Sydney Leroux’s Last Practice Before Giving Birth | Bad As a Mother Ep. 2 | The Players’ Tribune
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Sydney Leroux’s Last Practice Before Giving Birth | Bad As a Mother Ep. 2 | The Players’ Tribune

– Does this turn you on, babe? – Sometimes, yeah. I should take a picture of you right now, how you’re sittin’. Living the dream, right there. – You are. – So lucky. – Come here. You look like Homer Simpson there. – I’m Sydney Leroux Dwyer. I’m
a professional soccer player and a professional mom. This is my husband, Dom. He
plays professional soccer, too. When we got married in 2015
people thought we were crazy. But he’s the luckiest guy in the world. This is our two-year-old son, Cassius. He’s the light of our lives. The end, oh! This is Ziggy. He’s the most well-behaved
member of our family. – Mine! – Still a girl. And this is our baby girl. She’s due this summer. It’s a hectic life. Oh! But to us it’s perfect. Welcome to our chaos. – All right, have a seat here! – Is that a bad all right? – That’s a good all right! – She’s like, “Oooh, all right.” – Never, ever, ever, ever. – So, we start preseason next week, and then I’m gonna be
in some of the stuff. Obviously no contact
or anything too crazy, but I’ll do passing patterns and ball work and stuff like that. – Cool. How much are you running? – I’m not doing a crazy amount.
It’ll just be in drills. I’m not like doing…. But, yeah, my mom was like, “I don’t think you should be running.” But then I feel like some people run their entire pregnancies. – They do, yeah. So listen to your body, and if you feel like things
are a little too intense, then you can just go down a
little bit on the intensity. – Yeah, yeah. – A little bit of warm gel. – Look at her, Whit. You see her? – Little hand right up by the mouth now. – Her little legs. – Mm-hmm . A little girl. – Still a girl. With Cassius, my pregnancy
with him was perfect. I didn’t have any issues. I remember I brought my mom
and Cassius to the ultrasound, and we saw the baby and my mom was like, “There it is.” I said, “There’s no heartbeat.” And she said, “No, I’m sorry.” And then we lost the baby. You’ll always have these
what-ifs. Like, “Was it a boy? Was it a girl? Who were they gonna be?” We found out on July 4th, and she’s due on July 4th, so it’s like full circle. O.K., I love you. I love you. I love you guys! – Bye, we’ll see you this afternoon. Have a good day!
– Bye, all right! – I said it was my last one. And yeah, it probably needs to be. All my teammates are like, “So like how much longer
can you do this for?” And I feel like everyone’s
like, “O.K., enough.” Sometimes we look at a
pregnant woman as being sick. I feel my strongest when
I’m carrying a child. Working out and playing gives me this high that can’t be attained anywhere else. These are from being pregnant. I got this one with Cassius, and this one is from her.
They feel like bruises. Good job, Rach. This is my birthing class. It’s good, I’ll race all of you. – You can race me and beat
me, Syd. I’m telling you. – Two … on my clap. Yes, Syd, ahead of the game! – In the meetings in the
morning we’ll go through what she can and can’t do, how we adapt the session to bring her in. We can’t do contact. We can’t do things where
you could get contact with the football. But apart from that, we work a lot of technical work as well. That was, for sure, my last practice. Yeah, it’s time. I can’t
get my hips around the ball, I can feel it in my
back, and I’m pretty sure every single time I took a
shot I peed just a little bit. I’m done. – I see it. I see it. – Yeah, what is it? – Is it? – Roaaarrrr! Oh no! You stink! – No, Mommy! – He’s got his own personality
and his own agenda, and he is 100% Cassius. Aw! Say, “Hi, doggies!” – There’s two doggies! – Two doggies. Oh! Oh! Here, Mommy’s hand. Come
on, you’re all right. You were going too fast. – Too fast. – He’s crazy in the best way. We love him for it, and I don’t ever want to
take that away from him. Push Mommy one more time.
I need your help, push! Are you O.K.? When I found out I was pregnant with him, it completely turned my life around. My mom, she sent me
this long text message. And it was like, you know, “Maybe this is the best thing
that could happen to you.” And it absolutely was.


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