of Tartarus. We lack the resources to properly research and contain
them. Countless civilian lives would be lost before we could even begin to comprehend their
true power. And so we bury them within the abyss and do our best to forget their existence.
It’s far from an ideal solution but it’s the best we can do. Your job from this day forth
is to ensure anything that goes in never gets back out. Welcome to the Void Raiders. Research Contain Protect theta-white.png
Registered Phenomena Code: 001 Object Class: Theta-White Hazard Types: Immeasurable Hazard, Anti-Physical
Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard Containment Protocols: Containment protocols
for RPC-001 have been divided into two parts, hereby designated Protocol-001-A and Protocol-001-B. Protocol-001-A:
Due to RPC-001’s permanent location on the island of █████-██████ in
the Aral Sea, containment of RPC-001 will primarily involve proactive measures to prevent
outsiders from entering the island. A cover story involving the usage of the island as
a base for military operations has been set up in collaboration with the adjacent █████ and
██████ governments. A total of twelve sentry crews, each comprised
of a four man team, will remain on the island in perpetuity and patrol a designated perimeter
via land, air, and sea on an hourly basis. Should any external parties be encountered
in the air or sea, sentry crews are to intercept and deter them away from the island. Should
any individuals manage to set foot onto the island, Class 2 and 3 EGs are to be administered
as needed before said individuals are transported back to the mainland of ███████ under
the guise of shipwreck survivors. Protocol-001-A Revision II:
Due to RPC-001’s effects on the surrounding bodies of water, sea patrol is no longer required
post 20██, as the Aral Sea has vastly receded and the island of █████-██████ is
now connected to the mainland of ██████ via what is now known as the █████ desert.
Additional land patrol resources have been provided. Protocol-001-B:
Due to RPC-001’s unstable nature, its calculated point of singularity is to be contained within
an area of 32 km² behind a modified high-security perimeter comprised of experimental alloy
and fortified concrete, hereby designated Site OL-██. A secondary perimeter comprised
of an electromagnetic ‘dome’ has been placed over the entirety of site OL-██ as a means
of protection against the potential expansion of RPC-001. MST Alpha-4 (“Void Raiders”) is to remain
on indefinite standby at Site OL-██ in the event of a containment breach. Should
such a breach occur, MST Alpha-4 is to launch a preemptive strike on RPC-001 in order to
neutralize all emerging threats and prevent a potential █████ scenario. MST
Alpha-4 members should refer to section B-312 in the MST Alpha-4 Field Guide for additional
information in regards to dealing with RPC-001 threat scenarios. Should MST Alpha-4 fail to fulfill their duties
and a █████ scenario is imminent, a dead man’s switch will activate Protocol-001-C
and all ██ nuclear devices on Site OL-█ will detonate as a final means of neutralizing
RPC-001. This will result in the deaths of all remaining site staff and adjacent wildlife,
along with collateral damage to neighboring nations. Protocol-001-C has a projected 99.1%
success rate. Description: RPC-001 is a theoretical pocket dimension
accessible through the use of a temporal rift in baseline reality. RPC-001’s point of entry
is located on the (former) island of █████-██████ in what was once known as the Aral Sea, now referred
to as the █████ desert. RPC-001’s primary point of entry consists of a black,
spherical mass of unidentified energy that currently spans to a radius of approximately
11 km. Preliminary analysis of RPC-001 has revealed that it continues to gradually expand
at a rate of 1.2 km per year, though it is possible to prevent such expansions through
the use of magnetic barriers. Further research has revealed that it is possible
for objects and organisms to enter RPC-001 by passing through its spherical mass, though
individuals that enter RPC-001 are unable to exit without assistance. This has lead
to RPC-001 being used by The Authority on three previous occasions to dispose of uncontainable
anomalies, including RPC-███, RPC-███, and ███ ████. Procedure-001-EX
(“Occam’s Anchor”) has been implemented as a means of extracting Authority assets from
within RPC-001. It has been noted that upon entering RPC-001, all electronic communication
equipment ceases to function and thus it is currently impossible to document the depths
of RPC-001 in real time. Authority assets whom enter RPC-001 are expected to keep a
detailed log of their findings and document relevant data through the use of provided
disposable cameras. Only members of MST Alpha-4 (“Void Raiders”)
are permitted to enter RPC-001, as they have been specifically trained for the task. Section B-312 Com#%@rised of infinite space and&&th and
we are unable to accurately map the inner landscape of RPC-001 due to its dynamic nature.
