Save the World Dev Update (7/20) – Canny Valley Act 1, Horde Bash Rewards and Fortnite’s Birthday
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Save the World Dev Update (7/20) – Canny Valley Act 1, Horde Bash Rewards and Fortnite’s Birthday

Hey everyone, it’s Nik! We’re here to talk today about Canny Valley, Challenge the Horde, and Fortnite’s first birthday. Let’s get started! CANNY VALLEY ACT 1 In 5.1, we’re hitting the open road. We’re rolling out the new chapter of the Save The World story in a completely new environment… with new characters and new music. There’s a lot going into Canny Valley, so we’ll be breaking the quest line up… into three parts to let you and your friends start your road trip to Canny Valley next week. This road trip doesn’t end with season 5… we’ve got more Canny story in developement, along with improvements to existing quest lines… and event content. If you’ve already fought your way through Canny Valley- don’t worry. You’ll still be able to complete the new content. CHALLENGE THE HORDE We’ve gotten some feedback about the rewards for Challenge the Horde being… a bit underwhelming. So in update 5.1, we’re doubling the amount of gold in rewards and increasing… the amount of Perk Up, and Re-Perk, awarded by 50%. Horde will now be one of the best sources of Perk Recombobulator materials… which is not easy to say on camera. During update 5.2, we’re hoping to roll out a limited time Horde quest. For this quest, you’ll be taking on Horde waves with a few special gameplay twists. And if you rise to the challenge, there will be an exclusive reward- so squad up and get ready! FORTNITE”S FIRST BIRTHDAY This month marks our first birthday, and we’ve decided to throw a party for everyone… who helped make this year so incredible. We’ve planned all sorts of fun in-game activities to celebrate. Quests, birthday theme rewards, exploding cake husks, and a new hero. And we have a birthday Llama coming that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. It will give you the chance to get a non-quest event item from the past year… so if you’ve missed it the first time around, this is your chance to rake in that rare loot. And as an added bonus, starting with 5.1, we’re drastically reducing… the chance of getting an item you already own from Llamas, including this birthday one. Meaning you’ll be able to get a wider variety of rewards. From all of us here at Epic, thank you for an amazing year! We’ll see you next time. THANKS FOR WATCHING


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