Shopping for Our Baby Sister Clothes Challenge!!!
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Shopping for Our Baby Sister Clothes Challenge!!!

>>Hey guys its Karina!>>It’s Ronald from>>Sis vs>>[Both] Bro!>>And today we’re doing
the baby outfit shopping>>[Both] Challenge!>>So basically our mom made
a list of 10 things her baby is gonna need to wear in a
few months of her being alive>>Yes.
>>Baby sister, that is. But she’s gonna pop out in a few months.>>Ahh!>>And she’s gonna need some clothes! So we are gonna get
her some clothes today.>>Yes, yes, yes.>>There’s gonna be 10 things on the list that we will not be able to see. So that means we’re gonna have to use our list telepathy skills to
guess what is on the list and buy those things. And whoever gets the most things correct will get the Best Sibling Award! (enthusiastic shouting) So, yeah. Last time we did a video similar to this, but we couldn’t give the
award to anyone because it was a tie, and we
can’t just chop it in half ’cause then we’ll just
have two parts of an award. Today is the day we’ll finally
give the award to someone and that someone will be me.>>In your dreams!>>No, in my reality.
>>In reality. (laughter) In reality.>>We’ll see who’s gonna win,
it’s probably gonna be me. Anyways, let’s go to the mall! Woo!>>So guys, here’s that
list of 10 clothing things we think the baby’s gonna need. We made a list right here,
Karina and Ronald don’t know what’s on the list. Number one we have hat. Number two, socks. Number three, long sleeve pajama. Number four, short sleeve pajama. Number five, dress. Number six, sweater. Number seven, tights. Number eight, shoes. Number nine, comfy pants. And number 10, swimsuit. So, they will have to pick
the items from this list, they don’t know what’s on the list. Do you think they can do it? I don’t know. Let’s go find out.>>So guys we are at the store, we’re doing a rock, paper, scissors who is gonna be picking clothing first.>>[Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!>>I win. Alright, I’m going first. Ronald, go scooch, and I’m
gonna pick some clothes! Okay guys, so I am going first. And I think we should
get out of this section, ’cause this looks like for
boys and we’re having a girl so we gotta go into the girl’s section. (upbeat music) Oh this is cute for pajamas. Ooh, do we need pajamas? Yes we do. Which ones, there’s like onesies. Well this is way too big. This is cute, it’s pink! It’s a really pretty pink
color, but it’s too big I think. Is it too big? One to three months,
actually it’s a good size! How big is this baby gonna be, I thought she was gonna be tiny. Okay, maybe I’m gonna take
one of these, I like this. Alright, so these are gonna be pajamas. Alright I think I might
put them back later, but just in case I got them here. Alright so we got pajamas. Now we need everyday wear. Like a shirt, maybe a dress or something. This is cute, we got some dresses here. This is a cute dress,
this is too big though. This one is fancy, I like this. 12 to 18 months, too big. We want something tiny! Can we have something
just like, super tiny? Oh this is cute with
the little cats on it. Oh it’s 18 to 24 months, it’s too big. I want my baby to be
super fancy, but it can’t when everything is too big. Okay, we got a blue thing here. I think this is for boys
maybe, I don’t know. So we’re not gonna get blue ’cause I want my little sister to be
super pink-y in everything. Okay we have some cute dresses here. This one is 12 to 18. 12 to 18 months. Oh there’s nothing smaller. Oh this is three to six months! This is a cute dress,
it’s pink and it’s floral, it has like little Granny
panties, I don’t know but okay. Comes with Granny panties,
so we got a dress. We got a nice dress, we got some pajamas! Now we want like a top and a bottom, something for every day
not like a dress for fancy. Alright, but I don’t know if