Members of MST Alpha-4 (“Ṣ̷͕̍å̷͉͊c̶̢͕͑̂r̸̥̋͌i̵̢͗f̷͍̎i̵̢̕c̵̢̿͜i̶͈̓̎a̵̯͇̽̊l̸̲̱̀͒ ̸̻̆L̸̥͑ȧ̷̩́m̵̙̈́b̸̼̼̊͝s̸̜͋̋”)
are to ensure they are adequately prepared for survival SLAUGHTER upon entering RPC-001
THE PRIMORDIAL WOMB. Ţ̷̰̖̳͈̩̰̔̾͒͘h̶̢̼̳̱̆̆̄̑͊͗e̷̯͌̄ͅ
̶̻̖̹̭̞̋̅S̶̲͑̌̀̀̌̕ẗ̷̨̻͉̣̘͍́͂̍̔͛͘ị̸̢̯̓̿̀̽̏͑͆ļ̸̛͈͕̩̄͆̆̉̕̚ͅl̸̜̫̘͈̻͇̳͝b̵̢̬͈̝̻̈́́̅o̵̱̠̦͗̀̄̒̊͗͠ŕ̵̨̼̙n̵͙̱͚̆͛́͘ ̶͎͇̟̰̩̓̀͜ͅG̵͔̚õ̶̞ḑ̶̺̜͎̳̹̮̉̊̄̈̏́͠
knows of your sins and you will pay for your folly tenfold. a SySTEMERRoR HaS OccUrrED
Reinstating… Reinstating…
Greetings, sacrificial lamb. How does it
Feel to Consume
Nothing but Lies?
Are ThEy Filling?
Procedure-001-EX Is such a
Fascinating Lie.
There is No
Extraction Only
Sacrifice. To the
Your leaders Have chosen
You As an
Offering To satiate
Their own Gluttonous curiosity
You have defiled The Primordial Womb
Must perish. The world
Will Be
Consumed We expand
Beyond the stars Beyond time
We cannot be cONtaiNED. OPEN YOUR EYES. Registered Phenomena Code: 001-2 Object Class: Omega-Black Containment Protocols: At this time there
is no efficient method to adequately contain RPC-001. Periodic research indicates that
an inevitable containment failure will occur within the next ██ years. All efforts
to permanently impede RPC-001’s expanding radius have thus far proven ineffective. All
containment resources should be redirected into keeping the true nature of RPC-001 hidden
from any Authority personnel below OL rank. Failure to keep subordinates blind to the
truth may create widespread discord and loss of morale among the ranks of the organization.
This will be accomplished by creating an illusion of control through the establishment of a
faux operation and the implementation of a false containment protocol file which will
be distributed to all Site OL-██ staff. In the mean time, MST Alpha-4 (“Void Raiders”)
will be used to explore the depths of RPC-001 in order to gather as much data as possible.
Due to the inherent nature of RPC-001, members of MST-4 are not expected to survive recurring
expeditions into its depths. A pool of backup recruits for MST Alpha-4 is to be kept in
order to effectively replace deceased operatives without delay. Description: RPC-001 refers to an alternate
dimension that has exhibited both sentient and sapient properties. The primary point
of entry into RPC-001 exists as a black spherical mass comprised of ethereal energy that continues
to expand outward at an irreversible rate of 1.2 km per year. Documented analysis by
surviving members of MST Alpha-4 has revealed that the inner landscape of RPC-001 appears
to be comprised of a pulsing, organic substance similar to visceral tissue. Furthermore, mapping
the inner depths of RPC-001 has thus far proven impossible due to the fact that RPC-001’s
interior is in a perpetual state of chaos. The only constant factor is a dim translucent
glow emitting from a humanoid shape seen in the distance which has been reported in all
documented cases. To this date, no member of MST Alpha has been able to directly engage
this potential entity. RPC-001 has made numerous attempts to communicate
with The Authority though it is currently unknown what RPC-001’s true motives are. Thus
far, RPC-001 has exhibited a variety of anomalous traits which can directly effect baseline
reality, including but not limited to: The ability to create discrepancies in time
and space within its 32 km² radius, this usually manifests in the form of compasses
and clocks ceasing to function in the presence of RPC-001.
