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Ooh, do you feel that chill in the air? Bring on the warm cozy blankets, it’s officially
winter time, folks! Um, Carla? Aren’t you a little chilly in that tank
top? As unbelievable as it is, some people just
run hot, even if it’s snowing outside. She’s not wearing a jacket? Is this girl crazy?! Okay, that’s it, I’m gonna bundle Carla
up whether she wants it or not! If you find yourself needing to bundle up,
blankets are just a tip of the iceberg. When you don’t have your typical scarf or sweater around, there are plenty of hacks to go from freezing to spicy in the snap of a finger. I’m telling you, I wasn’t even that cold! Alrighty! That’s much better. And when you get really chilly, you can just flip up the turtleneck to protect that precious face of yours. Okay, great, but how am I supposed to talk? This is ridiculous! There’s gotta be a better way to wear a
sweater and I think I have just the idea! I’ll be right back! See this section? You’re going to want to cut a clean line
exactly in that spot, shoulder to shoulder. Once that’s done, remove the neck you just
cut. Now, lay the sweater down flat, with the arms
at the sides. Take a glue gun and squeeze out a line of glue straight across the chest, stopping at the arm seam. Next, take the flap you just cut from and
fold it down over the glue. Press it down to make sure it sticks. Fold the top down again and begin to squeeze
out more glue across that surface. Next, take the top level of the folded flap
and fold it upward, covering the glue. Don’t forget to press it down! Now stick a safety pin through a folded tip
of a ribbon like this. This way, you can easily pull the ribbon through
the glued fold of your sweater you made. Once it’s all the way through, tight both
ends together. Then give your sweater a finishing touch with
a strip of gorgeous lace! Simply squirt out a line of hot glue at the
base of the sweater in a zig zag fashion. Then stick on the top half of your strip of
lace. Make sure it’s nice and straight! And since you’ll want the lace around the entire bottom, flip the sweater up and put hot glue on the other side as well. Now wrap the lace around so that there’s
still an opening at the base of the sweater. Don’t forget to press it down on the glue. Now on to embellishing the sleeves. After putting some glue on the edge of the sleeve, put the same lace around the wrist like you did on the bottom of the sweater before. Woah! Check Carla out! Man, who knew sweater weather could make things
look so hot! Kiss your bulky, ugly sweaters goodbye and opt for a one-of-a-kind sweater dress like this one! Christmas is over and sadly, it’s time to
put away all your tinsel and holiday cheer. Aw! This is the ornament my grandma gave me when I was little. But not all holiday decor is going to go down
easy. Seriously? Get off of there! Wait, i have an idea! Have some runaway pine needles? Why not fashion them into cute new jewelry? Simply spray the broken-off leaves with some
spray-on glue. Then sprinkle on your favorite color glitter
— we chose silver. Aw, that looks so pretty, doesn’t it? Once that’s done, take a dangling earring
post and put hot glue inside its base. Before it tries, stick the bottom of the leaves
into the earring so that they fuse together. Hold it there until the glue has dried. And before you know it, you’ve got yourself
a new pair of dangling earrings! Don’t forget to make one for your other
ear! Wow! Now you can bring a little holiday spirit! Pretty fabulous, right? Aw man, I’m so tired. Ooh! I’d love to go to the movies tonight! Yeah…sure… that sounds amazing!! Alright, I’d better get a move on! Holy moley! Look at the size of that thing! I can’t go out in public looking like this! And of course it had to be my favorite sweater. Aw man, I’m not even in the mood to go to
the movies anymore. But something tells me Carly’s crafty mind
will come up with a solution to this problem. Oh yeah, I think I can work with this! Place the sweater on a flat surface like a
table or floor. Then you’ll want to cut straight across,
right where the armpit hole is. Make sure it’s a nice, straight line. Put the top half aside and focus on the bottom
half of the sweater and turn it inside out. Using your hot glue gun, squirt out a straight
line a couple inches from the top edge. And before it dries, flip down the top flap
and press it onto the glue. Now flip down the entire top half of the sweater and put another line of hot glue about two inches from the fold. Yep, looking great! Now fold up the top half of that fold and
stick it onto the glue. Now take some stretchy ribbon and put a safety
pin through one of its ends. This way, you can pull the ribbon through
the glued fold you just made. Once it’s out of the other side, take the
