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Hey y’all and welcome back to our channel. If you’re new here, I’m Heather and I am currently very pregnant with our rainbow baby And today I wanted to do a special video and that is do an unboxing of something really special and also share with y’all a giveaway. I used to do giveaways a lot on my channel, but because I Have went through a lot this year My channel is very focused on pregnancy baby and also trying to conceive It took me and my husband About nine months and two miscarriages for me to have our baby girl Through all of that, I kind of Didn’t do as many giveaways I was doing because it was very hard on me But I promised y’all that I was going to do more giveaways and That is what this video is going to be talking about Plus I’m doing a unboxing And I love doing unboxing videos on on my channel and this is for a company that I absolutely love and I have did another giveaway with them. I believe last year Or maybe it was earlier this year. We did a giveaway and that is with Thread Tank and Thread Tank is a company that has really really inspirational and also funny Apparel and shirts. The one I’m wearing right now is actually from Thread Tank and this is a shirt I wore in our gender reveal earlier this year And we are having a baby girl But I love their shirts so much And I want to share with y’all their brand new Christmas Shirts. I’m really really excited to share this with y’all and also they are doing a sale for Black Friday Through cyber. Monday that I will also be giving you all the details about But first I want to show y’all what I got in the mail, I’m Beyond excited to do this unboxing. Let’s just get started and then at the end of this video I will be sharing with y’all the details for the giveaway and you will be getting one free shirt So all the requirements for the giveaway will be at the end of this video So make sure you stick around for that because I don’t want y’all to miss it out One reason why I really wanted to do this Unboxing with y’all is because I have been sharing some Christmas gift ideas that I thought would be great for y’all in my videos And this is one of them that I think would be really great. Even for yourself or for a family member or friend I’m really excited open this up, but also at the same time I did tell them to give me a size small and what I’m wearing right now is the size small, but I don’t know but I’m a little pregnant. So I’m actually due next month Okay, so here are this shirts that I got as a mom I love Having matching outfits with my son that is definitely something that I always want to do is try to match him and Thread Tank actually have matching shirts for Mom and child which I’m so excited about for Christmas And The first one is this And it says I can’t Santa is watching oh my gosh It’s really cute and I will be trying this on it’s also for my son Oh This one’s really cute. Oh I love this one is this I can’t mom is watching Okay, I’m definitely we’re definitely going to try these on in a second, but I Love these shirts. Oh my gosh. These will be really cute for Christmas pictures. I really like these a lot We’re definitely going to wear these for Christmas pictures And also I thought this one was really cute as well. That’s a part of their new Christmas collection And it is from the movie Mean Girls I love that movie when I was a teenager and it’s kind of like a classic movie kind of I’m not really but Here it is This is it and it says you go Glen Coco I’m gonna first be trying on this you go Glen Coco Shirt first because my son and I are going to try and be the second which I’m really excited about Okay. Oh, I Love this shirt One thing I love other shirts as they are they’re really great material they’re very soft they’re very Like they fit you, right and they’re very comfortable, too And another shirt that I have from him is the mom life is the best life Which is one of my favorite shirts that I’m sure you’ve probably seen me wear. Yeah this shirt right here. I love I love this shirt a lot. I think it’s really cute. And Honestly, I feel like this year you could wear all year long not even just at Christmas but Definitely for Christmas. It would be a perfect shirt to wear. I think it looks really amazing and I can definitely say it’s super soft and Very comfortable and this is a size small and it’s fitting me Good but I Will be I am due within a couple weeks. So hopefully it won’t be as tight But that’s just because I’m pregnant but it fits even though I’m pregnant which it’s it’s a very good material and now I’m going to Try on these really fast But I think first before we try these on I’m going to give you all the details about the giveaway So when my son comes in here it will be okay but the giveaway is with Thread Tank and It is for one free shirt. I’m going to tell you all the requirements for that the first requirement is that you have to follow Thread Tank on Instagram at Thread tank. The second requirement is you have to follow me on instagram at morganfamily_yt The third requirement is you have to be subscribed to this channel and The fourth requirement is you have to comment down below your guess of what baby girl’s name is and The winner will be randomly selected. I will probably do a drawing It won’t necessarily be who got the name the closest or who guessed her name right But it will be Just probably randomly selected but I may decide to Who guesses her name right I’m not sure it just kind of depends on When she’s born and everything, but I will be doing the winner very soon This giveaway will be over pretty quickly. So definitely make sure that you enter and this is Unlimited entry meaning you can enter as many times as you want to. All you have to do is just comment below Comment below separate in each separate comment your guess for a baby name And I did give to baby named hints in my video Which video was it? It was the pregnancy Q&A so if you want hints you can go there and the winner will be selected very soon and If anybody guesses her name right Then I will be very shocked. So that’s the requirements and I’m really excited. You will get one free shirt of your choice Which it’s really exciting and you definitely want to check out these This company because I’m a huge fan of their shirts. They have all different types of shirts was really cute Little sayings on them. I just think they’re really nice. And like I said, they also have some matching shirts for Christmas, which I Personally love to do with my son. What’s amazing is they’re also doing a sale which they really rarely do sales, so I want to tell you about their sale they’re having for Black Friday through Cyber Monday Which will be November 29th through December 2nd. The first is 15% off $25 or more and that code is take15 the second sale is 25% off and that is if you spend $50 or more and that code is take25 if you don’t want to miss out on that sale Definitely use those codes and also I would say they’re doing free shipping now on all orders I would definitely take advantage of this sale because you really their shirts are so So cute. They also have more than just t-shirts. I’m a huge fan of their company. I really love Like they literally have something for everybody. They also have guys shirts Because the one I have from them says wifey and hubby, we have matching shirts And they just have a lot of shirts for like they have a lot of different designs Literally for anybody whether you’re an animal lover or a mother Literally anybody you could find a shirt on there that you would love and they’re personally need to me They’re very nice quality. I’ve washed my shirt a bunch of times and it has held up perfectly It’s a very nice quality shirt And I will be leaving their link down below in the description of this video so you can check it out But their website is thread Please use those codes if you would like the discounts I personally would take up take them up on that. Hey I had to bribe him Okay, you show me shirt first, yeah And he’s wearing a size 3 t he’ll be very soon Okay, show them your shirt real fast real good Yes here turn around you got turn around show you guys I’m trying to bribe him. Look Jaxon. Why are you acting like that? Mmm? Ah, I know you care you want your candy now, okay. Okay. You can be excused now It’s really cute, though Okay, you can be excused. Yeah And then here’s mine They look so cute together, Jaxon. What do you think? Oh Oh I did I love these shirts together this would make a really cute little pictures. Oh We’re gonna be so cute. We’re going to match, Jaxon. We’re going to match How cute. I would get baby girl one. You want to get baby girl one Yeah Kiss, huh? I love you. Okay but We love you all so much. Thank y’all so much for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and follow us on instagram at morganfamily_yt Don’t forget to enter the giveaway And I’m really excited to see who the winner is We’ll see y’all next time bye


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