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    16 Weeks Premature Miracle Baby Celebrates First Birthday!

    You won’t believe how this little dot survived thanks to a miracle, and an everyday item you’d find in your kitchen cupboard! We’ve just got time for a couple of shoutouts, thank you so much for all your comments, we don’t have time to reply to them all but we do read them! On our last video Noreen O’shae said ‘No one is ever too young or old for a hug! It makes the world go round!’ I have to say we agree with you there Noreen! Bill Murray said ‘We need to hear more stories like that on Social media!’ Well, that’s what we’re here for Bill. Bill Murray?…

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    How to take amazing newborn photos with Jenifer of Two Bees Photography

    (light guitar music) – [Voiceover] Jenifer is a friend of mine and I was thinking about sort of the concept of Made By Mommy and I realized that, you know, there’s a whole lot of other mommies out there that are making really cool things. And she does these incredibly outstanding photographs of newborns that just blew me away. So I asked her if I come sneak a peak at her process and hopefully give you guys some insight. – Hi, I’m Jenifer Levinson, I’m the owner of Two Bees Photography here in Long Beach, New York. So the newborns that you see on my website, and in this video,…

  • Baby Gets WAY Excited!!
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    Baby Gets WAY Excited!!

    – Mmmmmmm. – [Camerawoman] Oh my go– (dramatic music booms) Gosh! – Muah! – [Both] Muah! – [Woman] Look at Coopa! Aw, that is awesome! – [Shaun] Good morning! – [Jenny] Good morning. – [Shaun] What’re you doin? – [Jenny] Makin’ Adley’s cake – It’s Adley’s birthday! And Jenny’s makin’ her a cake, and Adley’s still asleep, and then we’re gonna have fun with her all day! We’ve got a Surprise for Adley when she wakes up. It’s gonna be cute. She’s awake! What’re we gonna do? – We’re gonna go say happy birthday and dump balloons on her. (Adley whining) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday…

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    – What’s up guys, it’s me Colleen! And I’m still pregnant. Today is a very special day because you guys get to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. As you can see I’m in a hotel right now. I’m on tour so if you wanna meet me and this little baby bump you can come see me and get tickets. It’s my last tour for a very long time because obviously I’m gonna have a little human running around. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you what I’m having. I feel like I need to explain this gender reveal situation. I’ve seen a lot of…

  • Wheely Cute: Two-Legged Chihuahua’s First Hike
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    Wheely Cute: Two-Legged Chihuahua’s First Hike

    COMM: Daffodil The Chihuahua is as boisterous as any other puppy, despite having a tough start in life. COMM: In autumn 2015, she was found abandoned in a cardboard box on the street. COMM: She was taken to the San Francisco SPCA rescue centre, who discovered that Daffodil has a congenital forelimb deformity, meaning her front legs didn’t fully develop. COMM: The quick-thinking staff at SPCA fitted Daffodil with custom-made wheels, enabling her to walk and run, with a little practice. SPCA TEAM MEMBER: She is tipping forward so when she uses her back legs she is jetting herself out. COMM: Veterinary technician Olivia Kong fell in love with little…

  • The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby
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    The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby

    – Do you wanna hold him? – No, I don’t. – Okay. *upbeat theme song* – Today the Try Guys are coming over to meet Wes for the first time. – We haven’t seen Ned for three weeks. – I’m so excited. Oh my god. – I don’t know it. I’ve never seen it. I saw it in the photo… and…it was baby – I don’t care what they think about our little baby, I love him. – You can think whatever you want, he’s perfect. – I love babies. I’m probably the biggest baby lover besides Ned because now he has a physical baby to love. ZACH: I’m gonna…

  • I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens
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    I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens

    So my mom and I live in these apartment complexes on the second floor and we have two cats named Bella and Kitty. With being on the second floor we had this little porch and our cats are always out there enjoying the views of the apartment complex. So everyone kind of knew that we had animals. One night my mom and I were sitting on the couch and we heard this knock at the door. My mom answers the door and there’s this little boy then he tells my mom, “hey um, you know you guys have cats and we keep hearing these crying meows from the bushes and…

  • Cute Jaguar Cub Saved By Vets Lives With Human Family
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    Cute Jaguar Cub Saved By Vets Lives With Human Family

    00:03 COMM: He was given little chance of survival, but watch as this playful jaguar cub adapts to his new home. 00:17 COMM: In February this year, baby Ali was delivered by a C-section at El Bosque Veterinary Hospital in Madrid, after his mother Zena had previously killed two cubs. 00:26 COMM: Little Ali was stillborn, but a team of twelve vets performed CPR, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to kickstart the tiny cub’s heart. 00:52 COMM: Today he is being cared for by couple Olavo and Tahone, in Villaviciosa de Odon, Spain. 01:01 COMM: The animal lovers took Ali in, as he is too small to live independently without his mother…