• Sidney Leigh Broxton

    No its not My son was on his back and grandbaby was on her belly . and it can run in the family so this is all wrong. Make your DR give them a sleep study before coming home and if it come back with some thing wrong make them send your baby home on a heart monitor just to be safe.

  • Eugene Norris

    This video has been and excellent addition to our "FameFathers #PreciousCargo" training for "Fathers" addressing infant mortality, along with 1) Understanding Mom session, Physical and emotionally; understanding Baby, physical and emotionally, and Safe Sleep and "Boot Camp for New Dads" www.famefathers.org

  • Cody Wright

    It has been Nine months since I started enduring bad insomnia and have to take medications so I can deal with the situation. Ultimately my doctor advised this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it). Right after 5 weeks, I attained the best sleep of my life. People who have suffered from insomnia for quite a long time must also try this. My sleeping has significantly improved!

  • Rimanio Suvalio

    There are a few factors in helping babies to sleep . One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Calmer Fixer Blueprint (check it out on google) it's the most incredible plan that I've seen. look at the amazing information .

  • Scarlett Randolph

    my brother padraig claton randolph died from sids my mom amanda randolph went on the news because of it and im honestly traumatized

  • Catalina99

    Babies can sleep in your bed if you follow the safe sleep 7s on bed sharing. It’s actually as safe as safe cot sleeping. Japan has the lowest SIDS rates in the world and they all bed share with their babies. You just have to do it safely and follow the guidelines. It’s not for every family especially if they can’t adhere to the guidelines.

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