we’re gonna find that here ’cause it’s just a lot of pajamas. Oh this dress is really cute, maybe I should get this one instead. Oh this is one to three months, maybe I should get this one instead. I like the gray one better,
the gray one is cuter. (emotional music) Yeah okay, this is the dress
that we’re picking actually. Alright, every day wear. Like a shirt and some pants. Can we get that, or nah? Okay so I think we’re gonna
get something from here, this is cute! Something they can just
walk around the house in. Walk around the house in. This is zero months, I
think it might be perfect. Zero months, ’cause when a baby pops out it’s gonna be zero months old, so. I think we might get this as well, it’s not pajamas exactly, it’s like something you wear around the house. So I think I’m gonna take this, alright. We got three things:
pajamas, a dress and this. Every day wear. Okay, now we need to find some socks, ’cause I want my baby’s feet to be warm, ’cause I don’t want cold feet. Nah, no cold feet. Okay. Baby socks. Ah these are cute! Little tiny socks, but I
think these are too big. Six to 12 months, they are too big. We need small socks, tiny, tiny socks. This one is zero months but I
don’t really want these ones, these are cute and all but
we’re having a girl not a boy. Wait I think I see some pink ones. Three to six, that’s good, let’s see them. Oh yay they have little unicorns on them! This is perfect actually! And it shakes, so whenever
you’ll walk around they make little rattle
sounds, so that’s cute. Alright we got some socks now. Alright and now I want a
hat, a little cute hat. Where we gonna find a hat here? So guys I walked around
the store a little bit and this is the only hat I found. It’s pretty cute, it’s
pink, it has little things at the bottom so you can
tie it if the baby doesn’t like the hat and just
starts throwing it off, you can tie it to the head. (laughs) Yes so we got a little pink hat! Alright how many things we got? One, two, three, four, five. Five things. Alright that’s good, that’s half way. I don’t know what else to get, shoes! I don’t think we’re gonna find shoes here. The baby’s not gonna be walking, (high pitched ring) where are we gonna find shoes? Oh shoes are over there, of course. Alright let’s go get some shoe-zies. I found some little cute baby shoes. Ah these are like socks, like big socks. I want the pink ones obviously. Oh these are cute! They have little bows at the front. They don’t exactly look like shoes, they look like socks to me
but I guess they’re shoes. Okay, we’re getting these. Alright, let’s see what else do we need. So guys I just realized we have shirts but we don’t have pants, so
we’re gonna get some pants! Our baby could walk around with no pants ’cause the shirts have a
little clip at the bottom but like, we want pants as
well for when it gets cold. Alright, pant-sies. Oh we got some pants here,
alright we got some pants! Alright, that’s… Wait we have to check the size. Very important that you check the size, where is the size? You know what, I think
it looks big enough. It looks tiny enough actually so, we’ll just take it. That’s my seventh item. Alright we need three more. What else are we supposed to get? What else do we need? Do we need more, basic clothes? I don’t know. So guys I was walking ’round the store and I found this sweater. When baby’s in winter and
it’s cold, it needs a sweater! So we got ourselves a pink sweater. Oh it comes with two! What is this? I don’t know what it comes with
but it comes with something. I think it’s a little bag, I don’t know. But it comes with something,
sweater with something. Maybe she needs a coat. Does the baby need a coat in summer? I don’t think so. Maybe we should put the sweater back and replace it with a coat. You know what, I think the sweater’s fine, we don’t need a coat. Coat is gonna be too warm. Does a baby need a robe? Nah, I don’t think this baby needs a robe. I think a baby needs a thing, like, you put on top of the baby when it eats. Is that a clothing item? Well it’s here so maybe I should get it. I’ll get it I guess. Alright these ones look cute! It has bunnies on them. It says “Little Bunny”, my
