Star Wars The Mandalorian Scene – Why Baby Yoda Is Important To the Empire
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Star Wars The Mandalorian Scene – Why Baby Yoda Is Important To the Empire

no no, please no please please don’t
hurt him it’s just a child please no the dark side of the force is a pathway to
many abilities some consider to be unnatural what did you do to it,
what did you do to it. I protected him I protected him if it wasn’t for me he
would already be dead please welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my new Mandalorian video for the secret plan that the empire has four
baby Yoda why do they want him so bad if you’re new to the channel I do videos
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theory about what the Emperor wants with baby Yoda on the video cursory spoiler
warning for everything that’s happened on the Mandalorians so far most of what
we’re talking about deals with stuff from episodes 2 & 3 but there are a
couple other clues from the other episodes as well the most important baby
Yoda seen so far in terms of evil empire plots in explaining what’s going on are
from episodes 2 and episodes 3 during episode 2 we get confirmation of a
detail that we already kind of knew members of Yoda’s race are all born
extremely force-sensitive and even though he’s still a baby by the
standards of his race or a youngling whatever you want to call him he’s
already super powerful holding the giant mud horn that probably weighs a hundred
times what he does in the air for an extended period of time before he
collapses from the strain a lot of people at the end of episode 4 also
thought that he would be able to use the force to instinctively deflect the
Bounty Hunter’s rifle shot but I don’t think that’s the case I think he’s only
able to perform those great feats like the mud horn when he concentrates very
hard and even that put him down for about half a day yes he does seem like
he has ninja-like powers of teleportation and instant transmission
if we’re talking about Dragon Ball skills appearing out of thin air to
break the tension by slurping his soup those are all really funny but that’s
more of an editing cheat that the show uses in the name of comedy during
episode 1 in episode 3 you hear dr. Pershing talk about the kid in a really
important way it was very important to him that he get him back alive and was
extremely excited when his scans showed that he was super healthy as if that
would somehow be even better for the Empire’s plans Verner Herzog’s character
who seems like an important person within the remnants of the Empire seemed
like he could care less whether or not baby Yoda was brought back alive and
didn’t seem like he was on very good turn
with dr. Pershing like he didn’t enjoy working with him the way the doctor was
reacting to everything especially during episode when we first meet him just
makes it seem like he’s really jumpy around the stormtroopers like he doesn’t
like being here working with these people even though he himself is also
part of the Empire that couple with the idea that he wanted to protect baby Yoda
just makes it seem like he has a more complicated relationship with the Empire
yes he works for an evil organization but he’s not completely evil himself I
think that’ll be more important for later in the series but we’ve all talked
about the Kamino and cloning symbols on Doctor Pershing’s Imperial uniform
confirming that he works at the cloning facility for the Empire or he worked
there for the Empire when the Emperor was still alive
technically the Empire doesn’t exist anymore so all the Admirals in
higher-level officials like the moths that were left in the wake of the
remnants of the Empire have seized what power they could so technically the
Empire is still around but it’s not the empire that we knew before is a bunch of
different people calling the shots if you haven’t read a lot of the extended
and new Star Wars Canon there are a bunch of new comics that tell you more
of what happened in and around the Clone Wars supposedly according to the new
Darth Vader comics it’s detailed that after the Clone Wars in the last batch
of Republic clones had been delivered the plan was for the Emperor to formally
shut down the cloning facility completely no more clones for anyone but
cue Darth Plagueis the wise speech the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise the
Emperor was obsessed with a couple of things one knowledge of the force to
immortality and three ruling the galaxy you need a couple things to accomplish
all those goals you need a giant army and you would need more clones there’s
even an easter egg in the newer Star Wars films where they talk about the
idea that they want to go back to using clones for their armies because they
felt that they were more reliable than the methods that are using in
present-day the present day of the new films so the
whole idea is that all these Imperials left around want more clones and the
Emperor was supposed to quote/unquote have closed the cloning facility but I
think we can assume that he probably didn’t and he just kept it open as a
side project in secret some more evidence that the cloning facility has
still been operating this whole time during the course of the original
trilogy is that you look at the stormtroopers here
five years after Return of the Jedi look at their stormtrooper uniforms and how
decrepid and dirty they are either they’re just really crappy stormtroopers
and they don’t care about keeping their uniforms clean or this is just meant to
be a sign of the state of the Empire everything is slowly crumbling to dust
the Empire itself is crumbling but dr. Pershing is wearing this shiny brand-new
looking Imperial cloning uniform as if he in the cloning facility beyond the
outer rim have been operating this whole time insulated from the war with the
rebellion I think that’s just confirmation that the Emperor was
