• A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)
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    A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)

    (lively music) – Good morning, Passport Holders. Today is February 6th, 2016, day 463 of the flogs. And today has been busy already. It was also going to be busy. And I’ve decided to make it even busier because, well, why not? So I woke up this morning to watch the Aston Villa match, and shockingly enough, my team won. They were only the third victory all this, this campaign. So, you know, it’s still ten points to safety, but they’re just gonna need a lot of things to go their way, but you never know. If Gabby Agbonlahor gets going and the rest of the team kind of melds…

  • Mimosa’s, Presents, and a Smash Cake! Gabriel’s First Birthday!
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    Mimosa’s, Presents, and a Smash Cake! Gabriel’s First Birthday!

    It’s birthday party day So we got up early to get everything ready or to finish giving everything ever ready, we were up pretty late we got Birthday decorations and stuff like that and I baked a cake last night that has no eggs and dairy in it a Mom helped no sugar, and I got this morning to Frost it And that is Okay real smash cake so it’s party time Decorations and pastries are out Yes it started to arrive they were here really early And here’s the throne for the birthday boy himself Who is taking a nap Oh people are here babies are awake Tuxedo t-shirt…

  • My Son’s 1st Birthday Party (Daniel Tiger Theme) 🐯🎈
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    My Son’s 1st Birthday Party (Daniel Tiger Theme) 🐯🎈

    [Speaking] Hey everyone! I just wanted to come through because I thought that it would be fun to share with you some of my son’s birthday pictures from his first birthday party. so he is now a one-year-old and it’s amazing how time flies. we decided to have his first birthday party outside and I am so thankful to God that the weather was perfect. it was absolutely beautiful. we did a Daniel Tiger theme. Daniel Tiger is a cartoon that comes on – I believe on PBS, but it’s really popular and it always gets my son’s attention and it’s very colorful. It has great songs and music. so…

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    (soft piano) – [Mom] Dearest Jaxson, Baby Jax, Jaxie, today you’re one. I can barely say that without tearing up. Your first year as gone both fast and slow. On one hand we can’t really remember a time without you, but on the other hand you have grown up into a little boy in the blink of an eye. We’ve bought you new toys and birthday cards but hopefully this little video will be something that you can look back on and know how truly loved you were from day one, even if this is a little embarrassing. You made your entrance into the world 11 days overdue. I’m not…

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    (upbeat music) (laughing) – He’s like, what is going on? One, two, three. Do it, do it, do it. Not bad. – We’ll take it. – I think I pushed too hard. – Yeah. – A little better. – Is that better? A little better. All right, one year ago to now. A little wiggly baby. All right, I’ve been doing this for one year. Every month I bring Tommy in. I lay this little blanket down and I take a picture of him and I would say the last two months have been the hardest trying to make him stay. So, we are gonna see what we can capture…

  • Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party
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    Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

    – Hi guys! So this month my darling baby Cairo, she turned one, oh my gosh (children cheering) I cannot believe it! I let you guys in on her baby shower so I couldn’t leave you hanging for her first birthday. Let me show you how it went. (upbeat guitar music) If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you click the subscribe button. You don’t want to miss out on future episodes. I was so excited about coming up with the theme of Cairo’s first birthday party. I was gonna do it at this fun play center because I knew that there were gonna be a lot of kids at the…