Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Baby Yoda Announcement – TOP 10 WTF Breakdown
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Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Baby Yoda Announcement – TOP 10 WTF Breakdown

He missed! He won’t next time. Our blasters
are useless against him. Hey let’s make the baby do the magic hand thing. Come on baby
do the magic hand thing! I’m out of ideas. Welcome back everyone, it’s
Charlie this is going to be my new video for the Mandalorians season 2
Giancarlo Esposito Moff gideon himself was at the TCA’s recently and talked about
what’s going on during season 2 revealed a whole bunch of plot details
so we’ll do a top 10 breakdown if you’re new to my channel I’ll be doing
Mandalorian bonus videos until season 2 episodes get here later this year the
reason almost done filming all the season 2 episodes they’ve been filming
for a long time now if you guys didn’t realize so obviously careful for
spoilers for everything from season 1 if you haven’t watched the season 1
episodes yet but Giancarlo Esposito talked about everything from having
flashbacks to the Great Purge with the Mandalorian character because he was on
Mandalore during all that the darksaber he talked about his evil machinations
and his plans for the baby oda character he didn’t call himself evil though no
great villain thinks of themselves as evil but starting with number 10 we have
to address George Lucas on set so Jon Favreau was recently filming I believe
it was episode 5 or episode 6 of the Mandalorian George Lucas visited the set
again just like he did during season 1 to see what they’re up to this time
because there’s no great secret about the baby Yoda character he actually took
a picture of George Lucas holding him so Papa bless there’s all these classic
pictures of George Lucas with the Yoda puppet he’s so protective of it he’s
basically Yoda’s father within the context of making Star Wars so think of
him as the grandfather or the Godfather at least of baby Yoda a lot of people
have also asked if George Lucas visiting the set so much and the mandalorian
blowing up so big if George Lucas would ever come back to direct in episode of
the Mandalorian I don’t know if he would ever direct a full episode because he’s
effectively in retirement but there’s always the possibility that George Lucas
could direct some scenes during the mandalorian I don’t know if he would
ever want to do it a full episode but if jon favreau ever reveals any details
like that of course i’ll include it in one of my videos steven spielberg for
instance directed some of the scenes during the final fight between Anakin
Skywalker and obi-wan during Star Wars Episode three so George Lucas might do
something like that with the Mandalorian or one of the other Disney Plus series
they’ll finish filming all the season 2 episodes in the next couple of weeks by
the end February basically so we’ll probably get
the first big teaser trailer for the mandalorian season – by the spring but
number 9 Giancarlo Esposito was at the TCA is this past week he did this big
interview talking about all these season two mandalorian details so of course
everyone was asking him what is your plan for baby Yoda what is Moff Gideon
Walt with him what’s going on with the darksaber are you going to have any
flashbacks with the Mandalorian character the answers that he gave is
kind of circuitous so I’m just going to paraphrase him a little bit he says with
someone who is advanced in a certain way you could want to be their best friend
or you could want to co-opt what’s inside them to figure out how to make
all of us a little better at humanity so it’s that power and control of a Moff
leader who is trying to put the universe back together he’s exaggerating a little
bit when he talks about universe obviously we’re just talking about the
one galaxy that most of the Star Wars stories take place in he then references
the characters history and why he knows all these things why he knows about baby
Yoda why he understands him in a way that the Mandalorian character doesn’t
yet like you might think that you know how important he is but you don’t
I assure you during that big scene in Episode eight so number eight he just
confirms a couple big plot teasers and things that they set up during season
one in certain scenes but never fully answered before the finale a lot of
hanging plot threads they had to address during season two when is the mysterious
doctor purging in his ties to the cloning facility on Kamino – they’re
sampling of baby Yoda’s DNA in that bio bed in Episode three before the mando
came back to save him and then three the fact that Moff Gideon still wants baby
Yoda alive in the finale like the bumbling scout trooper said played by
Adam pally and Jason Sudeikis most people will just remember them as the
baby Yoda punchers that big twist in the finale though it was kind of interesting
because during episode 3 when the mando was rescuing baby Yoda doctor purging
claimed that he’s the only reason that he’s still alive he’d be dead if it
weren’t for me I’ve been trying to save him why then was it so important that
Moff Gideon get baby Yoda back alive in the finale it probably has something to
do with the viability of the cloning process but I’ll talk about that in a
second number seven the really funny thing though the Adam pally told about
this scene when they were filming it with the baby Yoda character he said in
the very first take he punched baby Yoda so hard that jon favreau on set called
cut walked over to him very a and said you know I know we have to do
this scene you’re supposed to punch the puppet there but I just want to let you
know that that puppet cost five million dollars just want to let you know that
before we start doing more takes most people watching that scene weren’t
thinking about that they’re just really upset that he was punching baby Yoda how
dare you punch baby Yoda but in real life that tiny little puppet that they
use for baby Oda really did cost five million dollars so Jon Favreau was just
telling him please don’t break the prop because it’ll cost a ton of money to
make another one but number six all the things that Giancarlo Esposito is saying
just confirms a lot of our suspicions that not only does he want to use baby
Otis DNA in cloning techniques to create an army of super clones that are force
sensitive like an army of clone inquisitors he also wants to continue
using baby Yoda himself twisting him to his purpose the same way that the
Emperor wanted to use Anakin Skywalker and then tried to use Luke Skywalker and
even Rey during the new trilogy the reason why everyone is so hot on clones
after the events of the original trilogy is that by the time of a new hope most
of the clone army had died off there were still some clones running around in
Commander Cody for instance is still kind of left in this ambiguous state you
don’t know if he’s alive if he’s dead so presumably he’s still running around the
galaxy somewhere but during the course of the original trilogy and then even
through the events of the new trilogy most of the troops you see walking are
the stormtroopers the first-order troopers and in the red Sith