safety pin off. Lastly, tie the ends of the elastic together. Now you’ve got a stretchy opening, see? Now it’s good to go! Looks like Carla’s worn-out sweater is her
new stylish winter skirt! Not only is it super cute, but it’s completely
one-of-a-kind! Hey Annie, you’ll fall in love with my new
look! Heck, the whole theatre’s gonna love it! Yep, this winter getup is sure to turn some
heads. Alrighty, I think I’m about ready to go. But you know what? This outfit could use a little extra…something. Bingo! Nothing like a little scarf to make things
extra cozy. But why do they always look so bulky around
your neck? Ooh, that isn’t working either. Maybe a color change will solve the problem? Gah, this isn’t working! Okay, there’s gotta be something I can do
— I have to leave! Wait! I know exactly what I need to do! Hey, remember the top of your sweater you
left behind? Turns out, it can be put to good use. After you cut the top out just like this, you’ll need hot glue and a string of puff balls. Squeeze out the glue along the cut edges of
the sweater and press on the string of balls. Make sure to put them all around. Once it’s along the edges, cut off any excess
fabric. Now you have an adorable collar to protect
your neck without all the ugly bulk! Uh oh, the movie’s starting! Don’t worry, Annie, I’m on my way! Woah! That tummy is ready for a snack! I’d better give it a treat before I go. Let’s see, I’ll need a to-go mug for this. Simply screw off that cap and pour in the
steaming hot water. Ooh! Look at al that steam! Ouch! That’s hot! My poor fingers are all burned! Yikes! Wish you could protect your fingers from hot
mugs like this one? Simply cut the arm off that same sweater you
already cut apart. Once that’s done, all you have to do is stick that sucker into the sleeve and you’re good to go! See? It’s your very own winter cozy! And why not add a little embellishment for
good measure, right? Aww! Isn’t this the cutest little mug you’ve ever seen? Ooh, what could that be? Oh no! I totally missed the movie! But who needs the movies when i have a plate
of fresh cookies? I guess that’s what happens when you’re
busy crafting! Ooh! This sure is a nice restaurant! And I must say, you’re looking quite pretty
this evening, Annie! Looks like Kevin’s running a little late. Well, that’s okay, I’ll just sip on my
delicious cappuccino. Oh no! I’m so clumsy! Now what am I gonna do? All I have is this scarf. Actually, this just may do the trick. A pashmina like this one can get you out of
a bind. After folding it over, wrap it around your waist like this and gather it in a bunch at your waist. Tie all the hanging corners together in a
knot like this. Once that’s done, take the back right hanging
corner into the bunch as well. Use the tassels to make sure the knot stays
put. Once the knot is secure, go ahead and turn
the entire thing around on your waist. Now lift the layers up over your shoulders
as if they were sleeves. Don’t forget the other side! Now you’ve got yourself a brand new little
cover up that looks super chic! Now I can sit back down and enjoy my meal,
stain-free! Hey, Annie. Sorry I’m late, I lost track of time at the gym. II hope you brought tickets to the gun show — looks like you’ve got a front row seat, baby! Wanna give one a squeeze? Ick! I can’t believe he is trying to hold my hand! Get out of here! Yikes, you really blew that one, dude. Yes! Looks like Jason’s coming to save the day! Man, I’m sure glad I decided to rock this
fancy pashmina top! But perhaps my outfit could use a little change
to match my new date. Wanna switch things up? Put the pashmina around your neck and tie
it closed with a hair tie. Now whip one of those loose ends over your
shoulders and use the other end loose. Next, wrap a belt around your waist like so. Now take the shorter end you had over your shoulder, spread it open and drape it around your neck. Pretty fabulous, right? Oh great. Jason’s here! Why hello there! That was weird. I hope you don’t mind, Annie, but I brought over one of my favorite calculus books to share with you. Is it just me or is this the most boring date
ever?! Next up? Andry for the win! Hey! Are you listening to me? Then let’s move onto this chemistry book! Um, sorry, but this speed date’s gotta come
to a close. See ya! Man, you really got outta that one! Is he gone? Yes! Andry is here and I need another new fabulous look, don’t you think? Yeah, this definitely won’t do. Let’s start fresh, shall we? Take down the piece that was around your neck and tie it into little bunches with the other side with a rubber band. It’s a super simple way to make your look
super stylish. Wow, Annie, you are so beautiful this evening! Here, these flowers are for you. Wow, looks like third time’s the charm when
it comes to a night of speed-dating. Yep, this is what true love looks like, people. Bloopers! Be sure to share these awesome hacks with
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