Signs You Are Diabetic During Pregnancy
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Signs You Are Diabetic During Pregnancy

I want to know the signs you are diabetic
during pregnancy. Bad results on the blood tests they do around
the seventh month when you drink that nasty sugary drink are a sure sign. I’d like to know what to look for before
that point. If you had gestational diabetes with the first
kid, there’s a high risk of it the second go around. I know that you’re at risk for it if you
have a family history of it, which I do. One of the signs of diabetes in any case is
urine that smells sweet. It still smells bad to me. Then again, so
does the meat aisle. Some of the signs of gestational diabetes
are the same as standard diabetes, like increased thirst and urination. I’m already peeing for two, and dehydration
is a common problem during pregnancy. Let’s just say, if you’re already drinking
more water and it isn’t enough, you need to talk to a doctor. Increased thirst and drinking more may be
a sign of a second trimester growth spurt and expanding blood vessels or being pregnant
during the summer, so that isn’t enough for me to worry about it. Increased hunger can be a sign of prenatal
diabetes. I’m eating for two. No, you’re at most eating for one point
two, since the kid should not weigh more than ten pounds even at the end of the pregnancy. I do not know if ten pounds is healthy or
unhealthy. You’re at risk for it if you had a baby
over ten pounds, and having gestational diabetes increases the odds the baby you’re carrying
will be a whopper. The difference between men’s fishing stories
and women’s birth stories is that the women can guilt trip the kids with it while the
guys only tell them between trips. If you have a spike in hunger and thirst while
pregnant and it isn’t because you’ve been throwing up a lot, you should talk to the
doctor about diabetes checks. What symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy
should I look out for? Blurred vision. You can get that with preeclampsia and high
blood pressure. That’s something you have to see the doctor
about too, and in fact, preeclampsia is life threatening, so you have to get to a doctor
if you have that symptom. So being hungrier, thirstier or bigger than
normal when I’m already experiencing changes that make me hungry, tired, swollen and thirsty
are symptoms. That’s why they do the blood tests. You’d think I’d be over the anxiety of
blood tests, when I’m about to be peed on, pooped on and spit up on so much it will be


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