troopers are all made up of normal people now they get those people from
different places but after the events of the original trilogy you have a lot of
people wanting to go back to using clones for their armies just because
they’re so much easier to program in control so Moff Gideon just wants a very
controllable army of force sensitive warriors that he can send around the
galaxy they kind of did that during the Clone Wars animated series where Emperor
Palpatine was trying to steal the force sensitive children of Jedi and
twist them to the darkside to raise them to be inquisitors so number five
when Moff Gideon says he’s quote-unquote putting the galaxy or the universe back
together after the fall of the Empire he’s on the same kind of bend that Darth
Vader was on I have a very strong idea of what order looks like and I’m going to
bring my order to the chaos that is the galaxy right now and even though we only
got a glimpse of the New Republic during the course of season one remember
during episode six there on the prison ship that belongs to the New Republic
Matt Lanter who was the voice of Anakin Skywalker on Clone Wars played that
trooper right now while this is all going on in the Mandalorian you have
Leia and the other rebellion leaders trying to form the new Republic it’s
still in his very early stages and you have a slightly older Luke Skywalker
spending most of his time flying around the galaxy trying to stamp out the
remnants of the Empire and the new warlords that rose up in their absence
people like Moff Gideon all over the galaxy
remember the Mandalorian series takes place in a relatively small sector of
the galaxy so even though Moff Gideon seems like a really big figure you’re
really only talking about a small piece of this giant puzzle which is number
four the main reason why Luke Skywalker isn’t anywhere near this stuff boy you
haven’t seen him on the series yet mostly because they don’t want to recast
an adult Luke Skywalker right now but within the logic of the story Luke is so
busy on the other side of the galaxy and it’s a huge galaxy he just hasn’t heard
anything about a baby Yoda running around forced choking people yet there’s
nothing in any of the story that they’ve created for the Star Wars Expanded
Universe the new expanded universe that says anything about Luke Skywalker’s
contact with the baby Yoda character not because they don’t want us to know just
because they literally have not written that story yet and Jon Favreau was so
secretive about the baby Yoda character when they created it for the Mandalorian
series number three Giancarlo Esposito also talked about the history of the
darksaber because it was a really big deal that he got to use it during the
finale he said that he didn’t realize that he was going to get to use it till
right before they filmed that scene but he confirmed where he acquired it when
he acquired it it was on Mandalore during the great purge which is also
when he learned everything about these main characters he says all these things
about their backstories revealing that he knows a lot of their secrets they
don’t realize what’s going on till the Mandalorian remembers that he was on
Mandalore before the great purge is an imperial security bureau officer so
Giancarlo Esposito just clarified that it’s not that he knows everything about
everyone it’s just that he has access to the Mandalorians database and
informational archives that he collected during that period of the great purge
that’s also when he came into possession of the darksaber you’d remember that
the branch of the military that he belonged to is mostly tasked with
internal security and information gathering literally combing through
other people’s databases so that’s what he would have done when they started
occupying Mandalore so cut to present day he just has access to all these
informational archives and was able to research these people when they found
out who it was stole baby Yoda Oh was a Mandalorian
which Mandalorian okay let’s look him up in the computer in reality the
Mandalorian grief carga cardoon aren’t people that he would normally care about
like he wasn’t tracking them until they got involved with baby Yoda number two a
really good example of what Moff Gideon would have been doing was during rogue
one when they go to scare up to steal the Death Star plans the facility is an
ASB facility where Moff Gideon would have had regular access where they store
a lot of their secret information remember one of the secret plans they
find while they’re looking for the Death Star plans is project black saber just
to be clear black saber isn’t the same thing as the darksaber black saber was
a secret project that the emperor commissioned but was meant to be part of
a future movie plot that never panned out so maybe they’ll decide to bring
back that quote unquote black saber Easter egg in a future Disney Plus
series but number one the other big characters so there’s a lot of talk of
Sabine Wren Bogut and Crees Tamira Morrison coming back as one of the
clones or Commander Cody he just happens to be the biggest clone maybe even a so
kitano and even I didn’t versio the character played by Jane again Kivar
during the battlefront series because she was asked recently to on Twitter
like are you coming back for this so all these people that have played characters
during the clone wars during Star Wars rebels are all keen to come back and
start during the series but in terms of how many of them I think that they’ll
actually include just remember the amount of fanservice that they did
during season one so episode five probably the most fanservice each
episode of the Mandalorian season one they go to Tatooine they do all the
original trilogy and prequel shout outs she has the high ground it’s no use
they tease Boba Fett but they never really answer that of course they’re
going to follow up on that during season two but just expect that level of
fanservice during season two so maybe a couple episodes maybe one or two
characters from some of those original series in anybody they don’t include
during season to remember the Mandalorian will probably run for at
least four or five seasons in there the other Disney Plus series like the
obi-wan series now there’s even a rumor dat Knights of the Old Republic Disney
Plus series even though that be said thousands of years in the past there’d
be a completely different group of characters but let me know in the
comments what kind of flashbacks do you want to see during season two do you
want to see some baby Yoda flashbacks I don’t think they’ll explain everything
about his character but maybe a couple things that’ll give you an idea for
where he came from and just a reminder that the Clone Wars Season 7
episodes are going to start February 17th but congratulations to the giveaway
winner from my last big star wars video tevye smolka please email me on the
about page of my channel so I can get your details everyone click here for all
my Mandalorian season 2 episodes and videos and click here to watch Ezra
Miller’s flash crossover with grant gustin’s flash thank you so much for
watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!


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