baby’s a little bunny as well. So, I guess I’ll get this one. Alright, we have one more thing to get. I don’t know where it should be. (baby screaming) What else does my child need? I don’t know what else my child needs! I don’t know. You know what, we’re just
gonna get the coat I guess. Can this coat fit my child? Three to six months,
you know we’ll get it. (record scratch) Oh it’s real big. This is three to six months? No it’s not, that’s one year. Who labeled these wrong? Alright, can’t get the coat. Okay guys, I have no
idea what else I can get, so I’m just gonna get another dress, ’cause the dresses are super cute. I’m gonna get one of these white dresses. This is three to six months, perfect! Look how cute that is. I love that. Alright, so we got 10 items, perfect! Now let’s go check out.>>Okay guys, so now it’s
my turn to be awesome and get whatever I want for the baby! And we’re gonna see if we
can get every single thing on the list, I think we can. So, let’s start. So, first we need… Onesie. (record scratch) But I don’t know which onesie, because I’m bad at picking onesies, so. We’ll just pick any. Um, eh, no. I mean like, sure? Is that too small? I don’t know. Maybe, but it has an
igloo on it so Canada! Okay. Oh a shirt, we can get a little shirt. It’s really little actually,
so we’re gonna get this because why not? And we need a onesie! So let’s get Dumbo! 24 to 36 years old, what?! What?! 24 to 30, oh meters… Okay, whatever. Okay, so what’s this? I think this is a little bit too tall. We need something like this size. Ooh, perfecto! Okay so I’m gonna get this, with this. So this is a shirt, this is the onesie. So now we need some pantaloon-as. Okay, or we could get one of these. Because, yeah. Ooh a dress, kind of. It’s kind of a dress, is this too big? Yeah it’s too big. This… That dress is too big too. Okay, let’s go over here. This is okay. “You are my stan” I don’t
know what a stan is, so let’s get it. So perfect, actually no it’s too big. Oh wait there’s smaller ones here. No they’re not smaller,
yeah they are smaller. Okay so the shirt is
matching, kind of, in size. And the pantaloon-as is what we need. So ha ha ha! Okay we got three items. I don’t know what to get. Shoes, socks, I don’t
know if we need those. We’ll just walk around and
look for some shoes I guess. (upbeat music) Oh, ooh la la! These are too big, way too big. I can wear them. (mischievous laughter) Okay so, with my GPS skills
I have found the shoes. This way. Okay so here are the baby shoes, and I don’t know which one to get. This one, sure, maybe, if you’re lucky. Shoes. I mean we can get some comfy shoes, I think these are comfy, I don’t know. Let’s get them, ’cause
I don’t know anything. Alrighty so, four items. Socks. So with my awesome GPS skills
I have found the socks, just this way! Alrighty, we are here with the socks. These are too big, I think. This might be good, no it’s not. Ooh, smaller socks, hopefully? Nope, not really. Small socks, these are not socks are they? I don’t know. Okay so here it says the
months, and I want to get these ones ’cause they’re white and who does not like white socks? I mean I don’t like white socks, but who else does not like white socks? Alright so, five items. One, two, three, four, five, six! (gasps) We got lots of items, yeah! Okay, we have socks now
we need a hat, maybe? Where’s the hats, uh… This way, I think. Okay guys here are the hats. Okay pink or white? White. Oh pink and white! Like why not? ‘Cause like, why not? Okay so that’s seven! Now we need a bib because– No that’s not clothing, is it? Okay hat, okay ah! Ow that hurts, stop stabbing me, okay. Ah! Okay this is getting