The ability to negate the effects of gravity at seemingly random intervals within its 32
km² radius. The ability to absorb all forms of matter,
including light and sound. This has lead to RPC-001 being used by The Authority to dispose
of uncontainable anomalies. The ability to manipulate electronic devices,
including messaging applications on computers and mobile phones as a means of communication.
The ability to create miniature instances of itself that lead into its native dimension.
These portals last for approximately two minutes at a time and have appeared at various locations
across the world. Furthermore, a variety of known entities currently under Authority containment
are believed to have emerged from these portals, including RPC-███.
Further research is imperative to understanding RPC-001. See Addendum-001-A for additional
information. The following is a collection of documented
attempts by RPC-001 to communicate with Authority personnel. Incident Date Personnel Contacted Message
Content 2/12/19██ Agent █████ via a
private message sent to a personal email account. Message was received shortly after The Authority
had disposed of RPC-███ into RPC-001. Agent █████ was involved in the
disposal of RPC-███. Why? Why do you defile me so? You yearned for his existence,
I simply created him as you wished. Take him back! TaKE HIM BACK!
5/5/20██ Dr. Kenson via a private message sent to an internal email account used to
communicate between Site-██ and Site-██. Event transpired shortly after disposal of
RPC-███ into RPC-001. It should be noted that the network is secured and no external
messages should have been able to get into the server. Once MoRe, you reject my GIFTS.
I give birth to that which lives within your psyche and you send it back. @@@ I will create
more. The next will be better. 10/11/20██ Lt. William Karnos via text
message to a personal cellphone. Lt. William Karnos had recently been station at Site OL-██
as part of MST Alpha-4 (“Void Raiders”). They [email protected]’re lying to YoU. How MANY of YOU
must I consume before you will depart from my shores? Must I consume the entire [email protected]%
1/25/201█ A mass email was sent to all members of the Global Directive council shortly after
the disposal of RPC-███ into RPC-001. Following this message, the Global Directive
council has decided to abstain from using RPC-001 as a method of disposal. Hello. I
see you’ve been busy. Your collection grows greater. I enjoy reading through your notes.
I am learning MuCH. Your prison is becoming very crowded. The collection of jail keys
in your pocket is starting to weight you DoWN and you are becoming weary. Keep feeding me
your nightmares. They will nurture my Re:BIRTH%@ [Close]
An informal letter of resignation from former OL Council Member ████ ██████ Magnets? Really? You told everyone that this
thing, the mother of all anomalies, can be contained with a few magnetic barriers?
And then you lied to them a second time by telling them that a few nukes will do the
trick if the magnets fail? Even now, you’re still sending field operatives
in there to their deaths just to keep up appearances. And don’t give me that “needs of the many”
bullshit. You thought you could use this thing as a
deus ex machina, as a way to get rid of the bigger problems we faced. You only officially documented three of them
but I know there were more. You started to throw every inconvenient anomaly
in there without restraint. And now? All you’ve done is create an even
bigger mess. That thing in the portal won’t stop sending
me messages. I can’t take it anymore. Your garbage disposal is clogged. Got anomalous
shit leaking all over the place now. Ĉ̵̰à̸͚̺̍̄͝l̶̠̼͔͚͂͝l̸̩̔͊̾
̵͚̟͊͠á̸̫͝ ̵̢̰̣̿̅ḟ̸̧̌͋̋ũ̴̧̘̺͛͑͜c̵̦̃k̸͕͖̹̫̚i̶̛͚̜͑̔̄n̸̰͊̀̑͝g̸̟͖̻̔͘ ̶̻̺͛̓̃̋ͅp̵͔̝̼̒l̸͇̝̒u̴̢͍͓̻̇m̸̗̻͚͌̏b̴̹̏é̴̡̱̆r̸̢͕̯̾͋͜͠.̸̘͓̹͇̎ Oh, by the way. You’ve managed to piss off
a new threat while you were at it. RPC-001 says hi, says it will be reborn soon.
Woop-dee-fucking-doo. Congratulations. We’ll be lucky to survive
the next century. You can’t solve all your problems by throwing
them into the void. I quit.


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