T-ara Hello Baby Ep 1 2/4 ENG SUB
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T-ara Hello Baby Ep 1 2/4 ENG SUB

But if its 3 babies… If its 3 babies, i dont think we can do it. 3 babies! How are we suppose to take care of 3 when we cant even take good care of 1? I think i can do it For you its call playing with them not taking care of them You have to feed them milk and also change their diapers The food delivery is here Who is this? Would you please open the door? The primary children who came to disturb us last time came again this time Even the security did not do anything Hide! Hide! Go home find your parents Help me open door This is not the primary child… This one is way too short, we cant even see him Go open the door first Its Moon Mason!! Hey, this is our house~ You are his brother isnt it? Can you let me hug you? I have to get over to my mother’s side Yo have to go over to your mother? Why you have to go there? Can you stay? So why do you have to come today? Just to send us this? Bye Bye~ Where do you want to go? I finally saw Mason! Your brother just left you here Eat like this? Small child can eat this kind of food We also want to eat Can i eat too? Is it delicious? T-ara woman qualifications… Are you a woman? Do i look like a guy? Help Mavin to prepare for an outing You need to finish this preparations within 5 minutes Even if its me, 5 minutes is not enough If failed, you will lost the opportunity to become the mother What to do? Do you know anything before you come? The biggest pressure the moms experienced is asking Mavin to change his clothes They need to help Mavin to wear a full set of clothes within 5 minutes This is my first time seeing a baby like this… What to do? Hes too cute His feet are really small How to take care of this baby? Bring him up Calm down, calm down When Maden starts to cry, you have 1 minute to stop him from crying I am afraid~ Boram, Eunjung and Hwayoung’s mission is to stop Maden when he cry Our Maden please stop crying~ First priority is to stop Maden from crying The mothers who worked hard to understand their child’s heart are the good mothers Only stopping Maden from crying can gain them the opportunities to become the moms~ The weather is getting colder Theres is dokbokki over here! Our schedule end already But since our schedule ended, what is this?? This is very strange~ In order to make the biscuits taste nice, theres a way for it Without resting, keep on putting the biscuits into your mouth… once your mouth finish eating it, continuously putting it into your mouth In this way, you ate a lot… The biscuits will taste nice if you eat like that If you stop in the middle, the biscuits will not taste nice…you have to keep on eating Hello~ Hello? Its a voice from a child Is this the child president mentioned about? Come pick me up~ Noona will come to pick you up immediately, do you understand? Climb up, climb up Can we go down? go down? Its so cold here His voice is so cute~ Its a boy~ We had become a mother~ Why they are not here yet? Why they are not here yet? Come faster~ Is he a girl? His hair is long Its cold~ Its warm inside isnt it? Since its cold here, lets go to the car
Its warm inside isnt it? Its warm inside isnt it? Mason, do you feel hungry? Noona feel really hungry right now I am not hungry Really? Are you a bad boy? Nope I am Hyomin noona Mason, I am Kyuri noona What you say? You are a bad boy So you belong to the bad boy type? Nope Mason Fighting~! I am okay We had arrived~ waaa…he smiled~ Lets eat~ We had become closer so fast I want to eat hot rice… Ok, we’ll eat that…put down your bag first What did you bring in the bag? What is this? Its a letter What is this? Use whatever idea to make Mason to eat kimchi You hate kimchi? The Mason know more western food than korean food Changing Mason’s picky eating attitude problem as requested by his mom Make Mason eat kimchi…. Let him know how tasty kimchi is~ So he like people to carry him I am so afraid….what to do? We are still child…we are… But if you take this way, it seemed like quite easy~ Can we make him stop within 1 minute? It seemed like impossible Hi Maden, I am Eunjung noona He hates it My first impression for him is not good The countdown starts now~ Hello, We are t-ara What to do~~??!! Boram starts to panic… Let him take a look at the mirror Unnie, try you smell this~ Do not cry, Do not cry Failed… But this is so difficult….What to do? I know now…Let me call my mom Mom! your daughter is going to go insane soon Are you taking care of baby right now? Do you know what kind of music an 1 year old baby like? He just (screaming) like that only What to do? I think i’ll see what i can do about it What to do~~~~~??? How do you look after a child? I am also cute isnt it? We cannot let it happen if out of the 3 teams, only 2 team success I feel like our team is the most tiring one I never taken care of a baby once and i never even live with a baby before But why we are on this team? Lets disband Honestly speaking, we should not be so worried about it Sooyeon unnie and Jiyeon should be worrying about the most But Jiyeon likes small child This is very proset isnt it? I dont think that belong to Mavin isnt it? Why do you have so much of clothes? Your inner clothes are really beautiful He have to wear them all? This is the inner clothes, this is the jacket, this is the pants, this is the coat and the checker hat~ What should we do now? Do you want to wear this? Do you want? Okay okay…i know…i know…Please dont start crying Where do you want to start? If its me…i think i wont be willing to wear all this clothes He gave me a completely unfriendly look When he shout…he sound like ChaiMinyong(I dont know his name) Mason, what do you like to eat the most? Meat and rice On top of the rice and meat, we put some kimchi and then use the meat to cover it again It will be much delicious in this way It wont be delicious in that way


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