difficult, we have seven items. What else do we need? Hat, shirt, coat, sweater? Kind of, no. I don’t know, okay we can go this way. I don’t know if a bib counts though. Probably not. So I’m gonna get a sweater
or something like that. Or some snow pants, I’m
just kidding this is Spain! We don’t need snow pants. Ooh, we can get one of these. Ooh coats, yes perfect! That’s too big, oh no. Why? Maybe we could cover her
whole body with this, I mean like why not? Okay, uh. This, no, just no. Just no. This is green, this is the odd one out. Just like, “No I’m green, I’m not gonna be gray with
all of you guys, I’m green!”. Okay these are overalls,
these are way too big. Ah! Overalls, overalls! Oh I guess, perfect. If you wanna go overall-y mode. Yeah, perfecto! Okay eight items, we got overalls. I totally forgot about overalls. Okay hats, can you stay with me? Okay, what’s next? A dress, maybe, not really, slightly. Ooh dress! We’ll just get this one ’cause
this is the smallest I think. So, that’s nine, nine items. Okay now we need a last one. Ah, I don’t know. Um, where’s next? We can go for… Wait let’s go near the
shoes, maybe she needs a third layer on her feet. You never know what babies, you never know what they do. I can do this, I can find something. I don’t know. Okay, um… Okay. Shoes. Should we get a second pair? A boy pair just in case it’s a boy. (record scratch) I mean I should get extra points, yeah. But no, no. So guys, after hours and hours
of searching I’ve found this. It’s basically shirt plus
pants, but without any pants. It’s weird but if you
look at that corner there, it’s basically a shirt
and it has pants holes. Perfect! So I’ve dropped these shoes, so let’s go to a cash register.>>So guys we are back from
the store with our groceries. So now it’s time to show you what we got!>>Ah!>>Alright I’m going to go first. Alright so, the first item I have is this cute little white dress! It comes with a hat and
some little Granny panties to go underneath.>>Yes.>>Nice Granny panties. And the dress is so cute,
it’s perfect for a wedding or just a formal event
and it’s just really cute. So, can you beat that Ronald?>>Yes. With my overall pants! (record scratch) Really? What, no but she’ll look good in these! Gray small pants with overalls. I mean like, it’s decent.>>Alright, next item is this little– Whoa no, not that one, not yet. Alright we got this little sweater! It’s so cute, it’s this
like dark pink-y color, has buttons on the front
so she can unbutton herself if she wants to.
>>It’s like->>(chuckles)>>It’s so cute and tiny! So if she’s cold she can have a sweater.>>I have shoes!>>Oh okay shoes.>>So I’ve got pink shoes
for her to walk around, ah ha ha!
>>Okay.>>Ah ha ha! She’s gonna be walking in
these shoes, like stylish.>>Alright but I got some better shoes.>>Is it like Gucci? (laughs)>>Hmm, no.
>>Or Louis Vuitton?>>Nope, but it’s better. You know what, I’ve got
something better than shoes. (joyful trumpet tune) Socks, not that. (joyful trumpet tune)
Socks. Look I got these cute
little unicorn socks, they’re so cute and they’re like rattles you can hear them shake. So when she’s walking
around she can do some little rattle tap dancing!>>Yes!>>So I got her little socks-ies! Did you get any socks?>>Uh… Let me check. Yeah I did. There we go.>>Oh.
>>White socks!>>White socks.>>I like them, so she’s
gonna be walking around, no rattle she’s not gonna be tap dancing, but she’s gonna be like “Oof!”. She’s gonna walk around
in white socks like “Oh ya, get roasted!”.>>Okay. (laughs)
>>Alrighty.>>Oh I found my shoes! Alright, so my shoes are like
little tiny pink slippers.>>Aw.
>>They’re so cute and they have little bows on them. And I think they’re super cute. They might not be shoes for outside, but they’re shoes so. I think it’s good.>>So mine are for
outside, these for inside.>>Okay!>>Okay, my next item is a dress! I think, I don’t know.>>You don’t know what it is?>>No. But it looks like a dress, so yeah. And it kinda has overalls.>>Comes with some Granny panties.>>Yes.
