Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant
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Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant

– Today we’re playing a little
game of true or false in – [Both] Can this get you pregnant?
(groaning) – Oh my fucking god. What do you guys know
about getting pregnant? – Nothing. – I don’t know a whole lot. – I think it’s bananas
that women can create life. – Let’s do this. – Alright, girl. – Number one (clears voice).
(laughing) (baby cooing) – True or false? You can get pregnant from anal sex. That is true. – True. – I think it’s true. – I think it’s false. – True. – True. – It is true, what? – During intercourse, the
semen doesn’t always end up just in the rear. – If it ends up in the
vagina, pregnancy can occur. (baby laughing) – True or false? You can get pregnant when
you’re already pregnant. – I know that this is true. – What, No. – Cats can do it. – True. – Ha, I knew it.
– Oh, What? – This strange and extremely
rare phenomenon is called superf.. – Super, what? – Super – fetation? – It occurs when you’re already pregnant and still ovulating. – The second fertilized egg implants in the lining of the womb,
resulting in a second pregnancy. – Fuck, man.
– The plot thickens. – That is a great idea for a TV pilot or something.
– That is. – The human body, yo. – It’s beautiful! (baby babbling) True or false? You can get pregnant using oil-based lubes with latex condoms. – Yeah,
– It’s true. I would, I’d go with this. – I wanna say it’s true. – I’m gonna say true. It also sounds like you’re
doing something wrong. – Well, yeah, cause they break, right? – Yeah, I think that’s true. – Yes.
– Yes. – It’s true. – Nice.
– Woohoo. – We’re killing this shit. – True, oil-based lubes and
latex condoms don’t mix. – I knew it. – While many lubricants
are completely safe to use with condoms, oil-based lubricants like
petroleum jelly are not. – These types of lubes
can degrade the latex and cause condoms to break
increasing your chance of getting knocked up. Look, Carly and I are gonna get all of these right. (baby laughing) – True or false? You can get pregnant after
having unprotected sex with a man who has had a vasectomy. – Well now that I fuckin
know nothing is real and everything is a lie. – I’m gonna say that’s true. – Yeah. – Should be a false! – Wow.
– True. – You can’t stop the baby!
– I did (mumbles) – Like and other form of birth control, vasectomies aren’t 100% effective. – They can take three months for sperm to completely clear
a man’s reproductive tract after the procedure. – In addition, it is
possible for the snipped area to grow back together. – Dang.
– That’s some like alien shit right there. – And it’s also.. (baby talking) – True or false? You can get pregnant
while your on your period? – True.
– True. – I think it’s true. – True! – No. – You can’t? – I’m,
– I’ve.. – No. – True! – Semen can live inside
you for up to five days! – Oooh.
– Disgusting. I don’t want that in me.
– Oh, no. – That means if you have sex toward the end of your bleeding, and you naturally have a short cycle, – And ovulate soon after your period ends, you could eventually conceive.
– Yeah. – A bunch of squatters. – Just squattin’ up in your uterus. (baby cooing) – Alright, true or false? Oh, you can get pregnant by
dry-humping with underwear on. – Real experience here. That’s a big old false. – Yes? (laughing) – Really? – Oh yeah. – I’m gonna say false. – I’m gonna say, okay,
yeah, I’m gonna say false. – True! Guess what? Although rare, it is
possible for the man’s semen. (laughing) – If the man’s semen
leaks through clothing and reaches the vagina. – You would think underwear
would be a natural barrier! – No girl, that’s cloth. That’s not
– Damn. – latex, boo. – And if it happens, you’ve got some crazy talented semens. – That’s how Michael Phelps was born. (baby laughing) True or false? You can get pregnant after
having your tubes tied. – I’m gonna say false. – Yeah, that’s a not! – I’ve seen it happen. – What? – Mmhm. – Oh no!! – I’m just go with true. – I’m guessing.
– Nothing surprises me anymore and I’m scared. – True!
– Ooh! – Tubal ligation is not 100% effective. – There’s still about a 1%
chance of getting pregnant. – That being said, it is
still generally a great way to prevent pregnancy. – I’m mad now. – Man, all these procedure
promise you lies! – It’s also horribly complicated. – I could do it. – You could do what? – Could tie it. – You could tie too. (laughing) – I’ve been tying my
shoes for like 25 years. (laughing) (upbeat music)


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