running a lot of secret cloning tests and experiments on the side while this
is all going on so it’s probably safe to assume that this is all part of
Palpatine’s grand plan but when he died and you have all these warlords seizing
power a lot of Palpatine secret projects were being co-opted by the Admirals and
the other moths that are left in the wake of the Empire so here’s a real
important distinction there I think some things that are going on during rise of
Skywalker that seems similar to what they’re implying is going on in the
Mandalorian with baby Yoda in this cloning facility but because of what JJ
Abrams and Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have said I think that the Mandalorian
TV show isn’t directly going to connect with what’s happening in rise of
Skywalker it just seems like there are some similarities and yes I do think
that baby Oda will survive into the future and become the future of the Jedi
Order but before we talk about secret baby Yoda plans I just don’t think the
baby Yoda is going to show up during rise of Skywalker and save the day it’s not
going to be some deus ex machina or anything like that because Yoda’s race
is so powerful the emperor would have loved to have been able to study his
biology in greater detail but couldn’t because Yoda would have discovered his
secret too early and revealed him and then once he was revealed as Darth
Sidious Yoda had sequestered himself secretly to Dagobah where the emperor
couldn’t find him on the other side of the galaxy
yeah doll had also disappeared after Phantom Menace and believed to be dead
so the emperor couldn’t find her either and they were the only two known members
of their race at that time now we know that’s not true because baby Yoda is
about 50 years old which means he was born at about the same time that Anakin
Skywalker was meaning that he predates the prequels and predates the creation
of the Clone Army in attack of the clones which is why I don’t think that
the kid is a clone of Yoda but I do think that dr. Pershing’s
conversation with werner herzog in Episode three where he tells the doctor
to hurry up and get his samples than dispose of the kid implies that he’s
taking complete genetic scans of DNA from the kid in order to create a new
clone army not necessarily a clone army of tiny little Yoda’s even though that
would be adorable the Kamino ends were able to tamper with the genetic makeup
of the original clothes to give them traits or take traits away from them I
think the plans for what they were doing at the cloning facility changed after
the galaxy believed the Emperor died during Return of the Jedi and the
Imperials left who seized what power they could now want to use the cloning
facility in baby Yoda’s DNA to create a new army of super force sensitive clones
that they can control and clones that have super long lifespans way longer
than normal humans I saw some people reacting to this scene in particular
with him on the bio bed and thought that dr. Pershing was literally extracting
midi-chlorians from baby Yoda that’s not what he’s doing you can’t take someone’s
midi-chlorians like you can take their blood samples but you can clone Jedi’s
they did it during legends during the Thrawn Trilogy when the clone of another
jedi master cloned a new version of luke skywalker using the severed hand that he
lost a cloud city that the emperor collected and then later stored for use
the clone of luke skywalker even though it was a little weird wound up being
just as force-sensitive as the original version of luke and even though legends
isn’t supposed to be canon anymore Dave Filoni has recanted eyes a ton of legend
stuff fraud being the best example so it’s just an example that it is possible
to create a bunch of force-sensitive clones if you have the right DNA samples
and baby yoda is one of the most force-sensitive beings in the galaxy
because of his race but like I said I don’t think that what they’re doing with
baby Yoda in the Mandalorian series is directly connected to what’s going on
with rise of Skywalker I think the rise of Skywalker stuff is
completely separate for everyone asking what’s going on with baby Yoda in the
present day of the Star Wars timeline you also have to remember that they aged
so slowly that even in present day 25 plus years when the new trilogy is
happening he’d still be very very young he’d have to be closer to 80 or a
hundred years old before he’d be old enough to begin any kind of formal Jedi
training or any like that and you have to remember to
there is no Jedi Order right now there are just a couple of really
force-sensitive people that will probably slowly start coming together
and rebuild the Jedi Order but I do think that he is critical to the future
of the Jedi just someone who can live and connect all the different future
generations because he’ll live so long you also have to wonder if Giancarlo
Esposito smoth Gideon character is the one that’s behind this big cloning plot
because he used to be an imperial moth before the fall of the Empire now as
Gina Carano scare achter implies he’s more of a warlord who’s just taking
command of all the Imperial assets that he could in the sector so maybe he is
the evil person behind this plot because Werner Herzog’s character even though he
seems like he’s a very important person doesn’t seem like the most important
person we still haven’t gotten his name but he is still alive he wasn’t killed
at the end of episode 3 so it’s implied that he will come back at some point
early prediction they do get their hands on baby Yoda at some point in dr.
Pershing is critical to them rescuing baby Yoda and he winds up flipping sides
before the end of the series but everyone posts all your theories in the
comments below what is their grand plan for the cloning facility and baby Yoda
there’ll be more Mandalorian bonus videos this week post all your requests
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