>>Beautiful.>>Granny panties.>>The next item I got is this hat. It’s really cute, this is really pink. So if her head is cold we
can just put this hat on her, and if she doesn’t like the hat, we can just tie it to her chin!>>Yes.>>Tie it to her head. So she can’t escape from the hat.>>Dun, dun, dun! Okay my next item is a T-shirt. Well it’s not a T-shirt.>>It’s pajamas.>>Yeah, pajamas! (high pitched shouting)>>So she can be super
cute when she’s sleeping. I got some onesies. We got some pink ones
here, and on the other side I got these ones with clovers on because she’s a lucky baby!>>Alright, next item for me is… Pajama pants that comes with socks!>>Oh cute they have socks on them!>>Yes, I will star in the universe.>>Okay?>>She’s gonna be sleeping in style.>>Okay. Alright you know what, I got
some pajama pants as well. I got these pink ones.>>Well where’s your pajama shirt? (laughing)>>I have that as well. I also have these light ones
that have flowers on them. I don’t know exactly what they are, but I got these white
ones and these pink ones so she has options.>>I got a sweater, I think this is.>>You got a sweater as well?>>Yes. Oh it’s from Disney! She hopefully likes it.>>Right.>>It’s special picked by Ronald.>>Okay I found another dress.>>Karina you know like dress
only counts as one thing.>>But still, it’s super cute
so I had to get them all. So I got this cute little gray dress, this has some bows on the
sleeves and it’s super cute! Alright, can you beat that?>>Yes. With my, uh what is this called? I forgot, but I got one of these. It’s basically shirt plus
pants, with no pants.>>Pajamas?
>>Yeah. So she’s gonna be sleeping
in style once again. Options! (laughter)>>Oh wait, I just forgot, this dress also comes
with some Granny panties, matching Granny panties.
>>(laughs) Granny panties.>>Alright, moving on. Remember how you said my
pants didn’t have a shirt?>>Yeah.>>I got shirts, of course I did.>>And some Granny panties.>>This doesn’t come with Granny panties.>>Aw!>>I got this white one but it has gold and silver stripes on them. And I got one behind it, it’s white. Oh I didn’t realize it had
this little thing on it! It’s like a little
squirrel with some acorns. It’s so cute!>>You got the same thing as me. Shirt plus pants but no pants.>>Okay. So, yes, I got these.>>Alrighty, did you get
a hat by any chance?>>Yeah I did, it’s like here somewhere.>>It comes with something
but I got two hats, for options!
>>I got two hats as well! My first dress came with a hat.>>Option-es!>>She’s gonna be one fashionable baby. (laughter) So the next item I got is this little, I don’t know what it is. It’s like overalls, sorry overalls. It’s like little overalls,
little baggy overalls. This’ll be cute!>>She’s gonna walk around
like a bag, oh yeah!>>Okay, sure. These are super adorable.>>Alrighty. My last item is, uh. Onesie! No it’s not.>>It’s gray!>>It’s special picked by Ronald, okay. So enjoy, enjoy. And it has a wolf face, she’s
gonna like that hopefully.>>Okay.
>>She’s gonna have options.>>My last item is a bib. (crickets)>>But that’s not clothing.>>It is clothing, a bib. (laughter) Gotta walk around with her stylish bib on.>>Yes.>>Make sure you don’t get
any dirt on your clothes.>>Alrighty, we are ready for the final tournament showdown!>>Da, na, na! Who is gonna be the best sibling? And who will get the Best Sibling Award? (groans)>>[Dad] So guys, are you ready to find out what we had on the list?>>Slightly.
>>Okay.>>[Dad] Alright, let’s go. First item we have is hat.>>Hat.
>>Yes!>>[Dad] Yeah, Ronald gets
a point and Karina as well.>>Oh yeah!
>>[Dad] Awesome stuff. Right, number two we have socks.>>Where’s my socks?
>>I have socks.>>Where’s my socks, where… There they are!>>[Dad] Okay also socks, yeah.>>Two.
>>I should get extra points for getting unicorn socks.>>No you don’t.>>[Dad] Okay so it’s two to two so far. Alright number three we
have long sleeve pajama. It’s gotta be long sleeved.>>Does it have to be a onesie?>>No.>>[Dad] It doesn’t have
to be, but it could be.>>Like this?>>[Dad] Yeah, okay yeah
that’s a long sleeve pajama.>>I feel like this works for onesie too.>>Wait, I have a onesie. Long sleeve onesie.>>That’s too big.>>[Dad] Wow, okay that’s good. I think that’s good, yeah. Each one gets a point so three to three.>>Three to three we Gucci!>>[Dad] Next one we have
short sleeve pajama.>>Oh wait, what?!
>>[Dad] Yup. For summer.>>Ah! This? (laughs)>>[Dad] No.>>These are quarter sleeves.>>[Dad] Uh no, this is long sleeve. It goes past the elbow.
>>No it’s quarter sleeve.>>[Dad] Past the elbow is long sleeve.>>Okay, this is long sleeved too, right?>>[Dad] Yes it is.
>>Oh.>>Can’t you just wear
Granny panties to sleep? (laughter)>>[Dad] Okay so guys, come on. Short sleeved, anything, anything at all?>>No.
>>No!>>[Dad] No? Okay, no points this time. Alright next one, number
five, we have a dress.>>I have two dresses so
I should get two points. And my dresses come with Granny panties.>>But you got 11 items, so like, I mean.>>[Dad] Okay Ronald, that’s a dress?>>Yes.
>>[Dad] Beautiful.>>I got two dresses so two points for me.>>No.>>[Dad] Okay great, each
of you guys get a point. No two points, just one.>>But I have Granny panties!>>It doesn’t matter! Four to four. (laughs)>>[Dad] Okay next one is a sweater. Beautiful sweater Karina.>>Oh this is a sweater.>>[Dad] Yeah it’s a button up sweater. Beautiful, yeah.>>Yes, five to five!>>[Dad] Okay next one is tights.>>Tights, what?>>[Dad] Okay great!>>They’re colorful tights!>>[Dad] Yeah sure, they’re
not very tight but… (laughter) Okay next one is shoes. Yay, awesome stuff!>>Seven to seven!>>[Dad] Next one we have comfy pants. Are these comfy Karina?>>These are comfy.
>>They’re very comfy.>>These are comfy, it’s the same thing.>>[Dad] Ah Ronald, you
took it from the pajama. You gotta have comfy pants.>>Wait no, these, no. These inside! There’s pants.
>>There’s no pants in them!>>Yeah right there, no, maybe.>>That’s a shirt Ronald!>>Where’s my other pants I had. These are comfy!>>[Dad] Yeah but that’s your pajama, so you wanna take away points for pajama?>>I did this for tights.>>[Dad] Okay Ronald, is
it tights or is it pants?>>Tights, okay I won’t get the point.>>[Dad] Alright so
Karina gets a point here. The next one we have, the
last item on this list, we have swimming suit.>>What?! No!
>>Babies don’t swim!>>Say overalls!>>Babies don’t swim!>>[Dad] The baby has to
go to a swimming pool.>>They just swim in a diaper!>>There’s no swimming suits.>>[Dad] I think there are. I think there are, yeah.>>Maybe they’ll swim in a bib.>>[Dad] You wanna take
your baby to a beach, she has to have a swimming suit.>>Where’s the Granny panties?>>The Granny panties! Wait, I have a swimming suit.>>[Dad] That’s not a swimming suit.>>Yeah, you can swim in it.>>You can swim in anything.
>>[Dad] That was a sweater!>>You can swim in everything.
>>It’s not a sweater.>>[Dad] What is that? Okay guys, so I think
Karina is winning here.>>No, no! Just say overalls! (laughter)>>[Dad] No the swimming suit
was the last item on the list, and Karina is leading so
she won the challenge.>>At least there was no bib, I mean like if there was a bib…>>I won the Best Sibling Award! Yay! (fake crying) So guys, someone finally
won and I knew it, it was gonna be me all along, I knew this.>>All along, like from the start, wow!>>So that means I get
the Best Sibling Award!>>Here you go.>>Thank you very much. (laughs) I will cherish this. So guys, comment down below what do you think you would
get for your baby sister if you would have one or something?>>Or if you do have one.>>Or if you do have one, sure! We hope you liked the video, if you did>>[Both] Smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye! (upbeat music)

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